Audrey’s Rectangle Buffed Sponge Review

Audrey’s Rectangle Buffed Sponge

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Today I will be reviewing an essential makeup tool i.e. sponge applicator by Audrey’s. Audrey’s manufactures good quality makeup tools and this is my first buy. After this I will try their makeup brushes. Let us see how these ones actually perform

Product Info: Audrey’s Rectangle Buffed Sponges (SBR2) are made of hydrophilic polyurethane (water based biodegradable foam) They are non-flaking, non-toxic and odorless. Ideal for applying and blending oil or water based liquid, cream, powder and stick foundation for soft, precise and flawless coverage leaving your skin with a radiant finish.


• Non Latex
• Oil Resistant
• Non Flaking
• Hypo-allergenic
• Bio-degradable
• Odorless

Sponge Care: Wash with mild soap and water. Rinse and air dry

Price: INR 85 for two pieces of sponge.

My Experience with Audrey’s Rectangle Buffed Sponge:

The sponges come in a zip lock pouch and are very handy to carry around. The packet contains two sponges of two colors, white and pink. They indeed look very cute. The sponges are very very soft and have buffed texture but are very soft and smooth on skin. The best part is that these are odorless and smell nothing like burnt plastic or something.


I use it both for blending foundation and applying compact. I have replaced the sponge that comes with Maybelline Whiteglow compact with this one and trust me this one is way much better and softer. Sponges and wedges are advisable to be used to apply liquid foundation/compact as fingers carry oil and bacteria and can be a cause of infection.

The sponges are made of good-quality latex and returns to its natural shape after washing. These are very flexible and do the perfect job of blending. These can be folded into any shape to apply makeup on every part of the face especially the critical ones like under eyes and beside nose etc. These spread the powder perfectly and uniformly all over the face. It causes less product wastage. These can also be used for cleaning purpose. But these sponges need to be taken care of with proper cleaning. These are very easy to clean, I use a mild shampoo to wash them.


Pros of Audrey’s Rectangle Buffed Sponge:

• Made of high quality latex
• Very soft and flexible
• Can be folded into any shape for the ease of application
• Suitable for application of both liquid and powder makeup
• Can be washed easily
• Affordable
• Odorless
• Blends the makeup perfectly without any wastage of product

Cons of Audrey’s Rectangle Buffed Sponge:

• Not really a con. But these sponges need to be replaced/disposed of frequently. And this rule applies to all such sponges/wedges/applicators.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend this: Definitely!! Go ladies and grab a pack for yourself.

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