Aishwarya Rai Makeup Breakdown Cannes 2015

aish makeup cannes 2015

I rarely ever replicate any celebrity’s makeup . There is no particular reason. For me makeup is very mood dependant. Some day I’d be in a red lipstick mood on a bright sunny day and someday I’d go for a natural look even for evenings. So there is never a particular look that I am going for mostly when I do my own makeup. But boy! Aishwarya Rai has such a star power. She makes you sit and take notice of her. I got obsessed with her makeup at the recent Cannes 2015 appearance. I dug out all that I had from my makeup kit and went all out to recreate the look. I don’t know I may or may not have succeeded in replicating the Queen B’s makeup look. I kinda loved how I tried something new and fresh. Hope you like it. πŸ™‚

These were the inspiration pics. πŸ™‚


aish makeup aish-cannes-2015

And that’s my take.

aishwarya rai makeup breakdown-cannes 2015


Here’s the eye makeup breakdown. From what it looked like that there was a shimmery white eyeshadow and a shimmery taupe eyeshadows used both on the lid and crease. I used The Balm Nudetude Palette and used only 3 colors – sassy ( for inner corner and browbone), selfish (a medium shimmery taupe for all over the lid), Sophisticated ( a deep shimmery taupe for crease). The liner was very lightly winged for the upper lash line. I used Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Pencil in Pacific, which is a gorgeous teal green pencil. Finished off with some wispy eyelashes and mascara.


I didn’t realise the lips could be a tricky part until I stared at the pics, esp at her pouty pic and realised that there was a gorgeous ombre going on.

So for lips I filled my lips with a wine lip pencil, the applied red lipstick just on the centre of the lips and with a thin brush I took matte black eyeshadow and traced it around my lip line. Then with a clean lip brush I blended in the edges to make everything look smooth and gradient.


Products Used and Dupes :

Eyes :

Face :

Lips :

You could use L’oreal Pure Garnet Lipstick too.



51 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai Makeup Breakdown Cannes 2015

  1. Oh My My. This makes me sit back and read the entire article and see the pictures closely. Great work Rati. I am sure Aish had loads of MUAs working on this look, but you girl, nailed it.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Oh to the MY GOD Rati. You nailed it. i like the lip shade you created, loved your pout, in my opinion your lip shade gets one mark more than Aish’s.
    Keep it up please,

  3. Yeah too beautiful… will certainly try this one…
    Surprised to see black eye shadow used on lips…
    more to learn from you

    1. thanks sappy. it was like right infront in my palette. i kinda dared to give it a shot! πŸ˜€ it worked..if i could say so myself. :))

  4. wow Rati… This is total awesome recreation… And u used black eye shadow on lips…. So totally unique.. How did u even think of it… Its perfect… Its amazing… Its inspirational…. WOW

  5. Aishwarya is really a diva! And this was one amazing makeup breakdown…:D you look stunning.
    I love how you explain each step so well.

  6. Drop dead gorgeous – that’s what I would like to say about you both :* I loved how you used black eyeshadow as a lip liner πŸ™‚

  7. Wow Rati, I am just staring and staring at you. You look absolutely flat out fabulous, stunning is the word, and you have done your makeup flawlessly to replicate her look. Just loved loved loved your photos.

  8. Aww I liked it more than original aishwarya’s make over.. <3 <3
    simply gorgeous, stunning and I loved that you look equally innocent even with bold red make over.. claps
    N thr truth is i love aishwarya and always admire her still I must say that U effortlessly stole the show this time!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. Oh MM GEE! This is perfection Rati! I have the palette, the bronzer and the highlighter! So gonna re-crete it. You look beautiful girl πŸ™‚

  10. Wow Rati!! Both my favourites looking drop-dead gorgeous β™₯ very very inspirational dear πŸ™‚ I am in awe and out of words *clapssss*

  11. Oh gosh! Me saying you look stunning would be totally inadequate here! You totally nailed the lips, Rati! The only thing I didn’t like about Aishwarya’s look was that her hair seemed a bit flat. Except for that, drooled over the ES gown and totally adored her eye makeup!!
    Your volume at the crown sets off this look beautifully. And those earrings are so cute! they remind me of the Eiffel tower hehe πŸ™‚

  12. Fab work Rati. I read through your article and noticed how much of little small things you have observed in her make up. truly gorgeous pic.

  13. I too loved Aishwarya’s makeup and you’ve got it so right! For the lips you can do a simpler application – just try the L’Oreal Arabian Night lipstick from the moist matte collection – I think she has that shade on her lips with a hint of gloss on top (her lips look very faintly shimmery in the close up pics)

    1. Thanks shilpa. Will give it a try. I actually wanted to play with all the makeup I had without purchasing anything new. It was a little challenge I set for myself personally! I am glad you liked it. But will def check the lipstick . πŸ™‚

  14. Rati you nailed that look completely….u look amazing…pure stunner you are….I seriously cannot make out even a single difference between the two looks..too good!

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