Makeup for Dark Skin

makeup for dark skin

Makeup for Dark Skin

Indian complexion is one of the sexiest and sassy complexions world over; no wonder Bollywood actresses are loved worldwide. But makeup for dark skin gets a bit tacky while choosing and applying makeup which will further accentuate the dark complexion, hence one must be very careful while choosing and applying makeup on dark complexion. Here’s a complete guide on choosing the best makeup for the dark or dusky complexion.


• When using a foundation try a smooth or liquid foundation and one that is not oily at all. It is much better to go for a water-based foundation.

• If there is more pigmentation on the skin, never make use of orange based products. A pure foundation and an extremely superior concealer are essential for giving an ideal skin.

• The foundation used should be under no circumstances of a lighter color than the color of your skin. Try your best to use the foundation which is closest to your skin color. Indulge in lighter coverage while applying the foundation.

• Always bear in mind that darker skin show coatings of make-up a great deal more than the fair color. Extraordinary care should be taken while merging the foundation with the skin color. Make sure that the effect of make-up is checked in daytime.

Eye Makeup

• For the eye makeup choose the colors like copper, dark browns, earthly colors, prunes and burgundy. At all times dust a little wobbly lucent powder above the eye shadow for fine and noticeable shine for an evening party.

• It is advisable not to make use of eyeliner as it might mess up the appearance of the eyes if the application is not proper.

• Mascara could be used but only if you choose the color which has a natural and a clear color.

• Do not make use of very light or white colors.


Dusky Beauty
Dusky Beauty

• If the color of the skin is dark stick to basic, mute and simple colors.

• Gold, maroon, earthly colored lipsticks are actually paramount for darkish skins. Darker shades like mauve, pink and silver look best on the lighter shades of skin.

• Prefer lipsticks with not glossy finish instead of frosted ones.

• The colors of the lipstick should neither be too dark or too light. Average dull shades would look the finest. Dazzling pinks or reds should be completely rejected. If by any chance you have extra dark lips, before the application of the lipstick, apply a little foundation and face powder on the lips.


• Blush is very significant in the over all makeup and for darker skin particularly make use of deep orange, rose and coral shades and keep away from brown and peach colors or tones.

• With an extremely dark complexion you can make a choice of dark crimson during the daytime and for an evening event choose wine, plums and bronze.

• During night time you can put in glitter by giving a touch with gold tone as this particular shade actually goes fine with darker tone of skin.

Nail paints

• Mostly all the color look good on the dark skin but the game lays in picking the right shade of color.

• Medium to dark shades of any color look great with the dark complexion.

• Earthy browns, deep chocolate shades with a hint of red, deep orange and red look great on dark skin.

• Deep reds and purples and shades of silvers, gold and metallic look great even with the dark complexion. The safest escapes are the mute, mundane shades of nail paints.

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33 thoughts on “Makeup for Dark Skin

  1. nice article!!! just yesterday I was doing some eye make-up for my sister who has this gorgeous dusky complexion… I did a prune-purple look for her… but kept thinking all night about which all colors would have looked nice on her…
    Your article helps Zeeba 🙂 Thank you :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    1. ooo.. thank u suma………u do great eye tutorials……. :) each of them on ur chinki eyes……..

      i luv the way u choose ur eye shadow shades..luvly n intrstng tutes…….keep up the great work…

  2. hi zeeba. this is a very informative post but there are a few things that i completely disagree with-

    1. “Always bear in mind that darker skin show coatings of make-up a great deal more than the fair color”
    finding the right shade of foundation and then blending it correctly is important for people of all skin colour

    2. “If the color of the skin is dark stick to basic, mute and simple colors… Dazzling pinks or reds should be completely rejected”
    bright corals and fuchsias actually look much better on dark skin than on lighter skin

    1. hi rima..thanks for liking the post…..

      firstly what i mean here is……

      That dusky skin always shows up layers….it a fact…i mean i have friends who are dusky….what happens is when the make up is applied it looks almost perfect …but then with time when it begins to wither out…….it starts showing up….which is very very rare with the fair skinned women….and the blending part….if the foundation is nt blended well it doesnt show up on white or fair skinned people but patches are visible on dusky skin/..apni Rani mukherjee ka make up dekhlo…she ws a disaster intially….and take bipasha too in sum of her movies…or piggy chops in ws soo clear that she ws made fair….but cn u remind me of one movie where kareenas skin looked bad even if the make up was yuckkk?

      nextly……the lipstick part….the matte finish lipsticks loook extra ordinarily sassssy on dusky skin…but imagine the bright pinks and brigggghhhht reds on a dusky skin is such a disaster……….

      the eyeliner part………………i hve mentioned to avoid eyeliner if the application is nt proper…if the complexion is dusky..the skin around the eyes and eyelids tends to be a bit more darker..if the eyeliner is not properly applied it smudges ..or sumtyms females opt for normal eyeliners which blot…making the eyes and skin around the eyes even more darker….if u are perfect wid the eyeliner..than no one on earth cn stop u from applying it……….:)

      1. Actually if foundation is not blended on anybody – it will look bad: whether you are fair skinned or dark skinned. Remember Nicole Kidman?

        Eyeliner drawn badly on anybody will look bad. I have a fair skinned friend who always draws her eyeliner in a strange shape where it does not follow her eye curve but there’s a gap between the liner and her upper lashline. She’s fair – and you can see it every single day. I don’t think it will be any worse on a dark skinned person.

