12 Amazing Tips to Give Yourself a Complete Makeover

Looking glamorous and effortlessly chic everyday becomes a nightmare for most women out there. It isn’t always easy to flaunt the best skincare or the perfect hairstyle all at the same time. If your skin looks good, your hair often needs pampering and vice-versa. Either your skin lacks glow or your hair lacks luster or sometimes even your body’s dullness betrays you badly. You might also get confused about the right clothing or get bored with the same makeup that you wear to your workplace every day. Looking beautiful from head to toe can be quite tedious, but we can ease the job for you. In this post, we will tell you about 12 amazing tips that can give you a complete makeover. And the best part? These aren’t tough to implement in your daily lives. So are you ready? Let’s dive deeper to unfold the secrets.

Amazing tips for makeover

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1. Get yourself a haircut: Probably, one of the easiest and fastest ways to give yourself a cool makeover is by getting your hair trimmed. These days, we are so much influenced by hairstyles and haircuts of our favorite celebs that we can simply experiment with a new haircut to add newness in the way we look. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you have long hair, cut it short or medium, maybe add some bangs or color highlights to get a glam look. In case you have short hair, you can also get hair extensions and get a completely different look. In this regard, your hairstylist can suggest a style that would suit your personality and face.

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2. Play with cool and quirky hair accessories: Hair accessories are the new fad of the present day hairstyles. To give yourself a quick makeover, you can accessorize your hair with cute headbands, bows or hair clips. You can also tie beautiful ribbons to your long ponytail (if you have long hair). Let the ribbon hang down the hair length. This will completely change your look. Among hair accessories, bows and hair clips are for everyone. So, these can be tried by women of any age and any hair length. Whether you tie hair in a trendy up-do or a chic ponytail or even if you keep your hair open, bows can be accessorized in all kinds of hairstyles effortlessly.

3. Change your hair parting: Want to look different than usual without having to invest a penny? We have the coolest idea for you. Simply change your hair parting to get the quickest makeover. If you have a middle parting, you can go for a side parting and vice-versa. If you have layers or bangs, changing your hair parting will completely change the way your hair falls on the face and hence your haircut also looks different. However, if your hair is fine, then it’s always advisable to go for a side parting as it adds fullness to your face.

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4. Go for hair coloring: Life to too short to have mundane hair. You guys agree, right?? Give yourself a full makeover by changing your hair color. Choose hair color shades as per your skin complexion. If you are bold and confident enough to try something very unique, even blondes can turn you into a whole new avatar. There are different ways to add color to your hair. Highlights and lowlights help you get the desired results without any long term commitment. And it is easy to do at home as well. In case you are completely novice to hair coloring, we suggest you to visit a salon and get it done by a professional.

5. Invest in good skincare products: Next to hair, the second most important change can be in the way your skin looks and behaves. Everybody wants glass-smooth, pore-less, soft and smooth skin that reflects brightness. For getting this type of perfect skin, you need to get the best products as per your skin type and skin concerns. The best choice is to visit a dermatologist and get your issues resolved. Follow the skincare tips regularly, maintain the CTM routine twice daily and drink plenty of water. You can also go for home-made solutions to give your skin a nice treatment. Patience and discipline is the key when waiting for good results on skin. So, be ready for that.

6. Multi-tasking to pamper your skin: Using skincare products for getting your perfect skin can be time-consuming, but don’t be depressed. To give your skin a quick makeover, go for masking. Face masks come loaded with awesome ingredients to give your skin a quick glow and hence a quick makeover. You can buy face masks as per your skin concern and apply them to get instant results. To get better results, you can also buy face masks that target battling different skin issues. So, you can apply 3-4 masks in different areas of your face all at a time. This process is called multi-masking and treating your skin with this technique can give your skin a good makeover.

7. Say goodbye to dark circles and blemishes: Dark circles truly take away our confidence and give us a dull, tired look. Hiding them can help you get back the lost confidence and you are all ready to rock any look with glamour. Use some colour correctors and concealers to hide these imperfections on your face. Choose products as per your skin tone and undertone to get the best results. You should also invest in good under-eye products that will help de-puff and lessen your under-eye dark circles in the long run.

8. Give a new look to your eyebrows: Your eyebrows can influence the way you look and adds dimension to your face. Changing the way your eyebrow style is can really can your look entirely. Get eyebrows grooming session from a certified professional and experiment with new eyebrow treatments. If you have thin and sparse eyebrows, you can opt for treatments like microblading, threading, thinning. A talk with a professional will help you know what gives you the best makeover. If you have bushy eyebrows, you can just keep it that way with a little bit of tweaking to enhance the thick shape.

9. Hands and legs also need makeover: You shouldn’t limit your makeover only to your face or hands. Your hands and legs also affect your overall beauty and should be pampered to get total makeover of your body. Get frequent pedicure and manicure sessions to de-stress yourself and give a polished look to your hands and legs. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on a pedicure chair and enjoying the relaxing massage at a salon. If budget bothers you, you can also do pedicures/manicures at home to enhance your beauty.

10. Trying new makeup tricks: Your makeup determines your look and experimenting with cool makeup tricks will also help get an easy makeover. Of course, we will give you ideas regarding where you can improvise. A few areas of improvement could be to pick the perfect lip color as per the season and the occasion in hand, experiment with colored mascaras or go for lash extensions to flaunt long and voluminous eyelashes, trying colored eyeliners/liners with shimmery flakes or turn up your radiance with some soft highlighting and contouring technique.

11. Revamp your wardrobe: When your skincare, hairstyle and makeup are given a makeover, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe as well. Go for complete clothing haul and pick interesting pieces that suit your body type and shape. Get ideas from online fashion blogs about latest trends in fashion and clothing. Try to incorporate them in your dressing to give yourself a new look.

12. Give attention to your innerwear styles: You can’t feel truly confident if your innerwear isn’t at par with your outer wear. Pick the correct bra size as per your body shape and size. You can also invest in good bra styles as per your clothing and wear them accordingly. If you have big busts, go for minimiser bras. Remember an ill-fitting bra can spoil your entire makeover and give you a sagged look. So, do the right research and always get the perfect bra that gives the perfect smooth look. Also, getting the perfect fit in off shoulder bras can get really messy, so get help from a professional to know your right fit.

Well, the list can be endless, but we hope that we have enlisted the most important tips and tricks to give you an easy makeover. Hope this helps.


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