All About Dermaplaning Procedure

Today, I am writing about something different than my regular reviews. Knowing us women, we are always on the hunt for anything that promises to make us look more beautiful. To cater to this desire of ours, there are a number of numerous facial options out there. In this article, I will talk about my recent experience with a procedure called “dermaplaning.”


What is it:
Have you ever noticed that men start to show signs of ageing on their face way later than women? Studies show that men who shave regularly are also exfoliating their skin by doing so which is turn makes their skin appear younger in the long run. Ladies, don’t you all whip out your husband’s/father’s shaving kit just yet; there is an alternative which gives the exact same benefits to women.

Dermaplaning is a safe and a very effective procedure in which a blade is used to scrape the topmost layer of the epidermis which results in the skin being leveled and exfoliated and the best benefit of this is that it gets rid of all the fine vellus hair on your face which is commonly known as “peach fuzz.”

Now, the prospect of taking a blade to the face might seem intimidating to some and I was no stranger to this concern. But after some research, I found out that this procedure is extremely safe even for sensitive skin and in fact if you have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you go for this treatment as opposed to turning to its harsher alternative which is “microdermabrasion.”

How is it performed?

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure for manual exfoliation of skin in which a surgical No. 10 blade is held at a 45 degree angle and used on dry face in quick downward swipes in a manner similar to “shaving.”  No, it does not hurt at all. At most, you feel a slight scraping of your skin which is not at all uncomfortable.  Your skin care provider may use a AHA/BHA peel or a hydration mask following the procedure to maximize the benefits because after the exfoliation process, your skin more readily absorbs the benefits of products.



Most women including me are no stranger to the concern that the hair will grow back thicker and coarser than before, but I can assure you that this myth is not true.  Having done the procedure on myself, I did not find that the hair on my face felt any different than before.

I usually require the treatment once a month when the hair starts getting noticeable, but depending on your hair growth rate, you may need the treatment every 3 weeks.

Is there any downtime for skin to recover after the treatment?

No, at the most, you will need to use a good sunscreen when you step out as the new layer of skin will still be sensitive and more prone to hyper pigmentation.  Though I will not advise this procedure to you, I would like to tell you that it can also be performed at home by using an eyebrow blade which is less blunt but still gets rid of the baby fine hair on the skin. Though the results will not be as good as a professional treatment in which the top layer of the skin is also exfoliated, it’s still pretty good.

Effect on skin:

After doing this treatment on myself, I immediately could feel silky smooth skin.  The skin looks more radiant and the dark patchiness on my skin caused by the dark fine hair was gone.  The effect remained consistent for 2 weeks.

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9 thoughts on “All About Dermaplaning Procedure

    1. Yes the person who performed the treatment on me mentioned that it was a No 10 blade… I hope this article was useful

    1. I too was hesitant before, but you can hardly feel that there is any sharpness of the blade.. it just some mild scraping thats all

    1. Yes it is very popular here in the States because of the fact that it a much milder treatment hence even suitable for sensitive skin.

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