Anna Andre Signature Seduction Lipstick #04

Anna Andre Signature Seduction Lipstick #04

Anna Andre, Paris Signature Seduction Lipstick is an ultra-luxurious creamy lip color that delivers beautiful, lightweight color. Long lasting and moisturizing this lipstick is sure to add a touch of seduction to any pout.Its unique formula ensures no caking or dryness all day long.


INR 295


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Most of their lippies mainly matte and creamy, no shimmer and mostly earthy browns and bricks.What more did I need, these cost around Maybelline lipsticks surprisingly at Rupees 295.This one surprisingly is a nice bright carrot pink kind of a shade, I immediately picked it up 🙂

Anna Andre Signature Seduction Lipstick # 04(7)


LIke you can see the lippy has a flat top, I love flat top lippies, as over time most of my lippies get flat with usage, they dont get curvy or anything, I apply them straight across and hence I prefer them to be flat anyways.

Anna Andre Signature Seduction Lipstick # 04(3)

The packaging is a simple one, nothing attractive I must say but the lipsticks are just what I need, they are super creamy, luscious, pigmented and mostly earthy non-shimmer colors.The lipstick lock with a click so you can carry them around easily. Also, they feel very delicate and would melt very easily or break too so be careful.

Anna Andre Signature Seduction Lipstick # 04(6)

The lipsticks is a thick creamy very luscious saucy kind of a carrot red pink, not really a hot pink but a very nice pink, it really brightens the face up, it has no shimmer, it has a creme finish and it has this pretty moisture shine to it, the texture is extremely smooth and buttery and it is actually quite delicate too, you use a lot of the product since it is creamy and I like thicker lippies, there is no dryness either, overall I love the texture finish pigmentation.

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I am so impressed with the texture of the lipstick , this one has better staying power than the other shades I got, this is pretty thick and easily stays for three hours, and does not stain or anything despite the bright shade .These transfer all over the place easily since it is creamy.

Anna Andre Signature Seduction Lipstick # 04 swatch

The problem I have is with the silly smell(though mild) and the packaging, for 295 the packaging is a huge turn off, though there is some extra product you get at the base, you can open it up and use with a lip brush, but I dont like the packaging  btw the interesting list is also mentioned in detail.

pink lips


Last word:

If you thick creamy lippies, try this, you will have to ignore the packaging.But a lovely pink to try surely. This is very similar to Berry rich from Revlon.


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