A Guide to Salon Treatments to Get Rid of Tan

I am on a mission to remove all the tan from the world. LOL! While some of us beauties love that healthy glow and some of us wouldn’t mind getting fake tan to get that divine chocolate beauty look , majority repels tanning. In India, tan isn’t welcomed very cordially, because it comes with sun burn, dehydrated dull skin and inflammation. I know, all of us try to avoid sun as much as we can, use homemade packs, apply sunscreen again and again; we even cancel tempting shopping trips in the summers to make sure that ‘terrible tan’ doesn’t spoil our complexion for rest of the year. But you know, there are super busy days, tight schedule and demand of moments which make us go out in sun while we completely un-follow all the tips. We forget to apply sunscreen, carry an umbrella or wear sleeves; basically we get tanned. And this tanning my dear friends, might not be the one you can get rid of using homemade packs and scrubs. You will be needing salon treatments. Wanna know more about them? Please keep on reading angels.
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1. Where to go for these treatments?

Almost all salons and spas offer anti-tan packages. There are skin clinics where you can take the whole tan-removal game to an expert level. First of all, check out all the places offering such treatments and then settle for one which suits you the best. You’d know about the friendliness of staff at your first investigative trip to the salon. You need to be comfortable at that place for a nice relaxing session. Ask about all packages and suitability for your skin type. Before finalizing do ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. It really helps.

2. How much to splurge?

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These treatments range from 1k to 8k (in my city which is Jalandhar, Punjab). Don’t get overly excited while the beautician narrates you the benefits of that platinum anti-tan treatment. If it is your first treatment ever, keep it light. I mean in the terms of chemicals and number of steps in the treatment. You can go for a fruit tan-removal package (mostly have papaya as a variant) or herbal aloe or saffron one. This way you won’t splurge too much and get to know how it fits the bill. If you aim is to glow at a function, wedding party or something like that you can choose high ended ones. Do ask for side-effects, suitability for your skin type and ingredients in the products to be used.

3. What to expect during the treatment?

For face: Your skin will be cleansed thoroughly so that it is makeup free, dirt and germ free. A well cleansed skin will result in better results. Then, get ready for a gentle exfoliation. Do not forget to mention beforehand, if your skin turns red and itchy because of abrasive scrubs. Salon experts will make sure to use most gentle scrub and motion. Then, it will be followed by a steam which will open your pores. All the black heads and white heads will be removed. A gel or serum will be applied after it and a galvanic machine might be used to ensure better penetration. Then comes the most amazing part, the relaxing massage to soothe your senses. Enjoy it like a celebrity. Then, a face pack will be applied to restore all the balance. Last but not the least, lots of sunscreen before you leave the salon. It can take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

For arms, legs and rest of the body: Rest of the skin on your body isn’t as delicate as your facial skin. So, you can choose pretty much any package. I choose the ones with best aroma to enjoy it throughout. Steps are pretty much same. Cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing . They may or may not include a leave-on pack. But you can always ask and customize as per your needs. After this tan removal also, you will have to apply sunscreen to make sure you don’t hurt your just treated skin.

4. Latest tan- removal treatments:

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Platinum Facial- These include a veg peel, scrubbing, lymphatic massages, removing toxins and purifying the skin. This procedure also removes the tan and helps in lightening skin color gradually.

Galvanic Facial- In this facial, fresh fruit juices are introduced into the skin through the galvanic gadget. This gadget gives a steady, direct current to inject water-soluble substances into the skin and is an extremely effective way of introducing water-soluble substances into the skin.

Dermabrasion- It is used get rid of the uppermost layer of their skin to get a fairer complexion, and is a great method of tan removal. Dermabrasion will minimize blemishes, close pores and prevent blackheads. You will find refinement in your skin’s texture and shrinking of enlarged pores.

Laser treatments- The technique directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin, precisely removing skin layer by layer called lasabrasion, laser peel, or laser vaporization. When skin is resurfaced, tan is removed automatically so you get lots of benefits like lightening of shallow scars from acne.

Some tips:

1. Slowly graduate from simple treatments to complex and expensive ones. Your pocket and skin both need to get used to these treatments slowly.
2. You might need them at least twice a month.
3. For long lasting effects, never skip sun-screen.
4. Use broad spectrum high SPF sun-blocks.
5. Do not expect miraculous results.
6. Also watch what you eat. None of the topical application or treatments lasts longer if you have poor diet and low liquid intake.
7. Avoid stepping in sun just after the treatment, prefer evening time appointments.
8. Do not compromise on hygiene quotient. Your salon or spa has to be very clean.
9. If anything causes your irritation or any unbearable discomfort, speak up at that very moment.

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  1. Hello mam… I had got wrinkles on my feet and dark patches and tan . May I know whether paraffin pedicure once in a month will remove my dark patches as well as wrinkles..If so let me know which type of pedicure shall I go for.. Thank you

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