10 Amazing Ways to Make Hair Silky Smooth

Dressing to perfection and applying trendy makeup is not complete without gorgeous hair. You don’t want to step out of the house looking chic but sporting dull, straggly hair with flyaways all over. Beautiful and shiny hair is every woman’s dream and here are some amazing ways to make hair silky to make your asset look the best. In this post, we list out 10 amazing ways to make hair silky smooth.

Amazing ways to make hair silky smooth

1. Avoid Excessive Heat Styling:
Try to avoid blowdrying all the time. If you’re in a hurry to go out or have a special occasion lined up, you will want to. But give your tresses a break on an everyday basis by allowing it to dry naturally. Sit under a fan to dry them quickly. If you have to flat iron, don’t overdo the blow drying. You can blow dry to get some moisture out, and leave the rest to air-dry naturally before you use your flat iron or curling iron.

2. Don’t Use Too Much Colour: Natural hair which is healthy is much silkier than the coloured one in the long run. If you have grey hair which you want to cover, henna is a fantastic option which colours and nourishes. Mix these ingredients with henna to get beautiful color and shine to the hair. Stay away from hair colors loaded with chemicals in them. Go to a professional salon, and your hair will thank you for it. They use products much gentler and less damaging than what you get in the box. Always ask for ammonia and minimal PPD colour when you talk to your stylist. Use a shampoo and conditioner that’s compatible with coloured or highlighted hair.

3. Never Skip a Hair Conditioner:
Always follow up shampooing with a hair conditioner, preferably use shampoo and conditioner from the same brand.

4. Hot Oil Massage once a week:
Deeply condition your hair at home or give yourself a hot oil massage once a week to keep hair healthy and strong.

5. Avoid Chemical Processes that can Damage Hair:
It’s become really fashionable these days to sport any hairstyle other than your natural hair.
Girls with curly or wavy hair want to go in for straightening methods, and those with straight hair want to perm it. Pretty as it may look initially, these chemical treatments are extremely harsh on your strands and are as good as inflicting actual damage purposefully. It doesn’t make sense to pay somebody a bomb to destroy your healthy tresses and then invest a bomb in high-end damage control shampoos and therapy treatments. If you cannot resist this temptation, talk to your stylist about special products formulated for chemically processed hair. Use a good leave-in conditioner or a serum to help combat dryness and maintain softness. Keratin hair treatment is thought to be relatively less damaging on the hair.

6. Prevent Sun Damage
The sun has the ability to dry out and damage your hair texture. Many good brands today have launched products which claim to ‘sun-protect’ your hair. If you don’t want to invest in these, you can always cover your head with a cute scarf or a bandana. Stoles and shawls, as the weather may permit, are other ways you can protect your hair and be trendy at the same time.

7. Avoid Using Hot Water to Rinse:
Never wash your hair with hot water as it can make hair follicles dry and brittle. Tepid or cold water can keep hair smooth and soft.

8. Apply Hair Serum:
Hair serums are the quickest way to tame down frizzy, unruly hair. Here’s a coffee and honey serum that you can make all by yourself.

9. Use Hair Masks Regularly:
Hair masks can nourish and tackle a lot of hair woes. Here’s a banana hair mask to smoothen abd soften hair. Partition your hair nicely and start applying the mask from roots and work towards the strands. Try to apply on all the strands and make sure you have applied all over your scalp and hair. You can tie your hair into a loose bun or clip it up with a banana clip. Some of the mask may leak from your hair strands, for this you can use a shower cap to cover your hair after applying the mask. Then cover your head with an old towel for additional warmth and protection. You can leave this mask on your hair for fifteen to thirty minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Follow up with a mild shampoo to cleanse your hair nicely. I prefer to use a mild / scalp shampoo without sulphate to wash my hair, after this mask. You can skip using conditioner, since your hair is already preconditioned. Let your hair dry naturally and touch them to feel the difference. You can use this mask once or twice a week.

10. Use Anti-Static Comb:
Nowadays, hair brushes with anti-static bristles are available that can smooth frizzy hair and tame flyways. Just scout your local beauty store to find a good anti-static comb.

How to Make Your Hair Silky At Home

• Use Almond oil to massage your head at night the night before washing on a regular basis. While regular massage is good for distributing nutrients evenly and for improving blood circulation, almond oil helps to achieve gorgeous silky hair.
• Make a paste out of hibiscus leaves and apply all over your hair. Keep on for 20 mins and then wash.
• Mix shikakai powder, amla powder, curd and henna powder, and keep on your hair for 2 hours. Do this treatment weekly for best results.
• Mix two whole eggs and 4tbsp extra virgin olive oil apply. Wash off after 20 mins.
• Massage your hair once in a week with aroma oils to make it shiny and smooth.
• Soak hibiscus flower petals in water and make a paste. Apply for half an hour before washing.
• Mix together amla powder, ritha powder, shikakai powder, henna powder, bhringaraj powder in equal proportions. Add water and heat till lukewarm. Apply on your hair and leave on for 20 mins before washing off with plain water. No shampoo.
• Make a mixture of mustard oil, lemon and curd and apply. Leave on for 45mins and wash off.
• Using Aloe Vera gel along with your shampoo helps to make it shiny and soft
• Boil apple pulp and apply all over hair for 20 mins. Or pour natural apple juice before a wash.
• Next time you have a party and find some leftover beer in your fridge, you’ll know you’ve got yourself some excellent hair rinse. Once a month, use flat beer as a final rinse for silky smooth hair after your shampoo.
• Apple cider vinegar, mixed with water in a proportion of 1:1 has wonderful effects on dry frizzy tresses when used as a last rinse after shampooing. It will make hair silky and shinier than ever!

Apart from this, follow the basic rules of not combing hair while its wet and detangling it with a wide tooth comb to avoid breakage. Make sure that you have a very well-balanced diet with ample fruits and veggies for essential vitamins. Increase the intake of protein. Get your hair trimmed every 3-4 months to prevent split ends from spoiling texture and maintaining a groomed look.

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