Tontouring – A New Makeup Technique To Sculpt and Define Your Face

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I have been away for a while now and now that I’m finally settled in, I’m able to write about makeup and beauty again! During my time off from everything, I have become obsessed with contouring and different types. However, there was something that I came across that really blew me away. Can you imagine waking up everyday with a perfectly contoured face? I dream of the day where my skin is flawless before applying makeup. I follow Kylie Jenner’s makeup looks pretty often because her makeup is always on point and she’s always following or rather setting the latest trends.

Tontouring A New Makeup Technique To Sculpt and Define Your Face

Today, I’ll be writing about “tontouring.” This concept seems very promising! Tontouring is the latest way of contouring by using a fake tan. This process seems much less time consuming and a lot more rewarding. As opposed to having to contour your face every day to keep those sharp cheekbones, we would only be tontouring once a week. This method gained popularity when a makeup guru, Marissa Carter Snapchatted this technique while working on a client. Everyone was instantly intrigued by the concept of semi-permanent contouring. It’s not a permanent one, so if you’re truly unhappy with the results, the tan will go away within a week. Some tans might last longer depending on the intensity of the shade but this seems like a much better way of contouring.


The process involves applying a self-tanning lotion in a lighter shade all over your face to give you a clean and natural skin tone base to start off with.


After applying your lighter base tanning lotion, apply the darker shade of tanning lotion onto the cheekbones and nose and wherever you normally apply your darker foundation or bronzer. However, we can’t simply use any self-tanning lotion as it might clog the pores on our face. Marissa Carter, the makeup artist behind this genius idea suggests using a tanning mousse formula. We should apply the tanning moisturizer using a contouring brush and gently blend out the harsh lines for an even glow. She developed one of her own, ‘Cocoa Brown Tan’ which is heavily used by reality TV star, Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian sisters.

Other celebrities like Anna Kendrick of Pitch Perfect fame also uses this technique to perfect her low maintenance type of style.

Step-By-Step Tontouring Technique:

Step 1: This is completely optional, but it’s always a nice idea to have a blank canvas to work on. Use a lighter shade of self-tanning mousse to give you that natural glow so that it would look seamless and natural when you actually begin to tontour. Be super careful around your hairline, your eyes and lips. I suggest using a brush as you’ll have more control as to where the product will disperse.

Step 2: Using a darker shade of self tanning mousse and the same brush you used earlier, apply a pea-sized amount onto your forehead or any other areas you’d like to make smaller.

Step 3: Using the same darker shade applied in step 2, apply a pea size amount of the mousse using a brush directly under your cheekbones. If you’d like a more defined look, opt for two coats instead of one. It’s best to use a stippling brush for this part.

Tontouring technique

Step 4: Using a much smaller brush, apply the same darker shade used in step 2 and 3 to tan the sides of your nasal bridge. This will make your nose look longer, sharper and more defined.

Step 5: If you’d like to create a more defined jawline, apply the same darker shade onto your jaw line using a foundation brush. This part is really important because it’ll make the transition from your neck to your face much more seamless.

Step 6: After the tan has developed (usually takes one hour, but you should check according to your product instructions), you should cleanse your face before applying makeup.

So, what you waiting for, start tontouring 😛

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