7 Home Remedies to Treat Cellulite

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Today’s article hopefully helps you all out there, who are struggling with a not so rare issue and that is cellulite. Well, if I had to define this term in simple words, cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It is most noticeable on the buttocks and thighs, and usually occurs after puberty.


As you read the description, you must already be getting a picture in your mind of how it can alter one’s appearance badly. And a lot us have too many thoughts, on going for cosmetic treatments, as these could cost us a bomb. So, here I have a few easy and proven effective home remedies, involving all natural ingredients for you guys. Let’s get started with this wonderful list.

1. Grape Seed Extract:


Grape seed extract contains anti-oxidants and is known to improve the elasticity of collagen. It is rich in natural anti-inflammatories called bioflavonoids and it also stimulates fat burning. Mix about 15-20 drops of grape seed extract in a glass of water at room temperature and consume this mixture daily to observe visible change.

2. Coconut Oil and Dry Brushing:


This is a very popular home remedy for reduction of cellulite. It not only reduces cellulite but also increases blood circulation and unclogs your pores. Use a buffing brush to do this, pick the right brush before you decide to do this. Start dry brushing your skin gently in circular motions, as you buff your skin using the brush, keep adding a few drops of coconut oil and continue buffing it. Doing this consistently, can show impressive results in a few weeks.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar:


Apple cider vinegar is such a blessing as it helps in ways more than one, when it comes to health and beauty. Yet again, this ingredient has a role to play. Apple cider vinegar helps in weight loss, thus contributing to the reduction of cellulite formation on skin. Mix one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts of water, mix it with a little amount of honey and rub this mixture over the affected areas for 30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this remedy twice a day, to see quick results.

4. Tomato Paste:


Tomatoes can prevent the breakdown of collagen in the skin. The paste made out of tomatoes is rich in a red pigment called lycopene which is also present in many berries and fruits. Try consuming about 3-4 spoons of tomato paste daily to find a noticeable change in your skin. Prefer paste over the whole fruit, as you might have to consume around 15 tomatoes to get the same amount of lycopene as 3-4 spoons of the paste.

5. Olive Oil & Tangerine Oil:


Tangerine oil is cold-pressed from the rind of a citrus fruit. Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 5 drops of tangerine oil and massage this mixture over the affected area for about 20 minutes and keep the massaged area covered and avoid exposure to the sun for an hour. Wash off with lukewarm water after an hour. Repeat this as frequently as possible, for a few weeks to see results.

6. Juniper Oil & Olive Oil:


Juniper oil has detoxifying properties, thus leading to reduction in fluid retention in the body and hence reduces cellulite. Add about 15 drops of juniper oil to 1/4th cup of olive oil and massage this solution over the affected areas for about 10 minutes. Repeat this twice daily, to observe results as quick as in a month’s time.

7. Coffee & Brown Sugar Scrub:


Coffee grounds acts as a scrub, to eliminate the dead cells and increase blood circulation in the body, thus helping in the reduction of cellulite. Mix 1/4th cup of ground coffee with 3 tablespoons of brown sugar. Add coconut oil to this mixture to make a paste. Massage this mixture over the affected areas for a few minutes, you might want to apply a good amount of pressure on the areas for better results. Wash off once done with the massage and repeat this at least 3-4 times a week for positive results.

So, these were a few easy and effective home remedies to get rid of that stubborn cellulite and get back to your better self. Take care people!

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