5 Makeup Tips For A Morning Wedding

Hello girls,

Your wedding marks a new beginning just like your mornings bring in a new day. If you are one of those lucky brides who is realising her dream wedding in the morning, we have a right set of things for you. You don’t have to slather every ounce of make-up you own to look stunning on your D-Day morning. Mornings are meant to be soft and dreamy and you should follow this 5 Makeup Tips to look natural and glowing.

1. Prime It Up:

Primers are the base for your make up. Primers are the reason for your makeup to look beautiful during the morning. They also help in prolonging the staying time of your makeup. You will need a primer that is heat-resistant, water-resistant and does not clog pores. After the usual cleansing, toning and moisturising, apply a smooth layer of primer to minimise the fine lines and pores and give a smooth base for your foundation which will last for hours.


2. Subtle Tones for the Eyeshadow:

Mornings call for a sumptuous tone to your makeup so, make sure you have a lot of eyeshadows in the shades of pinks, mauves, and browns in your makeup palette. These tones look fresh and give a natural look to the eyes as well as make you look wide awake. Using subtle tones for your eyeshadow is a must for morning weddings because I’m sure none of us would love to be the talk of the town for unwanted reasons and makeup skills.

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3. Avoid Dark Lipstick:

Dark lips are a big no-no for the occasion. Avoid red, maroon or any bold colors for the D-day morning. Get neutral lips or soft pinks and glossy lips instead. Use a lip stain instead of a lipstick and top off with your favourite lipgloss to give it a more romantic look. I understand, dark and bold lipsticks are in fashion but, there are few limitations with every fashion right there. Avoid dark lipstick as much as possible and if you don’t want to drop the idea, stick to red and maroons.


4. Use a Cream Blush:

Cream blushes are very important to get a dewy finish. It looks more natural and is suited for imparting that healthy glow to your cheeks. To make it last longer, you can always top it off with a powder blush. Cream blush can help in making your skin glow in the daylight thus, creating an illusion of natural and glowing skin. The best part of cream blush is that it highlights the face in a natural and subtle way.


5. Keep an Emergency Kit Handy:

Make sure to keep an emergency kit handy that has the following items:
Blotting paper.
Shoe pads.
Face powder.
Nail filer.


It is very important to carry these things in your purse as you never know when you might need them in an emergency break. I would guide you to keep your bag ready before hand so that, you don’t forget any of these.
This will save you from any embarrassing mishaps and keep your make-up fresh on your D-day.
So, keep the above tips in mind when you get ready for that morning wedding and let your beautiful smile and those shiny eyes do the rest of the work to make you look pretty.

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