Methods To Improve Blood Circulation For Glowing Skin

We indulge in a lot of fairness creams, serums, facials, but we forget a few very simple techniques of improving body from within. I have listed out few very simple methods of improving blood circulation to improve the blood circulation from within to get a glowing face and happy mind. Read on to get glowing.

Improve Blood Circulation

1. Exercise:


Get some blood pumping and get glowing. Cardiovascular activities keep you fit and increase your stamina. Sweat it out to remove the toxins from the body and see your face glowing too.  Indulge into yoga, Pilates anything you are comfortable with.

2. Body Massage:


Massage is the best way to relieve tense muscles, not only that after a heavy workout, sore muscles need some flex. I indulge in massage and body scrub once a week. It not only relaxes me, but it removes my chronic muscle pain, gives gush of blood circulation. I can see my skin texture improving. Oils used in massage are sesame based and blending depends upon your ayurved dosha. So, I listed out so many benefits, so go to a spa and get yourself some tender loving and care.  I go to Blue Terra spa for some awesome treatments.

3. Acupressure:


Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers or any blunted objects to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. When these points are pressed, they release muscular tension and promote blood circulation.

4. Dry Brushing:

Dry Brushing

One of the simplest method of improving skin tone and its quality are using a dry brush on your whole body starting from your ankles. Dry brushing should be done once a day at least. It causes a little redness after usage, that’s because it causes movement of blood. This is a method I used during my weight loss regime diligently and I still follow it.  Try it. These brushes are easily available at any good cosmetic store, take ones with natural bristles. Body Shop and Bare Essentials have good ones.

how to increase blood circulation

5. Consume Green Tea:


I drink at least a cup of green tea a day, it cleanses my system and mind. The soothing effect can be compared to no other. It is not necessary that you get a very fancy green tea, just regular Darjeeling tea or Assam tea is wonderful. Green tea has powerful anti-oxidants, which help us fight free radicals in the body, thus preventing early ageing.

Did you have your daily dose of green tea today?

6. Eat Healthy:


We seldom forget that a nutritious body gives us a glowing and happy face. People are attracted towards a healthy body and not anorexic or bulimic faces. Eat whole grains, anti-oxidant rich food, home-made food, ghee (yes, ghee). Keep your body and mind in fit shape and get glowing skin. Now, those fairness creams, makeup you use will do wonders for you and trust me.

Hope you like these simple tips, if you have some tips do share with us.

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