How To Avoid Wedding Makeup Disasters

How To Avoid Wedding Makeup Disasters

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. For better or for worse, cynics might add, but heck, why would you even have a wedding day unless you actually wanted it to be the most special day of your life and on your happiest day, nothing can be ALLOWED to go wrong, especially your makeup. Here is your full-of-common-sense guide on how to avoid makeup disasters on a wedding day (especially if its yours). Here’s hoping you won’t be the blushing bride because of too much blush!

How To Avoid Wedding Makeup Disasters

  • Buy Your Outfit Way Before Your Makeup, Jewelry, and Shoes:

Everything has to be coordinated, which is why you have to select your wedding dress way before anything else. Even if you are tempted to go over to the makeup counter and splurge just a tiny bit on that fabulous new shade of lipstick, you just have to have, save on your makeup budget. Be practical and buy your dress and shoes first.

  • Choose the Right Foundation:


Seriously hunt for the right foundation. Brides are often women who don’t have the time or the will to apply foundation. However, as a bride, you cannot go without it. Therefore, a mistake that brides often make is buying the wrong shade of foundation, especially Indian brides who mainly have a wheatish complexion think that looking like a vampire is probably the point to a foundation, which is why they always end up with shades much lighter. However, tuck that fairness myth safely away in the dustbin where it belongs. Gorgeous skin does not mean having one that makes you look like Morticia Addams. It is about a healthy glow, an even skin-tone and no blemishes. Therefore, look for the foundation that is closest to your skin tone. See that it offers superior coverage. Buy a liquid foundation rather than a powder one as this is winter. Always get it tested on your jawline and even a considerable part of your face upwards from there. The store is likely to have tube lights, so its best to go foundation hunting during the day. Ask for a mirror, go out of the store, study your jawline closely in the day light and then see whether it suits you.

  • Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing:

    cleansing toning moisturizing

Have a proper skin care routine from at least a month before. This is for all you lazy gals out there who never quite take care of themselves. CTM – cleanse, tone, moisturize twice everyday. Exfoliate and apply face pack about once a week. Go for a facial before the wedding (its YOUR wedding after all) and be sure to CTM just before you apply your makeup.

  • Face Primer and Eye Primer:

    Oriflame Face Primer

Purchase a face primer and an eye primer if possible. A lot of people think that primers are unnecessary, but priming ensures that your makeup stays on longer without having to apply and re-apply too much. You cannot let your makeup fade out on your wedding day. Also, primers protect your skin.

  • Blush it Up:

Maybelline Peach Satin Blush

Buy a peach blush if you are wheatish to dusky and a pink one if you have a lighter complexion. The Maybelline blush is both affordable and good, so no need to splurge on a more expensive one.

  • Coordinate Lipstick and Eyeshadow:

    Loreal eyeshadow

Buy your eyeshadow and lipstick coordinated with your outfit. Indian weddings tend to celebrate excess in everything, but it is high time to break away from that. Your wedding outfit is bound to be “heavy,” therefore you have to play it light and subtle with your make up. If you are going heavy on your eye makeup (especially if you have big, beautiful eyes), go light on the lipstick and vice-versa. Buy your shades accordingly.

  • Attractive Eye Makeup:

Wedding Makeup Look

For eye makeup, shimmery eye-liner is a great idea. Ditch that black liner and kajal. It is time to go bridal with a bang. Lakme has a great line of colorful shimmery liners, even a transparent one to go with any color you want. For your lower waterline, go for NYX eye pencils. NYX also has a white pencil that is of great use. A lot of make-up artists tend to fatten the eyeliner and apply a thick line of kohl. That looks great of rock chicks, but they also make the eyes look small. Everyone loves big eyes. This is where a white pencil comes handy. They just make your eye pop! Also, never forget to get some mascara magic on. Use colored mascaras only if it co-ordinates with your eye shadow. Otherwise, use black or transparent mascara. Definitely, use a water-resistant one. Curl your lashes with a curler. Apply at least two coats and brush out clumps. Do not use falsies. This is your wedding, not a fashion show. Use a eyebrow pencil or some brown eye shadow to fill out the eyebrow. Use an eyebrow comb to sharply define your eyebrows.

  • Go For Red or Pink Lipstick:

Maybelline Red Lipstick

For lipstick, use either a red or a pink. Stay away from browns, nudes and maroons and any other dark colors. Use red only if you want it to be the focal point by keeping the eyes and the outfit lighter. The best bet is to go with a pink that suits you. Also, do not go for a gloss, or a lipstick that has too glossy a finish. Search for something less glossy, but not matte, deeply pigmented and very smooth. Long-lasting is of course heavily desirable in this case, but do not depend on it even if it claims to. Always have your lipstick in your clutch purse. Also, you ABSOLUTELY must use a lip liner. I cannot count the number of brides I have seen with horrid bleeding lipstick lips. Co-ordinate the lip liner with the lipstick. Buy it a shade lighter so that the line doesn’t show.

