8 Best Ways to Remove Makeup + Product Recommendations

By Swati Kumar

Everyone loves a full face of high coverage makeup, and to achieve that, we apply layer after layer of primer, concealer, foundation etc. Depending upon our skin type and the amount of makeup on our face, different products can be used for removing makeup. One or more than one methods of effective makeup removal may be used to make sure all the residue comes out of the pores. Let’s take a look at some of the products which can be used for the same.


Cleansing Oils


Cleansing oil is fast becoming one of the most popular products for removing makeup. It helps to break down even waterproof eye makeup. It differs from the vegetable oils that we know as it is thinner in consistency. This ensures that we don’t have to tug on our face too hard to rub it onto our skin. Upon coming into contact with water, the cleansing oil turns into a milky consistency that can be easily washed off along with the makeup. This step is usually followed up by a water-based cleanser to effectively cleanse the surface of the skin. All skin types can use this type of a makeup remover. The Body Shop Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil is an excellent makeup remover.

Cleansing Wipes


Cleansing wipes are a quick and effective way of removing makeup. They double up as on the go makeup fixers that we can carry in our purses. They are pre-soaked in a solution so that we don’t have to do the extra step of dampening a cotton round or tissue with the makeup remover. However, some makeup residue may still be leftover as we are not washing our faces. Moreover, tugging our faces with a wet wipe can cause premature wrinkles; therefore care must be taken while using these wipes. People with dry or mature skin should avoid this method. Kara has many different types of makeup removing wipes such as the Kara Makeup Removal Wipes with Seaweed and Lavender.

Point Makeup Remover


As the name suggests, point makeup removers are designed to specifically target the makeup on our eyes or lips, as the formulation may differ. Because of differing formulations, an ordinary makeup remover might not work on these areas and makeup residue is left behind. It demolishes and breaks down the waterproof eye makeup such as eye liners, mascaras as well as dark lip stains and liquid lipsticks on the lips. Biphasic removers have become quite popular as point makeup removers. This step is usually followed up by a water based cleanser. Just like the cleansing wipes, care must be taken while rubbing the makeup off using cotton rounds or cotton balls. All skin types can use this method to remove stubborn makeup.

Vegetable Oils


Vegetable oils are thicker in consistency but are highly effective in removing waterproof makeup. It is a natural way of removing makeup and is best suited for people with sensitive skin. People with dry skin can also use this method as it won’t strip their skin of essential oils. However, oily skinned people might want to avoid this method as oils might be comedogenic and may clog their open pores further. It is important that the excess oil is wiped or washed off, otherwise it will form a barrier and prevent skincare products from getting absorbed by the skin.

Cleansing Water


Cleansing waters are the perfect makeup removers for people with oily skin as it does not contain any oil nor does it contain any harsh soap. It doubles up as a way of quickly refreshing your skin. It instantly hydrates the skin while removing makeup. They contain small micelles, which are designed to eat up dirt and makeup, eliminating the need to wash off the solution. The Bioderma range of cleansing waters is quite popular among people with oily and sensitive skin.

Cleansing Balms


Cleansing balms are similar to cleansing oils, except they are thicker in consistency. Once it is on the skin, it turns into a thinner consistency liquid. It ensures that less irritation occurs and these are also designed to soften and calm the face. Cleansing balms are also followed up with water based cleansers to remove the balm as well as to cleanse the surface of the skin. A few cleansing balms are available in India too such as the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm.

Water Based Cleansers


A water based cleanser is usually used after oil based cleansers such as cleansing oils, cleansing balms etc. The idea behind using two cleansers is to remove oil-based waterproof makeup as well as other dirt that may be stuck to the surface of our skin such as pollutants, dust, etc. There is a wide range of foam cleansers that serve this purpose. The Innisfree Green Tea Cleanser works as an effective but gentle product to remove the remnants of makeup left on the skin.

Cleansing Milks


Almost every Indian skincare brand has their own cleansing milk and is one of the most conventional ways of removing makeup. It does not contain harsh chemicals or soap that will strip the skin of the vital oils required to keep the skin soft and supple. Additional ingredients help to soothe irritated skin, hydrate dry skin and rejuvenate mature skin. Many brands such as Lakme have cleansing milk with fruit extracts.

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