Alia Bhatt’s Style in Two States Movie Decoded

Alia Bhatt’s Style in Two States Movie Decoded

Hi Ladies,

Okay, I have a guilty confession to make, I have read the book 2 States more than 6 times and I have its PDF stored on my phone as well as my iTouch and keep reading it everyday while I travel.  Yes, I am crazily obsessed with the book, so I was more than excited when Dharma decided to make a movie out of this brilliant romantic story and was waiting in anticipation for its release date. I must admit, I really enjoyed the movie cause it was TOTALLY based on the book and Arjun Kapoor was so apt for Krish Malhotra. But trust me as soft a Punjabi he is portrayed, there are very rare makes like such in the community I hail from. Anyway, I am a HUGE fan of Indo-Western outfits! And Manish Malhotra did exactly that with Alia’s whole look in the movie. Her clothes and makeup captured my attention more than her acting to be honest. Like I said, I absolutely love that sense of style and since I cannot wear such clothes in London, I try and embrace them during my trips to India. These sort of looks are simple yet so classy and comfortable.  So, let’s see how to get her look in 2 states!

Alia Bhatt's Style in Two States Movie Decoded

Throughout the movie, Alia’s look is sort of like Indian Bohemian and totally vibrant! Manish Malhotra has incorporated 3 main clothing items and played with them beautifully for every different outfit. The most vital pieces to achieve this look are, long flowy skirts, kurtis and saris. He has made use of beautiful Indian accessories that stand out, to complete the Indo-Western look of the outfits.


Alia Bhatt's Style in Two States Movie Decoded

So, during the first half of the movie, when Krish and Ananya are at college, Alia aka Ananya is seen wearing these long beautiful vibrant skirts. Her skirts are usually of one striking colour with a slight intricate Indian pattern, which completes the Indian fusion look Manish is going for. She wears a lot of peacock blues, browns, hues of black and red are also seen on her. It is usually paired with a bright half-sleeved t-shirt, usually pinks, reds, yellows and blues are seen more on her. I love how Manish Malhotra has also added the denim sleeveless jacket in so many of her looks, incorporating the modern Desi look in the ensemble. I have a denim sleeveless jacket in my wardrobe too and prior to the movie released, I used to be quite hesitant to style it, but it had become my staple go-to clothing item while dressing up in the summers of Mumbai.


Alia Bhatt's Style in Two States Movie Decoded

This is another piece utilized a lot by Manish Malhotra to style Alia Bhatt in the movie. I honestly never knew that Kurtis could look so chic! He has done a great job, while styling the ethnic wear and making them appear so sophisticated and modern. Well, after all he is Manish Malhotra! The kurtis worn by her are again really vibrant and are usually paired with jeans or bright coloured leggings/ churidars and patiala pants. All of her kurtis seen on screen are bright greens with pink detailing, blues, purples and pinks. It gives such a relaxed yet fun look to the outfit cause of these beautiful hues. They are all made of cotton and appear to be super light and comfortable to wear for a daily wear. I know many people my age refrain from wearing Indian cause we find it uncomfortable, but everything styled in this movie seems so simple and comfortable yet highly fashionable. Manish Malhotra is able to give such a fun flirty look with these Indian outfits and make them appear so attractive, that I have fallen head over heels for the whole Indian- fusion look he has gone for in the movie.

Alia Bhatt's Style in Two States Movie Decoded

One of my absolute favourite outfits of hers is the powder blue Kurti she is seen wearing with jeans and the sleeveless denim jacket and oxidised jhumkas! Oh that look is absolutely divine! And I really want to incorporate that into my outfits one day.


Okay another confession to make, I have never worn a sari in my life! But I have always had the desire to wear one as soon as I can. But I have never received the opportunity, but after watching this movie, I guess I will need to make that opportunity up myself. I do not attain much knowledge about saris,to be honest with you, but here is my take on the whole look. Again here, Manish has made Alia wear really gorgeous fun and vibrant coloured saris in all of her looks. He uses the technique of colour blocking when it comes to her saris, which gives it a really vibrant and fun look to the ethnic wear.  The sari with the powder/pale blue blouse and the bright orange with lime greenish borders is absolutely divine to look at! I love how colours are utilised to achieve a radiant look and adds a very high glamour quotient to the screen.

Alia Bhatt's Style in Two States Movie Decoded

So guys, basically if you are like me and love the Indian Western fusion look or just would want to experiment with this style, you need to keep a few things in mind. Go for a lot of colour! Lots and lots of bright pinks, oranges, blues, greens, reds need to be incorporated in all of your outfits. The outfit needs to scream colour and yet look chic. Stock up on at least 2 relatively different flowy skirts, with different patterns and colours. Try and keep one skirt of a single colour, so you can use that as your canvas and play around with different coloured tops and shirts.

You can also pair your denim jeans with casual kurtis and wear a denim jacket with rolled cuffs on top to achieve a laid back look, or for you ladies wanting a more corporate look, team your vibrant kurtis with cigarette pants that are bright yet sophisticated. The overall look we are going for is really simple and comfortable. Something you would be comfortable wearing the whole day at work or at college. So, go for cottons and refrain from wearing materials that will make you feel hot or sweaty.

For the saris, try color blocking (and use vibrant colours) your blouse to the actual sari, it will look more chic and fun along with adding a flirty sexy look at the same time. I love playing with colours in my outfit; where I live everyone wears so much monochrome, it gets monotonous to look at them. And when I am in India, it is the complete opposite, you can receive so many inspirations just from real life itself if not from reel life.

Alia Bhatt's Style in Two States Movie Decoded

Accessories are a MUST for this look, in my opinion, it totally pulls this sort of a look together. You can play the look up or down with accessories. Honestly, if you just wear pretty jhumkis with a plain t-shirt and jeans, and adorn a bright coloured scarf, it will look absolutely gorgeous. For your accessories, go for jhumkas, oxidised earrings, bright coloured earrings and also Indian jewelry inspired rings. You can wear silver bangles, gold bangles, intricate kadas with stones embedded in them and you can wear Indian heavy necklaces also with this. Try this look with a twist and do tell me about your favourite Indian as well as Indian western fusion outfits.

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  1. You galz wont believe, but since last week, I have been trying to find the oxidised bangles set , the ethnic jacket (from Vinegar, but they dont sell online *waaa* ) and the kurtis Alia wore in 2 states, at all the online shopping sites. My browser history is filled with terms Alia Bhatt, 2 states and all these item names. And here you have gave me such a wonderful summary decoding her look. Thank you Rasshi *puchhi*

  2. hey Rasshi..!! You know what… I just loveddddddddddddddd your post… I loved the movie because of the story and the looks of Alia.. The outfit, the makeup were awesome.. 😛 I’m a south Indian.. 🙂 I used to feel kurtis are like behenji type and I used to not like them much.. but Movie actually changed my views about kurtis and saris *haan ji*, I bought so many kurtis and skirts after watching it.. *preen* I love Accessories so I keep experimenting.. *happy dance* *shy* Lovely post.. *puchhi*

    1. Aww thank you Pallavi! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I have always love Indian clothes, but never get the chance to wear it that often 🙁

        1. u should wear it..!! by reading ur post itself I m sure you can rock in the Indian look.. 🙂 You ll be the center of attraction if you wear Indian outfits in London *preen* ek dum desi style mai .. say Namaste London *haan ji*

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