  • Highlighter and Bronzer:

Lakme absolute collection bronzer

Get a highlighter and a bronzer only if you have faith in your makeup artist (or yourself). All brides get their makeup done by someone else, preferably a professional. However, if you have been practicing your makeup skills enough, you might want to do it on your own. However, contouring and other makeup subtleties are hard to  master and even professionals often aren’t able to do it perfectly. Therefore avoid this step unless you are absolutely sure of it. You have your regular makeup covered anyway.

10.  Choose the Correct Makeup Accessories:

Sigma Face brushes

Buy the most functional brushes, sponges, q-tips, cotton balls, makeup swipes. An artist cannot work without his tools- his brushes and his hands. Therefore, do not invest on an expensive lipstick and forget all about brushes. Half of the art of doing your own makeup lies in your tools. Buy a foundation brush and a sponge. Use the first for applying and second for blending. Definitely use a blush brush. Use an eye brow comb. Buy an eyelash curler and always have your disaster saviors like q-tips and cotton balls handy. The MAC brushes are the best, but you can also buy the very affordable Vega and Faces brushes. Read reviews on to know which ones to buy.

  • Get a manicure and pedicure:

We never quite take care of our hands and toes as we should. However, manicures and pedicures pamper and beautify. Definitely buy TWO nail polishes (using the same color on fingernails and toes is not a good idea).

  • Be Sure to Smile and Be Happy:

Don’t be nervous! Even if things don’t go according to your plan for the wedding day, what is most important is that you are getting married to who you love. Nothing makes a bride more beautiful than the glow of happiness on her face!

P.S. Almost forgot. Make sure ALL your makeup is WATER-RESISTANT!

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  1. Nice tips Amrita ,but m already married!…hehehe…anyways i can use a lot of tips for many upcoming functions!…who is that gurl in sec Attractive Eye Makeup ?:)
    Beautiful with really beautiful pair of eyes :rose:

  2. @srishi— she is Deeptima 🙂 she is also a vlogger/ blogger and posts on IMBB too 🙂

    @Amrita 🙂 grt tips gal 🙂 will forward to my cousin now …. wish I knew all this when I got married- MUAs ripped us so much in all those functions 🙁

    1. hey gd luck shivani may ur wedding day become the most special n beautiful day of ur life… :present:
      i dont know u noticed or not but i told u in some post that even my name is shivani!!!

  3. Great review. I want to add just a little thing. Please get your hair style done once before the D Day and check if it suits your dress! I had a real disaster in my reception look as the stylist had taken 1 and half hours to make ugly curls of my beautifully straight and wavy hair! :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: After i came out for the reception the one common thing everyone told was you are looking great but what have you done with your hair!
    i was not able to search for the stylist after that! :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali:

    So please ensure you preview your hair style before or if you dont have time get a photo of the hair style you want and show it to your stylist!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy wedding to anyone who is finding this use ful! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Sandhya….a great tip indeed….I would too advise everyone like you to get the makeup and hair trials done before the d-day… helps a great deal :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. wahi to na Rati :methinks: :methinks: wen we gt married no blog like IMBB to support :idk: :idk: thnks 2 imbb fr sch tips :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :love: :love:

  4. Amritaaa :puchhi: thanks for the tips… I will use this tips for my marriage… can some one tell me wat lipstick s deeptima wearing in that Pic… dat luks Awesome…

  5. Awesome tips,Amrita! :teddy: Great writeup! :clap: I’ll bookmark this for those tricky times when a girl I know is getting married. :shying:

  6. I want to look like Deeptima and i want those Lakme ka bronzer highlighter woven looking things :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

  7. Nice article Amrita, wish could have found some tips like these before I got married! :waaa: :waaa: I hate those parlours…. :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

  8. Thanks a lot you guys! I am so glad you find this helpful! Have been attending shaadis lately so thought I’d share some gyan. Totally agree about the hair. Recently, I wanted to just kinda get my hair styled before a shaadi at a parlour near my flat. Not only did the lady charge me an exorbitant price, she gave me Louis the 14th curls! I came back home and did everything i can to make my hair look normal!

  9. nice tipzz 🙂 itz a long time before i’d need those, yet i think i’d love to read this article at that time also :toothygrin:

  10. gr8 tips Amrita…i wish i had taken a trial during my wedding…my beautician has tied the saree in a gujurati style for my wedding. not only was it looking unflattering on me, I looked fat and also she forgot to pin it up…just as the reception started, the pallu gave way from behind…just imagine my horror…i sumhow managed to tuck it back in and stood on the stage for almost 4-5 hours…so along with the makeup its also important that u take dress trials and make sure u take someone along who would suggest what looks good on you.

  11. I`ll definitely keep these in mind if someone ever decides to marry me :tongue: – I love the “However, tuck that fairness myth safely away in the dustbin where it belongs. Gorgeous skin does not mean having one that makes you look like Morticia Addams.” quote :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

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