8 Best Beauty Gifts for Your Best Friend on her Wedding

By Chanchala Bose

Hello girls,

I am presently too busy with my wedding preparations and thus everything else has taken a backseat. Well, these days I am tired of just one question – “what do I want as my wedding gift?” Thanks to this question, I have now realised what can be the best beauty gifts for a bride. Do you also want to find out which gifts I am talking about? Then, keep reading!


Facial oils


Newlyweds usually have a really long and tiring day. But taking care of your skin also becomes extremely important. And since you are a new bride, you deserve all the attention and love in the world. So, why not indulge and treat your skin to a luxurious beauty treatment? A facial oil can become your best friend and revitalise your skin.

Dark lipsticks


Dark sultry lipsticks are every bride’s first choice. Also, dark lipsticks are perfect to light up your mood and perk up your complexion. So, why not gift your newlywed BFF one of the sexiest and awesome shades!

Highlighter and contour kit


You are supposed to have a flawless, radiant skin for a few days after your wedding. But all the wedding preps and functions take a toll on your skin. Hence, glowing all the time isn’t possible. Highlighters come in really handy in such times. A lot of women tend to gain excess weight and lose their chiselled jawline post marriage, hence they need to contouring product too. To make it all easy, gift her a nice combo.

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Pre-bridal treatment

These days there are a number of options available for the brides-to-be. You can buy your friend a pre-bridal treatment package so that she can achieve that superb glow. You can even accompany her and get a treatment for yourself. 😉

Spa treatments


Wedding preparations involve a lot of stress and running around. So, a luxurious spa treatment is a must. Believe me, she will cherish this gift a lot and thank you during her massage sessions.


In order to make her wedding experience more fabulous, gift her some exotic scents. This will not only make her bridal experience scented but also memorable.

Sexy Lingerie


Who will gift you a sexy, figure-hugging lingerie other than your best friend? Do the same for your best friend and gift her a set of sexy lingerie.

Travel-friendly makeup kit


Whether she is going for her honeymoon or to meet a distant relative, she would love to take this gift along. A makeup kit not only looks beautiful but is quite useful too.

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