11 Amazing Tips For Not So Tall Brides

By Chanchala Bose

Hiii IMBB Divas,
Of course all of us are not blessed with Rati’s killer heights. And so we need the help of high heel sandals to make it up for that. Yes, we are aware of the styling tips and tricks of average height people. But what about the average heighted brides??? What are the styling tips and tricks for them? Well, given below are some of the cheat sheets for the not-so-tall brides. So, if you are one of them grab a cup of coffee and start reading.

Not So Tall Brides

1. Colour and pattern of your lahenga:
You all might be aware that monochrome dresses or single color dresses from head to toe really looks great on you. It not only gives you a taller but also a leaner appreance too. So, go for the lahenga which is single coloured from head to toe.

2. Add some inches of height at the top:

You can also add some more inches of height at the top of your hairstyle. Puff it up at the top for maximum height. But don’t make it too high else it will look over-dramatic.

3. Say yes to crop pattern:
Go for the crop cholis and blouses. They are in fashion and are the hottest trend at present. But not only are they trendy they are also good for the average height brides. They add a dimension and some more inches to your already petite height.

4. Go for vertical stripes:
If you are going for the striped one then try to go for the vertical ones rather than horizontal ones. Vertical ones will add inches to your height whereas horizontal ones will add inches to your waist.

5. Pick Flattering Necklines:
monochrome lehenga
Go for a sexy and deeper necklines than the shorter ones. After all it’s your big day and you should look all glamorous and stylish. And not to forget deeper necklines add some more inches to your overall look.

6. Choose well fitted dresses:
For all the average heighted brides baggy clothes are a strict no-no. You should always go for the well-fitted ones. Because baggy lahengas disrupt the entire look and steal away some more inches from your already poor height.

7. Long accessories:
By accessories here I am specific about the jewellery. Go for the long earrings or necklaces. They are also known to add some inches to your already existing height.

8. Go for edgy makeup:
pointed makeup
For average height brides try to go for edgy and sharp makeup rather than the round makeup. Try to go for winged eyeliners with lots of mascara and pointed jewellery. Even try to wear the pointed bindi than the round one.

9. Stay away from too many colours:
You should not make yourself a rangoli on your special day. Stay away from using too many colours on your outfit. This will again add some more inches to your height.

10. Carry small bags:
In case you are carrying a bag try to go for the smaller bags. Bigger bags are again not meant for the not so tall brides.

11. Carry the correct posture:
And last but not the least; maintain a correct posture throughout your special day. Standing straight, sitting straight and maintaining a straight back will always be good for you. It will make you look more confident and giving you an illusion of good height.

So, those were some of the tips and tricks from my side. Hope you like them. Let me know if you are aware of any more styling tips and tricks to add some inches for the bride.

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