7 Lip Colours that Look Totally Stunning On Dusky/Darker Skin Tones!

Hi ladies,
Sometimes just a quick swipe of colour on your lips is enough to make you stand out from the crowd. In today’s post let’s talk about colours that suit duskier and darker skin tones really well and flatter it.

dark skin tone lipsticks


red lipstick

Red is classic. It is the colour of passion and love. Red suits every skin tone and age. You just have to find the right red for your skin tone. If you have a tanned looking skin then an orange based red will suit you will and if you have deep skin with warm undertones then a blue based red will really flatter your face.


wine lipstick

These are the fall-winter staples and look great on duskier beauties with cooler undertones on their skin. Wine and plum shades add a lot of drama to your everyday look.


orange lipstick

Tangerine hues can get a bit intimidating but they actually go really great with darker skinned beauties and dark skin tones can actually pull off several variations of orange. Brown based oranges, burnt oranges go well with darker skinned beauties and red based oranges go well with slightly tanned skin tones. Corals can also suit darker skinned beauties, to balance out your skin tone, a touch of gold lip gloss on top can make your yellow undertones to sparkle bright.



Different shades of brown go really well with darker skin tones. From coffee brown, chocolate brown to copper brown, almost all browns will suit dusky beauties with cooler and warmer skin tones.


bronze lipstick

It may be a metallic shade but this is one colour that rocks darker skin tones like no other. There are no set rules with this colour; you can rock it any time of the day without looking too made up.


pink lipstick

Some variations of pink can actually flatter your skin tone like rosy pinks, electric pinks or dark pinks. Not every pink shade will look great, so try and test before buying pink lippie for your skin tone.


nude lipstick

Yes there is a nude shade for every complexion out there. Go hunt the cosmetic shelves and choose your MLBB shade for that divine pout!

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