7 Super Cool Ways To Treat A Hickey

So, this is the moment when you come close to a hit of love and you get a hickey on the face. Hickeys mostly take time to get cured completely but they can also be considered one of the most unfortunate things that happen on the skin. There is no one who would like to flaunt this hickey.

Throughout the body, we have different blood vessels that transport blood throughout the body. Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels found in the body which gets broken very soon and easily. When the soft skin is sucked very hard the capillaries beneath skin seems to break out and get fractured. So, we would conclude saying hickeys are due to broken blood vessels just below the skin. Hickeys are the sign that the blood vessels are damaged slightly and there is blood clot in that area. The skin is no longer getting oxygen and the place becomes dried out which slowly turns out to be purple or brown in the color.

Hickeys mostly take time to heal and you need not need to worry about the bright red mark on the skin. We have got the best remedies to treat hickeys in a faster and better way. So, all the people getting hickeys frequently can read on the post to get rid of them the next time.

7 Super Cool Ways To Treat A Hickey

1. Ice:

7 Super Cool Ways To Treat A Hickey 2

Ice is the universal ingredient, which is found in every household and is cheap as compared to rest of the remedies. Ice works best on the skin, which keeps hickeys away within few hours. All you need to do is rub some ice over it and continue massaging the ice for next few minutes. The ice will freeze the blood vessels that prevents the blood from giving any energy to hickeys thus minimizing the mark. The trick here speaks, freeze some real juice in the form of ice and rub it over the skin. This will minimize the mark, fighting against the bacteria and germs prevailing there and also moisturizes the skin.

2. Using A Moisturizing Cream:

7 Super Cool Ways To Treat A Hickey 3

You will never fall short out of moisturizing cream in your home. Any good textured moisturizer can help to reduce the hickey over the skin. The perk of this speaks that a gentle massage for 15 to 20 minutes can help to minimize the blood flow into the hickey, which eventually results in fading them. Stimulating the area, massaging and rubbing them gently can lead the hickey to lose its color and also calm down. If you are allergic to any specific moisturizer cream, which leaves your skin overly dry should not be used here.

3. Rubbing With Alcohol:

7 Super Cool Ways To Treat A Hickey 4

Although, it is suggested alcohol is not good for health, still, it can never go wrong on skin. You would be amazed to know there is a little amount of alcohol used in various beauty products, which helps to regenerate the dead skin and brighten them too. If you just got an hickey few hours ago, all you need is an alcohol in your hand. The disinfecting property of alcohol makes it ideal to treat hickeys and also regenerate the skin over the affected area. All you can do is rub some alcohol with help of a cotton ball and gently massage over the skin for several minutes. In order to remove the hickey, repeat this twice a day and apply some moisturizer over them. This is because alcohol often kills the dirt and germs and leaves a skin over dried.

4. Aloe Vera:

7 Super Cool Ways To Treat A Hickey 5

Aloe Vera plant is the most magical plant which helps to cure various skin problems including getting rid of hickeys. Scooping out gel from real aloe vera plant and rubbing them over a hickey can lead to its removal. Aloe vera plant has a natural ingredient, which helps in giving a soothing effect and also reduces the inflammation over them due to its anti-inflammatory properties. To treat a hickey overnight, you can slice a aloe vera plant and rub it on the affected area, more than 3 times a day. This helps the capillaries to heal faster. If at all you miss aloe vera gel at home, you can use any aloe vera based lotion or cream.

5. Use A Comb:

7 Super Cool Ways To Treat A Hickey 6

This would sound weird, but a comb works wonders over skin. Combing your skin is similar to massaging over the skin, which helps circulate the blood reaching to the hickey. The fingers of the comb forces the blood to go back to the vessels, which helps to get rid of the hickey completely. When we are speaking about combing your skin, you are not supposed to do this ruthlessly or harshly. You are advised not to break your skin.

6. Using Cocoa Butter:

7 Super Cool Ways To Treat A Hickey 7

Till now, you must have been familiar only with moisturizing benefits that a cocoa butter provides to the skin. Surprisingly but true, besides the moisturizing effect this magical ingredient also gives healing effect which makes it ideal to get rid of hickey. You need to wash out the area of hickey and then apply cocoa butter over them. It is advised to wash your face with warm water which opens your pores and helps the butter to penetrate directly below your skin. Gently massage the cocoa butter over the skin for few minutes and this will help to improve the blood circulation and get rid of the hickey.

7. Peel of Banana:

7 Super Cool Ways To Treat A Hickey 8

The peel of a banana is an effective remedy to treat hickeys overnight and this is also considered to be an excellent agent, which aids in removing them. The peel of banana is a source Vitamin C, which helps in reducing swelling, avoiding blood clots and gives some cooling effects to the skin. Rubbing a peel of banana over face for 3 to 4 times a day can help to replenish the skin, soothe it, provides a cooling effect, promotes skin tissue growth and also aids hickeys.

These are some of the very simple methods, which will help to fasten the removal of hickeys over face. If the hickeys do not disappear overnight, do not get disappointed. They would surely fade away in a day or two.

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