8 Things No Beauty Addict will Ever Say!

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Today I am back with an article. I am going to talk about the things that makeup lovers like you and me will never ever say. I hope you find it relatable. Let’s get started!

8 Things No Beauty Addict will Ever Say!

“I have enough red lipsticks

woman pout red lipstick

If you are a makeup addict then you would definitely understand what every red color means to you. It might be ‘just a red lipstick’ for others but, for us, they are our babies. Cherry red, blood red, moronic red, dark red – all are precious to us.

“I can manage without makeup brushes”

Only a true makeup addict can understand the importance of makeup brushes and what roles do they play when it comes to getting our makeup on fleek. I mean, how can our eye makeup look perfect without those precision brushes!

“Primer is not an essential”

Even I would not understand the importance of a good primer earlier. But, now my perception is totally changed. A primer not only keeps your makeup in place, it ensure that your makeup goes on smoothly.

“Eyelash curlers are not needed”

A girl who is totally addicted to makeup would never say this. A wide-awake and sultry eye makeup look can be achieved only if your lashes are beautifully curled. We all know what difference nicely curled lashes and a volumising mascara brings.

“We don’t really need nude lipsticks”

nude lipstick for all skin tones

Many people think that nude lipsticks are a waste of money or that nude lipstick aren’t meant for all skin tones. But, guess what, they are wrong. Nude lipsticks hold a special position in our makeup stash and help us complete those smokey looks.

“There is no difference between shimmer, matte, cream and lustre”

beautiful lipstick collection

Can any makeup addict say this sentence ever? Like, no! We all know how these lipstick finishes are different and how they are apt for various seasons and ocassions.

“One eyeshadow palette and I am sorted”

Even though our palettes are mostly versatile, one eyeshadow palette is never enough. We can never say no to a new good makeup palette. Hence, our stash always has multiple palettes.

“There is no difference between tontouring, contouring, baking and strobing

strobing makeup

Of course there is a big difference between tontouring, contouring, baking and strobing. If you are a makeup addict, you would definitely know the importance and requirement of these different makeup techniques. Don’t say you are not trying to master these!

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