7 Tips That’ll Help You Ace The Bold Lips Look

By Tanya Arora

Lips are one of our prized assets and we always want them to look beautiful (read : kissable). We often fear that we may end up making a disaster or looking over the top, especially with bold lips. But follow these tips to know how you can totally rock the bold lips trend, just like stars.

7 Tips That'll Help You Ace The Bold Lips Look3

1. Go Neutral on Eyes

7 Tips That'll Help You Ace The Bold Lips Look4

While you sport bold lips, it is absolutely essential that you keep away from any drama on your eyes. Apply natural makeup on your eyes so that your lips get all the attention they deserve. The lesser makeup your eyes have, the better your overall look will appear.

2. Opt for A Bare Face Look

7 Tips That'll Help You Ace The Bold Lips Look

Remember Aishwarya Rai’s look at the Cannes? Yes, that’s what we are talking about! With bold lips, it is always advisable to keep the rest of your face natural-looking with neutral makeup. Keep the blush, highlighter and bronzer toned down to get maximum effects.

3. Exfoliate Before Anything Else

This an absolute must to pull off bold lips look like pros. Imagine a bold lipstick on your face with flakiness. Yikes! That’s the biggest makeup disaster you could make. Before applying your bold lipstick, or any lipstick, it is important that you exfoliate your lips properly. You could use a toothbrush to remove any flakes or dead skin cells from your lips. Apply a lip balm on top so that you form a perfect base for your lipstick.

4. Try A Lip Brush

7 Tips That'll Help You Ace The Bold Lips Look1

It is a thumb-rule! Whenever you apply a bold colour on your lips, always use a lip brush for the application. It is easier to apply a lip colour with a lip brush as you have more control. Lip brushes also give more precision which is what bold lips are all about.

5. The Lip Liner and Concealer Trick

7 Tips That'll Help You Ace The Bold Lips Look2

Before applying the lipstick, always line your lips with a suitable lip liner and fill the lips with the same lip liner. This helps you to get a cleaner finish which prevents the lip color from bleeding. Also dab a little concealer with a lip brush around your lips, especially on the cupid’s bow so that the lips pop out and look enhanced.

6. Team Up with Proper Outfits

7 Tips That'll Help You Ace The Bold Lips Look6

It is said that it’s an art to balance your lips and your outfit. When it’s bold lips, it will be a master-art to balance your lips with the outfit. Avoid bold coloured outfits with bold lips because they can really make you look outrageous. Do not wear a lot of glitters and bling along with bold lips, else you would look no less than a disco-ball. The key is to keep the rest of the look simple and balanced.

7. Make It Stay for Longer

7 Tips That'll Help You Ace The Bold Lips Look5

Make sure that all the efforts you have put in stay for the desired time. You can do so by increasing the staying time of your lip colour by placing a tissue on your lips and dabbing some loose powder over it. This way your lip colour will stay for a longer time. Also carry the lip colour with you if you need a re-application.

Be confident and follow these simple tips to make heads turn with this must-try makeup trend!

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