Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier Review

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I recently discovered a unique product at Sephora and it looked quite interesting to me. It is called Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier. This unique tool is used during mascara application and I am in love with it. So now, let’s get started with the review.

Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier Review

Price: $7 (INR 400)
Product Description:
What it is:
Boosts the effects of mascara by giving lashes unprecedented volume. The curved part follows the shape of the eye to boost the effects of mascara. It enables lashes to be gripped at the base and creates unprecedented volume with each coat. The comb side separates lashes and leaves them perfectly defined.

What it does:
It helps to volumize the lashes.

Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier Product Description

How to Use:
1. Place the curved part at the level of the upper lashes to protect the eyelid.
2. Apply layers of mascara and load your lashes by pressing the curved part.

My Experience with Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier:

Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier comes in a clear plastic box with the details about the product. The ‘Lash Amplifier’ is made of an ashy colored plastic and it can fold from the middle. It has a curvy shape from one side while the other side looks like a comb (it is actually a lash comb). The packaging is nice, handy and travel-friendly. I like the quality too. It is a little expensive but so worth the money!

Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier Open

I just place the curved side on the top of my upper lash line and it helps to protect my eyelids as well. Then, I apply a mascara. My lashes lay down on the amplifier and I can layer up mascara too. To avoid clumpy lashes, I comb my lashes with the other side, which is the fine comb side. This tool can be used on the lower lashline as well.

Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier Top

The curved side acts as a supporter and it actually helps to apply the mascara properly without any mess. It also supports the lashes, so whenever I apply my mascara, this amplifier helps to get the full coat on them and makes my lashes appear longer and thicker than usual. The comb helps to separate the lashes well, giving them a perfectly defined look. With this tool, I can give the perfect dramatic volume to my lashes.

Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier Curved Side

It also helps to curl my lashes but, still, an eyelash curler would give better results. Make sure you use a good defining mascara with this tool. Don’t use those sticky mascaras or quick drying ones, else you’ll end up with a clumpy look. Otherwise, with a good mascara, it genuinely makes lashes appear bolder and more beautiful.

Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier Comb

I see a lot of difference in my lashes and this tool provides dramatic, long and thick lashes with a single coat of mascara. The comb works fine too but you have to use it before your mascara dries out completely. It gives nice, separated look to the lashes. Since it has fine teeth it goes into every lash perfectly to clear out the excess mascara.

Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier Comb Close Up

I face a little difficulty while using it on the lower lash line. Since I have sensitive eyes I can’t manage all these tools along with the mascara wand. Sometimes they get messy; I think I need some more practice. So, for the lower lashline, you need to nail that perfect application.

Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier How to Use

I have to clean the tool regularly otherwise it looks dirty. I just have to use a good remover to clean my waterproof mascara from the product. But it’s quite difficult to clean the comb. Overall, I love this product and it totally changes my entire look. You can spot the difference in the pictures.

Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier Results

Pros of Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier:

• Nice, small and lightweight packaging.
• Easy to use and mess-free application.
• Does everything it claims.
• Makes lashes longer, thicker and voluminous.
• The comb defines the lashes well.
• Makes eyelashes appear bold and dramatic.
• Protects eyelids from messy application.
• Fits eyes well and safe to use.

Cons of Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier:

• A bit expensive for a tool.
• Can’t curl the lashes.
• Some practice is needed for lower lash line application.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Sephora Collection Lash Amplifier?
It will last me a long time and you can definitely try this tool.

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