      2. ermm actualy i also feel dat corals and fuschias look great n dark skinned beauties… especialy coral…. and iff ppl can carry off evn red looks nice…

  3. Zeeeba this is a super article 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 And very very valid … 😀 😀 😀

    Only thing …. I dont see why dusky skinned people should avoid eyeliner ? Connection kya hai … like bipasha Basu totally rocks eyeliner … infact ive seen lots of dusky beauties totally rock black eyeliner …. ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) thoda confoooosion hai …

    1. thanks for liking my article janhavi……….. 🙂

      i mean to say here..that if the eyeliner is applied in a bad way..or the choice of eye liner is wrong then it makes the skin around the eyes even more darker…chalo gori skin pe toh samaj aa jayega ki haan bhai eyeliner blot hua hai isiliye dark dikh raha dusky skin ka kya?

      so i mean to say that if u cn apply the eyeliner like bipasha………go ahead…and play the game..i dnt mean ki dusky skin walo k liye eyeliner ba :soldier: n hai.. 😛

      1. Ahh but i think ki thats the same with every woman fair or not na … if you dont know how to put eyeliner then LEARN !!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

        1. le……yaar agar fair skin walon ne galti kar di…..and rub kar diya…..toh they cn make out ki remnant liner bacha hai ..n it needs cleaning…bt dusky wale….bechare..its tuff to make out..n thn it remains in the crease which is a bit hard to remove,,,goron ko pata toh chalta hai ki liner bacha hai crease per….b dusky walo ko it nly darkens skin further more… 🙁 and then ruins the whole look..

          1. sorry nt the crease the lash line… 😛 and agar thik se ni erase kiya toh crease tak fel jaata hai..
            and once the liner is ruined……no ways it can be set ryt dat day,……agale din ka mahurat ji dhoondhna padta hai 😛

  4. Awesome awesome article, Zeeba. Even blushes with slight mauve undertones look pretty on dusky complexion. It gives a very natural flushed look. 🙂

    1. thanks rati… 🙂

      and yes.the mauve wale blushes look great..yaar woh purple wala tutorial kar do…we all need it… 🙂

  5. Hey Zeeba, i always love your articles.. They are sooo informative and always have the best of tips… :-* :-*

    As i am pretty dusky myself and not that bad with makeup either 😛 😛 ..
    i think the tips you gave are valid for everybody with every possible skin tone.. Here’s how i would summarize ur article:

    1. Match your base makeup perfectly with ur skin tone. Not too light neither too dark.
    2. Play with colours to find out the ones which look the best on you. One from each family: Nudes, pinks, mauves/purples, browns and reds.
    3. If you want to play safe, get a blush closest to your natural blush. If u want to be adventurous, the options are unlimited.
    4. Nail colours are the one thing where no rules apply anyhow.
    5. If u r not a pro with a liquid eyeliner, practice.

    I hope I have picked the right message from your article, as it was written for “my kind”. :-)) :-)) :-))

  6. Hi
    Great Post! I have a dusky wheatish complexion, though not very dark. Can you suggest a good concealer, foundation and mineral powder that would suit my face?

    i would want some products that are easily available.


  7. Great Tips ! I have dusky complexion. Can you suggest me good concealer and blush for my skin tone?? Suggest me those products which i can buy easily.

  8. Hey.

    Great article, and I’m sure it was meant well. But what I picked up from this article was that darker women need to stick with boring makeup. And that is not at all true. Wrong shade of foundation will look bad no matter what color your skin is. Case in point – Celina Jaitley. End of the day, whether you’re dark or fair, you have to be careful with your makeup choices. Even with darker skin color, there are a lot of shades, and it just comes down to finding what suits your skin the best.

    I have fairly dark skin and I have never been shy with my makeup. To be honest, if I were to follow your advice, I would look very dull. For me, eyeliner is a staple. I always have heavily kohled eyes and it looks good on me because they bring out my eyes. I have never ever used a nude lipstick. I usually go for lighter pinks (not bright probably) or more subtle shades of red, but never for browns. My favorite blush is a light pink shade from NYX and earthy shades usually wash me out.

    End of the day, everyone has their own tastes. Some like subdued nude makeup while some like a bit more sass in their makeup. I don’t think the color of your skin should stop you from experimenting.

    Below are 2 examples of lovely makeup on 2 dark women:

  9. Lovely article there. However, I think somehow this article conveys a message like “u got dusky skin- wear boring make up”. Thandi Newton, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Lara dutta etc have on one or more occasion flaunted blood red lips, and have managed to make us all look at them in complete awe. They look gorgeous. I d say knowing how to carry it off is the key. Reds, fuschia and corals all add a beautiful dash of colour to anything that u wear. Bring on the colours girls.. Nothings stopping u.. Not at least ur skin colour!!

  10. i don’t agree with the lipstick and eyeliner part..
    1) my sister is fair and i hv a dusky complexion..she bought a bright red colour the other day and it suits me bttr than her..
    2) even a kohl and smoky eyed look makes us look way more sexier than fair complexion beauties..
    3) i though quite agree with the foundation part..
    4) i think dusky girls should choose their nude lipstick shades more carefully otherwise they might look washed out
    5) neon colors makes us look it a lipstick or eyeshadow..even nailpaints if neon makes the hand look darker

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