All About Chocolate Wax

All About Chocolate Wax

Chocolates have always been a favourite stress buster for women. And with the advent of the chocolate wax, it has become a preferred stress buster for hundreds of women who have had their share of pain and sting while waxing. Many women have shown their faith in the benefits of a chocolate wax. The entire concept of chocolate waxing is quite new and many of us are not quite aware of the different aspects of chocolate wax. Keeping that in mind, here I have this article where I have tried to compile all that you need to know about chocolate wax.

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Why is chocolate wax popular?

The reason of the chocolate wax being popular lies in the fact that it is soothing and less painful as compared to the regular wax. Chocolate wax has anti-inflammatory properties and is made out of ingredients which are friendly to your skin. Hence, it is now in the top priority list of women who have always complained about the woes of waxing. However, it is very difficult to locate a spa or a salon that offers chocolate waxing treatment, especially in India. It is available in only a few select salons.

Benefits of chocolate wax:

Waxing is a very well-known method to remove excess hair from the body. But chocolate wax is different from the normal wax. In fact, the benefits tend to make chocolate wax much sought-after and even though it is available in the high-end spas, a rising number of women do not hesitate to shell out extra money to soak in the benefits of chocolate wax. Numerous benefits are associated with chocolate wax. Here are the top ones:


• It contains components like cocoa beans, soya bean oils, almond oil, sunflower oils, glycerine, vitamins and minerals
• The aroma of chocolate wax is delicious and thus, it induces relaxation and doubles up the ‘feel-good factor’
• It causes little or no redness and rashes after waxing
• It doesn’t feel hot after the wax is applied on the skin
• Experts say that chocolate wax retards the growth of hair for a longer period as compared to normal wax
• It makes the skin look smooth and glowing
• It helps in cleaning hair in-growth
• It aids in removing even the tiniest of hair
• It may sound a little pricey but the way it takes care of your skin while removing unwanted hair is commendable and also, the number of times you wax is curtailed. Therefore, in the long run, it is not as pricey as it is known to be.


How to do chocolate wax at home?

First of all, invest in a good quality chocolate wax. Now proceed to do chocolate wax the usual way, bearing a few tips and guidelines to help you in the process:

• Do a patch test to see if you are allergic to chocolate wax.
• Wash your skin and dry thoroughly.
• Apply talcum powder on the area that needs to be waxed
• Heat the wax but refrain from over-heating it.
• Apply the wax in right amount. Do not splurge the area with chocolate wax since it is very effective and only a small amount will do. The wax needs to be applied in the direction of hair growth.
• Pull the strip in opposite direction.
• Repeat this ‘application of wax, placing the strip firmly and then pulling of strip’ in quick steps to get smooth hair-free skin.
• After waxing, remove traces of extra wax with a wet sponge.

P.S. This is a research article. Readers are welcome to share their views and experiences.

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10 thoughts on “All About Chocolate Wax

  1. I am getting chocolate wax since my marriage and since november i got waxed thrice *happydance* happydance* *happy dance* happy dance*

  2. Chocolate wax also helps in reducing tan. I love getting it done, the number of times you wax is curtailed and its less painful 😀

    But you need to make sure that an experienced person is waxing your body parts. I got it done from an amature and at one point she applied a little extra wax, which was very hot, burned like hell, and while pulling it out, she pulled out my skin as well *pan*

  3. I went to the parlor for chocolate wax & ended up doing pearl flavored waxing which was equally good. Less pain, less growth, equally expensive.. Do try it out next time..

  4. ohh great.. this is totally new concept for me.. *specs* *woot* need to try it.. yum yum wax.. *drool* *powder* superb gal.. always look forward to ur informative posts.. *clap*

  5. I go to YLG, here in Bangalore, and they have this device they use to apply the chocolate wax. It looks like the new age rangoli devices.
    I love chocolate waxes. You get enveloped in a whole lot of yummy, the process is comparatively painless and you come back smelling delish! Just dab on some oil based lotion to get rid of any residual traces. What more could a girl ask 🙂

  6. I used chocolate wax just two days ago for the first time and it smelled so yum, just wanted to eat the whole thing. It was comparatively less painful and the skin felt a bit moisturised afterwards. The waxing was also much smoother this time. But, if you have a tendency to get rashes, it wouldn’t help much. I did get rashes, I always do, but it cleared up completely the next day (for the normal wax it used to stay for 24 hours and gave me small red bumps, which would disappear only after 2-3 days *headbang* So, this is my new found love and I am definitely going to stick to the yummy chocolate wax. Oh and it’s also good for face wax, gave a much smoother finish *preen*

  7. I have been doing chocolate wax for years now…jus make sure you get it done from a professional…if the wax strip is pulled aggressively it can peel ur skin leaving a mark…and also chocolate wax can only be removed with oil n hot towel

  8. Hey Ladies….i have tried the original chocolate waxing only 1ce in pune…was definitely less painfull…undergrowth issue obviously wouldnt get solved in 1 sitting!! 🙁 But after that everytime i have asked for chocolate wax (in mumbai n now in kuwait) i have seen that its just the wax made with sugar n honey,with an added few spoons of cocoa pd… other words fake… just smells like chocolate but isnt what i needed…..even the shops i generally buy my supplies of lotions n facial kits….he has chocolate wax…but then the fake one……if anyone has the receipe pls pass it on……or add to shop in mumbai/pune where i can find the same!!!!!Unfortunately the salon i had dont it for the first time has shifted n i dont know where else would have asked them!!!
    Kindly advise!!!!

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