7 Wonderful Tips to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

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How many of you are at work, feeling sleepy and yawning constantly ? I bet, many of you! It’s so difficult to concentrate at work when you are sleep deprived.I am a firm believer of beauty sleep. It has been proved by many studies and researches that a good 8 hours sleep affects how your body repairs itself. Sleep deprivation leads to problems like dark circles, dull skin, premature ageing, agitated behaviour and lack of concentration. There are days when no matter how hard you try, you just can’t sleep. Next morning, you wake up looking like a troll and you really don’t want that ever! Right? So, let’s read on and make use of these tips to sleep better, feel better and look better.
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1. Take a bath:
Do you know your body temperature drops when it is getting ready for that good night sleep ? Taking a bath induces that drop. But, if you choose a hot water bath, shower or soak, make sure you take this night time bath 2 hours before hitting the bed. Hot water does improve blood circulation and feel more relaxing, but it also increases the temperature of your body. Remember to use your favorite bath products and let their aroma relax you.

2. Moisturise your body:
To look your best in the morning, make sure you moisturise yourself well before sleeping. The moisture you feed your skin during all these hours will work as a catalyst in the repair process. We all know dry skin ages rapidly than moisturised skin. Massage your hands and feet stressing on cuticles. Make sure you complete your night time skin care routine without a miss, so that your face looks soft, supple and ready for makeup in the morning.

3. Get an eye mask:
eye mask
To obtain that peaceful sleep, grab an eye mask. When your brain senses total darkness, it produces melatonin harmones which induce sleep. Eye masks are economical and effective. There are a vareity of eye masks available in the market. Some have really cute girly prints on them. If you are one of those people, who complain of tiredness even after sleeping for 7-8 hours, you must get an eye mask. Eye mask will create a barrier for artificial light sources interfering with your body’s natural circadian rhythms.

4. Set your smart phone on custom notifications:
You can’t sleep well with that phone of your ringing in every 2 seconds. Lower the brightness of your screen. Set an alarm and then customize your notifications to avoid disturbance caused by useless alerts. If possible, keep your smart phone away from your reach. I know its quite tempting to have your smartphone besides you. You can lose your sleep while you check that one facebook notification.

5. Use sleep inducing essential oils:
essential oil
Chamomile, lavender, marjoram, valerian and vetiver essential oils help in relaxing and reducing stress levels. Make a homemade linen spray. Mix your favorite essential oil with distilled water. Store it in a spray bottle and spray it all over your sheets before you hit the sack.

6. Check your bedsheet and pillows:
Make sure your bedsheet and pillows are clean. They shouldn’t smell of anything odd like a hair oil, napthelene balls or strong detergent. For me cleanliness is next to super sleepiness. Dirty pillow can irritate your facial skin and cause acne. Check and change them if needed before sleeping.

7. Avoid caffeine :
Caffeine is a strict no-no before sleeping. It blocks sleep inducing harmones and increases adrenaline production. Caffiene intake for longer periods will increase the risk of insomia. Avoid tea, coffee or any caffinieted drink to sleep peacefully.

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