7 Reasons Why Getting Married in Your 20s Is Awesome

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For today’s new age girls, marriage is a subject that is last on the cards. They don’t even think about getting married before they are well-settled and there is nothing wrong in being self-dependent! But let’s talk about why getting married early has its own perks; after all our mothers did marry young.

7 Reasons Getting Married in Your 20s Is Awesome

1. There’s less baggage
How we spend our teen years falling in and out of love and getting our heart broken several times! When you marry young, it means lesser or probably no serious relationships, so there is no baggage from previous relationships and there is no pressure and no set rules.

2. You’re adaptable
You are not really quite settled in your early 20s so you can adapt better in any situations, better than a grownup person. You will also be more accepting and tolerant of your partner’s nature and habits.

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3. You hit milestones together
Milestones like buying the first house, buying a new car, getting a pet, scoring the dream job are often achieved together when you marry young. You probably won’t marry a person in their 30s without some of these things while in early 20s it is totally acceptable.

4. No pressure to have babies
Societal pressure will always be there but your biological clock isn’t ticking away anytime soon. If you don’t want kids early on then you have all time in the world to think about babies. Couples become more compassionate towards each other’s needs when married young and they make for great parents later on in their lives.

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5. More energy to balance parenthood and career
When you have a full fledged career in your 30s and you decide to have a baby, it becomes quite difficult to handle both while in your 20s, you have more energy and zeal to handle tough and tiring situation in your lives.

6. Pursuing interests at an older age
Getting married early and having kids early too means that you will not be that old when your kids grow up. It leaves more time for both of you to pursue your hobbies and long-lost passions. You can even reclaim your career goals because obviously you are still far away from your retirement age.

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7. You have decades and decades together
When you love a person then even forever seems short, but still you will grow old with the person you love. You guys will have more time together. You will get to travel more, go on wild adventures and have a fruitful life together.

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9 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Getting Married in Your 20s Is Awesome

  1. This is a very different perspective, Vandana and I truly love it. I always wanted to have kids in my 20s so that I am not as old when they grow up, but that’s not looking possible at the moment. 😛

  2. Lovely post, I totally accept it. Me and my husband married at age 23 and now we are 25, no hurry for kids. In fact this post aptly suit us

  3. It depends..at 20 it’s very hard for any girl to be settled… mostly they will be finishing college..and in today’s world it’s important for gal to independent because u never know which turn u r life gonna take.. everyone won’t be Shahid Kapoor like mira…I got married at 30.. and I think m more matured to handle things at 20s I was more vulnerable

  4. I too liked this perspective of getting married at 20’s.
    This sort of act bring more healthier, happier and energetic family .

  5. Very true!!
    Even u have lot of time to understand each other than about carrier n kids and still u hv lot of energy bcz u r still too young so ds is the right decision even I got married when I was 23 and spent 5 yrs in relationship n carrier than delivered baby n still m only 28. Now again I will bounce back in my carrier..

  6. one cannot explore about one’s ownself if married sooner! In 20’s we start exploring and evolving about our ownself which is clearly not possible in this case! As one of The reason behind marrying earlier is kachi umar mein shaadi isliye ki jaati hai ya karwai jaati hai kyunki bacho mei dimaag nhi hota, jab tak bade honge tab tak bandhan mei bandh chuke honge and then they wont be able to do anything to get out of it! 😐

  7. Agree completely. We got married in our early 20s and we enjoyed every moment for complete three years and then when we turned 28 we had our baby in our arms. When u marry early u are ready to adjust and with growing age as u get matured and ur adjustment citeria become negligence. I agree with the point that in early 20 if the guy is not having own home or car u still marry him because u live there dream together as u have time. It’s vice versa after 30s in all cases.

  8. Concept of marrying at early 20s works for a section of society.. provided:
    *You come from well off and educated family. ( No financial responsibility).
    * In laws / husband who are Ok for you to study further.
    *The family doesn’t put pressure to have kids..

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