All About Lip Collagen Masks

Lip masks are the new, rather infamous, trend that I found as a replacement for lip surgeries (those that help to plump the lips) – more precisely, ‘lip injections’. They aren’t new in the market, but definitely one of the ‘newest’ trends. But why should you follow a trend? Because there’s mostly something worth looking into in these trends – ideas which can be really helpful and sometimes even a quick fix to your makeup/skincare problems. You do not have to follow a trend because it is a t-r-e-n-d. We’ll tell you why lip collagen masks should or should not be a part of your vanity. Here’s all you need to know about lip collagen masks.

All About Lip Collagen Masks

What Are Lip Collagen Masks?

My most favourite definition for lip collagen masks – “Alternative to lip injections”. Lip masks are masks designed specially and only for the lips with the intention to make the lips softer, luscious (I think this is the right word to use!) and plump. Do you have thin lips? This is for you. Do you suffer from extremely dry lips for no obvious reason but as a result of not being as hydrated as you should or need to be? This is for you. And yes, just like facial masks or the super-helpful eye masks, lip masks need to be placed on the lips and have to be kept for 10 minutes or so. And you’re done! The plumping effect is, however, temporary; lip masks are definitely a good option to repair and hydrate the lips in a faster and effective way.


How To Use The Lip Collagen Masks ‘Effectively’:

1. Choose a lip collagen mask that suits your needs best. You’re free to consult your esthetician for this.
2. Clean your lips, remove any makeup you have on. It is preferable to exfoliate (not ‘scrub’) before using a lip mask.
3. Pat dry the lips.
4. Remove the lip mask from its packaging and place it on the lips making sure that your lips are completely covered by the mask. Masks can extend out of the lip lines, that’s okay.
5. Check the packaging of the mask and note the time of application. Most masks recommend applying and keeping lip masks for about 10 minutes. This timing varies according to brands and yes – ingredients.
6. Take off the mask. Gently and slowly!


Pros Of Lip Collagen Masks:

• Instant hydration of lips.
• Moisturises lips and nourishes them.
• Lips look more plump and thicker and fuller.
• Temporary but somewhat similar results offered by lip injections.
• Fragrant variants.
• Can be used as a lip primer for smoother lip makeup.
• Helps to get a photogenic pout.
• No need to take help of an aesthetician – a DIY!
• Budget friendly.

Cons Of Lip Collagen Masks:

• Can get inside your mouth.
• Some might cause irritation on the lips (the skin on the lips is much more sensitive than that on your face and body. It is also tough to perform a patch test. Patch test on lips? No way.)
• The odd sensation on the lips. Tolerable, yet odd!

Plump Lips with Collagen mask

The Cost– Worth It Or Not?

Well, there’s nothing much to worry about the cost. If I compare these to ‘eye masks’ (rather than facial masks), the cost is pretty much similar and in-budget. There are a lot of options to choose from, obviously. And the price range is a variable! If you check out and research a little, you’ll find lip collagen masks ranging from 2 USD to 25 USD. KNC beauty lip masks are available at an approximate price of $5 while the famous Tony Moly offers lips masks at a price of $2.50 approximately. You may need to check the price and also compare it to the number of lip masks provided in a single unit package.


• Choose a lip collagen masks only after checking the ingredients. Be aware of the ingredients that can irritate your skin.
• Do not consume anything orally while you’ve applied a mask.
• Avoid talking when you’ve applied a lip mask.
• Do not scrub your lips before applying a mask. Also, avoid biting lips after a lip mask session.

Any ideas/recommendations or tips about lip collagen masks? Share with us in the comments.

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