10 Amazing Tips for Monsoon Brides

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Although most Indian women prefer getting married in the winter, some do get married in the monsoon too. Rainy season is definitely very romantic and your monsoon marriage can be a very a special celebration if everything goes right. However, you must keep the humid weather and heavy rains in mind to avoid any kind of disaster. In this post, I will share a few tips that every monsoon bride must keep in mind.

Beauty prep tips for Indian brides

Choose the Fabric Wisely

Choosing the right fabric for your wedding day is very important. Most of the women prefer heavy embellishments on velvet or silk fabric for their wedding day. But it can be too heavy for a monsoon bride. Lighter options like lace, satin, georgette, chiffon are better suited for the occasion. Also do not go for something with heavy embroidery or stonework all over. You can buy a heavily embroidered blouse and a lighter skirt with a lacy dupatta to complete your fashionable and comfortable bridal wear. Also, avoid trying any complicated draping style.

Wear the Right Shoes

Choose flat, comfortable shoes over high heels if you are planning to get married in the monsoon. You surely do not want to trip and fall on a muddy, slippery road. You need to go here and there on the day of the wedding and high heels make that uncomfortable. Slippery roads during rainy seasons make it worse. Wear kitty heels, flats or medium block heels for the purpose. You can also keep wearing a sneaker or comfortable flip flop while going to the makeup artist or hairdresser. Keep your shoe in the car and change it as soon as you reach the wedding venue.

Wear Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is a must for monsoon brides. I mean if you know that you won’t cry, then washable makeup can be an option for you in the winter, but not in the rainy season at all. From your foundation to mascara, everything needs to be waterproof. Talk to your makeup artist in advance regarding that. Also, make sure to set everything with a fixing spray.

Avoid Cream-Based Products

Cream-based makeup products can be pore clogging and heavy for monsoon brides. It can melt and end up looking patchy. Try using waterproof liquid or powder-based products instead.

Avoid Extra Glitters and Shimmers

Wedding makeup needs to be glamorous. But adding to much glitter and sparkle on a monsoon bride may not be the best idea. It can make the face look sleek, extra shiny and patchy. Go for a matte, even, fresh makeup instead. Go for matte eye makeup with jet black liner. Use some good quality waterproof highlighter/bronzer to highlight specific areas and then tone it down with a setting spray.

Keep your Hair Right

Rain and humidity tend to make the hair damp, dirty and lifeless. Start taking care of the hair in advance and use mild shampoo and conditioner 2-3 times a week. Take a spa at least a week before the wedding to make the hair bouncy and shiny. Do not keep the hair open on your wedding day. Instead, try a stylish updo or at least a floral braid.

Eat Healthy Food

We often eat spicy, chatpata food in the monsoon. But skip your pakoras and samosa with chai if you want your skin and health to be ok in the rainy season. Do not eat fast food outside. We often get dysentery and other water-borne diseases in the monsoon and you surely do not want that to happen before the wedding. Eat healthy, light home-made food. Try protein-rich diet to keep your skin and hair healthy. Also, drink lots of water and eat seasonal fruits to keep the hair and skin healthy and glowy.

Take Proper Skin Care

Advanced skin care is a must for brides and if you are getting married in the monsoon, you must be extra careful. We often get fungal infections on the skin in this season. You must keep your skin clean to avoid any rash or a pimple. Clean and exfoliate your skin with mild products. Try to use a non-alcoholic toner to keep the skin firm. Also, keep the skin moisturized and hydrated with soft, gel-based moisturizers.

Do Not Neglect Hands and Feet

Along with your face, your feet deserve some care too. Often our feet are soaked in the dirty rainwater and we get fungal infections. Clean the feet regularly and apply a foot cream. Try to file the nails regularly and keep them clean. Get weekly pedicures done for 2 months before the wedding. You can do it easily at home too. Following this routine will keep your feet infection free and ready before the wedding.

Choose Indoor Venue

This is probably the very important factor that every monsoon bride must keep in mind. If you do not want your day to be ruined, choose an indoor venue. Outdoor weddings look gorgeous but a heavy downpour can ruin it all. You may choose a venue with a glass surrounding which will allow you to enjoy the romantic rain outside with an undisturbed, safe ceremony inside. As these venues get booked quickly, try to get your bookings in advance.

Hope all these tips help you enjoy the most romantic wedding ever!

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