Australis High Life Highlighting Powder Review

Hi girls,

I am obsessed about contouring and highlighting products. I have even converted my shiny eyeshadows into highlights because sometimes they work better than some highlights. I can safely say this about this product too. I had high hopes and I was thinking it will be on similar lines like the Essence Circus Circus Highlighter. Read on for more details on Australis High Life Highlighting Powder.

Australis High Life Highlighting Powder

Product Description:
Ready, set, glow! Use the High Life Highlighting powder by Australis to get luminous, glowing skin. This powder can be used within your normal contouring regime, or even just on its own. Apply to the top of your cheekbones, forehead, chin, and your cupids bow to define and accentuate your features and leave your skin absolutely glowing! Contains shimmer.
Soft and easy to blend formula. Suits every skin tone. Can be used in the contouring regime or even on its own. Not tested on animals. Vegan friendly.
Sustainable Palm oil used.
INR 950

Australis High Life Highlighting Powder label

My Experience with Australis High Life Highlighting Powder:

First of all, I was hoping this will be high shine and popping sort of a highlight, but it is not! The powder is super creamy soft, not at all powdery or chalky for me. You need a soft brush to deal with or else you might damage the product.

Australis High Life Highlighting Powder packaging

The case it comes in is nice too and can be safely dunked into your hand bag, there is no brush applicator provided, but that is okay. Again the claims of suiting all skin tones is true too since this is a neutral highlight, I can see more gold tone to it rather than a pink or a silver tone. I think more skin tones, especially warm skin can carry this off. Even beginners can try this and I will tell you why.

Australis High Life Highlighting Powder Review

There is no chunky shimmer in it. The product is very fine, in fact too fine. Once I apply this, it blends into my skin. It literally blends into nothingness and my skin looks naturally shiny. As a result, I end up using too much, that is not the point of a highlight for me. I have oily skin and I like to use highlight for specific high points, but with this highlight, I feel I could use a larger brush and sweep it all over my face since it will make me glow naturally rather than give a pin-pointed highlighted look.

Australis High Life Highlighting Powder swatch on hand

If you have very light skin, this might be a good idea to begin with. If you are looking for something more, like me, you will be disappointed since it really blends into the skin rather than standing out. Use it like a ove all highlight if you may.

Pros of Australis High Life Highlighting Powder:

  • Soft and creamy powder.
  • Never chalky or powdery.
  • Nice case to travel with.
  • Will suit most skin tones.
  • No chunky shimmer.
  • No pink or silver tones to it.
  • Blends into skin
  • Subtle highlight powder.

Cons of Australis High Life Highlighting Powder:

  • Too soft, it blends into my skin, like second skin.
  • Does not pop or stand out like a highlight for me.
  • Can be used like an overall highlight if you have dry skin, but it does not work that way for me.
  • You will end up using too much.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Australis High Life Highlighting Powder?
I will recommend this to highlight beginners or dry skin girls who can use it like an overall highlight. As for me, I will not be repurchasing this product.
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