10 Amazing Ways to Avoid Wrinkles While You Are Asleep

By Chanchala Bose

Hi everyone,

Ageing skin is one of the most basic concerns for girls. Some years back when I saw ton of ageing products being reviewed on IMBB, I thought that I am at a safe distance from these products. I have a long time to start using this anti ageing products. But I don’t know what happened suddenly, when you are heading towards the wrong side of 25 then you start getting all tensed and perplexed about your skin. Some days I am left wondering what should I do, should I go for the anti ageing creams or maybe I should try some natural tips and tricks to take care of my ageing or to-be-ageing skin.

Avoid wrinkles

And then someone suggested me that if you want to begin your anti ageing journey then begin with natural tips while you are asleep; I was like please tell me about it. And this is what she shared with me. Some very easy tips and tricks with which you can avoid wrinkles while you are asleep.

1. Start sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back is a must. This will keep you face away from friction and gradually with time you can keep wrinkles at bay.

2. Pillow case

sleeping on satin pillow

It is always advisable to use satin pillow cases. Not only it improves your skin texture and prevents wrinkles but will also improve your hair texture in the long run.

3. Retinol based skin care products

Your skin needs extra protection and care while you are asleep. So, always go for extensive skin care routine for night time. Try to choose a rich night crème which contains retinol as the prime ingredient.

4. Moistursing skin care products

At night always try to go for the rich moistursing products. If you are oily skin type then choose light moisturisers, but a dose of moisture is extremely important in the night time.

5. Get good sleep

This is one of the most important tips for keeping wrinkles out of your life while sleeping. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

6. Stay hydrated

Keep a bottle of water near your bed. You should keep drinking water just before you go to bed and just after you wake up; this way your skin will stay all fresh and plumped up.

7. Keep it light at night

light dinner

As it is said that dinner should be lightest, so try to go for a light dinner so that you will stay comfortable at night.

8. Go for a walk before you sleep

It is very important to breathe and be comfortable at night before you sleep so, after dinner try to walk for at least half n hour. That way you will stay light and comfortable while you are sleeping.

9. Darken the room

It is always advisable to darken the room while you sleep at night. Not only it will give you peaceful sleep but it will aid you in weight loss. This fact is scientifically proven and used by experts all over the world.

10. Wear light

While sleeping you should be all light and comfortable. Thus, choose your night wear as something in which you are comfortable and your skin can breathe easily.

So, these were some of the easy peasy tips and tricks from my side on how to avoid wrinkles while you are asleep. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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