Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit. I was searching for a product to reduce my facial tan and that’s how I came across this kit. As Biotique is a very renowned brand and I completely love their products for being natural ingredients, I decided to give this one a try!

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review3

Product Description:
Removes Tan and Makes Skin Fair

This Anti Tan kit removes tan and makes skin fair. This kit consists of the following products which is suitable for 2 sessions.

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review1

INR 215

My Experience with Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit:

Packaging: I completely love the packaging of this facial kit. This facial kit box consists of 5 tiny jars for 5 facial steps. The ingredients list for every particular product is mentioned below the jar. I’m glad they have provided the product in jar packaging instead of sachets, as sachets tend to create mess after the 1st use and it becomes very difficult to store them too.

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review4

Step 1- Bio White Scrub

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review5

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review14

The Bio White Scrub is white in colour with brown granules. The granules of this scrub are medium sized walnut granules. The texture of this scrub is creamy and thick which takes a little time to get absorbed. The granules are non harsh as they are medium sized. This scrub effectively removes tan to a certain extent and also leaves skin smooth and soft. The fragrance is on a milder side. The scrub may not suit oily skin as it may lead to breakout.

Step 2 – Bio White Massage Gel

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review6

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review9

This is my favourite amongst all the products. It’s a lovely light pink color fairness gel.It doesn’t do much for the skin, but the fragrance is amazing. It barely takes any time to get absorbed into the skin. It leaves skin supple and soft.

Step 3- Bio White Pack

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review8

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review7

The Bio White Pack spreads very easily. There is no need to mix it with water/rose water. The face pack dries within 10 minutes of application. The fragrance is fruity. This face pack brightens up the skin leaving it with a radiant glow.

Step 4 – Swiss Magic Dark Spot Corrector

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review10

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review11

The Swiss Magic Dark Spot Corrector is white in colour and the consistency is just like the massage cream. It gets absorbed very quickly and easily. Well, I don’t really have any dark spots. I just have a few acne scars. I tried applying this, but it didn’t really make a vast difference. I guess the results will be seen after regular use of this product.

Step 5 – Bio White Massage Cream

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review12

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review13

The Bio White Massage Cream is peach in colour. The texture is creamy and it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. It proves a soft glow to the skin making it more radiant and subtle, also it leaves the skin smooth and soft.

My Overall Experience:

Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review2

I love the scrub provided in this facial kit, it effectively removes tan. The face mask works well on the skin. Other products work just fine. Overall, this facial kit removes tan to a certain extent and provides a radiant glow to the skin. It leaves the skin smooth and soft for 2-3 days. This facial kit will easily last for 2-3 uses depending upon person to person.

Pros of Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit:

• A little goes a long way
• Affordable
• Products derived from natural ingredients
• Removes tan to a certain extent
• Provides a radiant glow

Cons of Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit:

• The scrub may lead to breakout on oily skin
• Doesn’t provide long lasting effect

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit?
No, it’s a decent facial kit, but it does not provide long lasting effects.

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11 thoughts on “Biotique Anti Tan Facial Kit Review

  1. Very well reviewed Sayali. It is indeed a good idea to have products in tiny tubs and not in sachets. I love walnut scrub and have never used any other scrub. I see how everything is named ‘white’ here. :/

  2. Now a days its so difficult to get a product which has long lasting effect. Nevertheless if it works well, we somehow compromise. Biotique is a trusted brand n i love the lip balm they have.
    Nice organised packaging these have.

  3. I hate tan removal products. None of them work for me. My face is almost 2 shades darker than my original skin colour and my hands look 3-4 shades darker.
    Can you suggest something that really works? Except lemon, honey, milk cream, besan, curd, vinegar, turmeric and Lacto Tan Clear. I have tried them all, with negligible results.

  4. Due to Diwali shopping my skin got severe tan…tried this product it worked good enough on my tanned brown skin!! I juz love the packing..i found visible difference at the end of facial…

  5. Ladies!! I’m having a query!! Is tat ADVANCED FAIRNESS MASSAGE CREAM and DARK SPOT CORRECTOR is suitable for daily usage…as of using it regularly n noticing visible difference.

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