Kara Sunscreen Wipes with Plum and Aloe Vera Review

Kara Sunscreen Wipes with Plum and Aloe Vera Review


Summers have become full blown here in Hyderabad and each and every product I am picking up now has “sunscreen” written over it. In one “Ask IMBB” query, I had seen someone mentioning about Kara Sunscreen wipes and so that hunt began.  I think facial wipes are so important in summers and if it comes with sunscreen, then there’s no reason not to pick them up.  Another feature about these wipes is that they are alcohol free, yay! Alcohol content in facial wipes are so irritating, especially for oily and sensitive skin.  Here’s a little info about Kara Sunscreen wipes.

Product Description:

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Kara Sunscreen Wipes with SPF 20 formulation, protects the skin from the adverse effects of UVA and UVB rays.  It is enriched with antioxidants like Plum Extract and Vitamin E that nourish the skin and Aloe Vera that keeps the skin moisturized.  It is made from Birla Cellulose, a fiber which is 100% natural and biodegradable.

Key Ingredients:

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Rs. 80 for 10 wipes.

My Take on Kara Sunscreen Wipes with Plum and Aloe Vera:

These wipes come in a re-seal-able packet that you can close securely after removing each wipe. There are 10 wipes in this pack.  Each wipe measures 150 mm x 200 mm and is dermatologically safe.  Also, these wipes are 100% biodegradable, which means safe for environment.  I love how these wipes smell so pleasant and refreshing. The texture of the wipes is extremely soft, non-scratchy, and does not irritate the skin at all.  There is no alcohol, so it won’t sting or dry up the skin.

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These are not cleansing in nature, they just refresh you up.  If you have used some of the cleansing wipes from Kara, you would know that they lather a little.  This one doesn’t.  I think this one wouldn’t even spoil the makeup.  I am not saying you would be heavily protected from the sun when you use these wipes, but somehow, in this harsh weather, you would want to use everything that has “sunscreen” in it.

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It doesn’t moisturize the skin at all.  Overall, I feel these are very good quality wipes that just “refresh” you up, but do nothing more than that.  I am carrying these all through the summers in my handbag, its one of the good ones out there without alcohol and with 100% biodegradable material.

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Pros of Kara Sunscreen Wipes with Plum and Aloe Vera:

  • Very soft, good quality wipes made of 100% biodegradable fiber.
  • Does not irritate the skin.
  • Does not sting.
  • Does not dry up the skin excessively.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Claims to contain sunscreen with SPF 20.
  • Contains plum and aloe vera extracts.
  • Love the refreshing smell.
  • Refreshes the skin up.

Cons of Kara Sunscreen Wipes with Plum and Aloe Vera:

  • Its not a cleansing wipe (not a con for me, I was not looking for those).
  • Does not moisturize the skin (it claims, you see).
  • SPF 20 is mentioned with a * on the pack, which means (according to in vitro study only), so don’t rely only on it for protection against UVA/UVB rays, use a sunscreen.

Will I Repurchase Kara Sunscreen Wipes with Plum and Aloe Vera?

Yes, all through the summers.

IMBB Rating:


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18 thoughts on “Kara Sunscreen Wipes with Plum and Aloe Vera Review

  1. Never knew something like this exist, wipes with sunscreen. If ever I’ll find one in stores, I’m sure I’ll get one. This really is an interesting product Jomol. =)

  2. These are my HG wipes. They’re so soft and when I’m outside I can rarely reapply sunscreen so these come in handy at such times. Doesn’t match the protection of a proper sun block yet you see, something is better than nothing.

  3. i sooo looove these wipes jomo. Gave one pack to mom also this time. she also loved it. I guess I’d get these ones now. i like to keep trying different ones from this range. Thankooo :-*

  4. Nice review jomol. Hyd is getting pretty harsh already. Dont even want to imagine how april n may will be. I will certainly be buying these.

  5. Doesnt moisturise ? I`m buying it 😛 I love the johnson ones too – they doesnt make the skin oily , just hydrates it slightly – perfectly for my skin in summers 😛 plus it hAS SUNSCREEN ! :d YAY – i HATE REAPPLYING SUNSCREEN so i guess this would do the job? 😀

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