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Flippants Asks :

Recently Jomol has reviewed an aloe vera gel and then I realized I have an aloe vera gel at home brought in Walgreens USA( was brought to soothe an insect bite actually ).

Below is the picture for reference:

It is cooling menthol aloe vera gel and has the following ingredients in it.


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Water, SD Alcohol 40, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, Benzophenone-4, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Fragrance, Yellow 5, Blue 1.

Jomol in her review mentioned that she used aloe gel on face as moisturizer during summers, I want to use this gel too but I am not sure if it can be used on face because on the tube it’s mentioned for sun burns, minor cuts and bruises.

I have used it once and it’s like applying zandu balm but doesn’t sting. It’s just cooling and refreshing for few seconds. But I have to tell you it works as a superb toner and makes my skin tight. But I am worried about the ingredients( esp. alcohol) and if it causes any damage to skin on regular usage. I tried it on my under eye area too and it was moisturizing, light and cooling

So just wanted to know from people who are using these gels to check the ingredients list and let me know if it’s of similar kind and whether it can be used on face or not.

P.S. I have a normal skin .


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  1. the ingredients could be different… aloe vera is used for burns as well as for the face… the tube u bought could be different and the jell jomol talking would be different… i used the natural aloe vera right away from the plant for my all purposes…. O:)

  2. Ratiiiiiiiiii 🙂 🙂 🙂 thank you for posting this 🙂 :thanks: :yahoo: :puchhi:

    @sugisoni —- Thanks fr ur update. I actually want to compare the ingredients list of all imbbians who have readymade aloevera gels so that I can decide if it’s safe to be used on face.
    🙁 i cant grow aloe vera at my flat coz of v limited space and monkeys prob which uproot the aloe vera plants 😥

      1. flippants you may go back to these reviews and check 🙂

        I personally dont like to have alcohol in my products. the only alcohol based product i use in my skin care routine is the clinique toner solely coz it keeps my black heads at bay.

        rest i suggest that you pick one that is more natural than this one. It may work slow but atleast it wouldnt give you side effects.

  3. i use green leaf , got from pune
    cant find it in my cupboard now 🙁 but i think it doesn’t mention the ingredients
    but i used it all over my face and under eyes as well but it was very gentle
    my freinds recommended it for under eyes and pimples:)
    it quite popular there

  4. i use patanjali’s aloe gel….
    If you are worried about the alcohol use it only in summers or when you want your face to look shine free.. :))

  5. hmmmm from all the reviews I went through none has alocohol. well I think I better use it for hands and legs afta hair removal 😛 as it definitely closes the pores and soothes skin well

  6. Thanks all for all ur suggestions :thanks:
    – :heart: u all :snicker:
    ya i think it’s better for summers too as it instantly soothes skin 🙂 and it’s so refreshing

  7. Hey Rati…I had sent an email to you regarding “Ask IMBB” with few of my queries..not sure if you have received the email?? can you pls confirm if you have received or should i resend it? thanks

  8. this seems like a good product if it makes you feel good… it cant be that bad can it. however since it contains alcohol do not use it under your eyes…

    but aloe vera gel , if not home grown then even the store bought variety can make you feel super moisturised and help you fake hydrated skin. also it works as a good hair gel, just take a small amount of it , mix it with some water and apply on damp or dry hair . you can add a few drops of oil in it if you have dry frizzy hair like i do.

  9. @Komal —- :shying: u like my name :snicker: , ya tru nthng beats the fresh aloe plant gel but 🙁 no choice as cant grow in my flats
    @Shwetha and Supriya — suggestions taken :thanks: , i like lotus products so will try that 🙂
    and i do have dry frizzy hair supriya 🙁 wil try ur tips if at al i get fresh aloe gel. N yes product was not bad even though I used it under eyes but u knw v cant say the prolonged effects so wanted to consult imbbians 🙂

  10. well I feel planting an aloe vera n using its juice is not so a good idea when u using it on ur face as it give me small ‘daaaaaane’ on my face which are not visible from some distance but can be felt if I touched my face or when observed closely. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    my friends also complained of the same.. blemishes reduces for sure & juice can be used on hair as well but for face I advice to use aloevera creme available in market

    1. u could b ryt keirti but it could be possible na k u got some infection or u could be alergic to it… u know Queen Cleopatra used to use it, she was so beautiful….
      its been always great to me

  11. flippants…. u can grow aloevera in a small pot too… its doesnt needs space to grow….
    i have it in a gamla in my balconey… i use it when ever m free in my room

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