Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner-REVIEW

Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner-REVIEW

Hi girls,

If I have to describe myself in few words it would be, cost conscious, love trying new beauty products launched in the market, a person who enjoys quality for less money and like many of us “addicted to IMBB”. Avon Glimmerstick For years I used eyeliners, shadows and kohls  and thought my eyes looked great, but as I matured (after being an avid follower of IMBB) I discovered there are many more things that I can actually do to make my eyes look glam. So in my quest to find a good eye pencil, I discovered the Avon Glimmer stick Eye Pencil. I tried it with great zeal and now I am hooked to it. I have been using them for the last 1 month and I am quite pleased with the results.

About Avon:

Avon is a US based company, with approx 48,000 crores in revenue globally. A beauty icon & worlds no. 1 direct seller. Delivering dynamic earning opportunities to 50 lakhs sales representatives in over 100 countries. With over 120 years of heritage Avon countries as a true force for good by fulfilling its vision as a company for women.

What Avon claims about Glimmersticks Eye Liner:

  • Vitamin enriched formula provides smooth & eve application
  • Water proof & self sharpening.

Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner Its Price: Rs 229/- for .28g. There is an offer going on i.e., Buy 1 for 159/- & 2 for 259/- only. So inclined to my budget friendly nature, I bought 2 for 259/-.Look for the Avon website here: www.in.avon.com

Shades Available: Glimmersticks are available in the following four colors:

  • Cosmic Brown,
  • Majestic Plum,
  • Saturn Grey, and
  • Starry Blue Night.

I bought the Cosmic Brown (15619) & Saturn Grey (15620) Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliners.PNG My Review: So when I got my AVON Glimmersticks eye liner it didn’t look too promising. It’s more like a crayon with a rounded tip. When I applied it, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s softer than the eye liner pencil, so it glides on smoothly, and I don’t even have to press very hard. The glimmersticks comes in a long skinny plastic black tube that is retractable and you never need to sharpen them. You just pull off the cap, twist it up and apply. They can also break off if too much eyeliner is exposed, however this is easily prevented by exposing only a small portion. I also agree that Glimmersticks are creamy. I find that they are creamier than pencil eyeliners, which makes them easier to apply and less likely to hurt my eyelid or tug and stretch the delicate skin around my eyes. Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner Pencils.PNG What I like about Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner:

  • Glimmersticks are creamy and easy to apply, self sharpening, and inexpensive
  • I like that they are retractable like the lipsticks, as I have issues with pencil eyeliners that require a sharpener.
  • It goes on smooth and I love the fact that I don’t have to sharpen them like some eye liners.
  • Also it is nice that they are pretty small, you can toss it in your purse. I always carry them to office for touch ups.
  • This soft pencil eye liner comes in four different shades and is great for daytime application.
  • It can be directly applied to the lower lash line and it doesn’t smudge.
  • Glimmersticks remove easily with soap and water or makeup remover, although I usually just run a cotton pad over my lids and it comes right off.
  • The other thing that is a perk is if you don’t have someone selling Avon near you, you can still order online!. To me that is so nice! I like to be able to know about all the products through their updated brochures on ine and I don’t have to rush to the nearest outlet to purchase my makeup stuff.
  • You can also find their nearest advisor online by just providing some geographical data of your location & the advisor will reach to you. Isn’t this great?
  • They are very cost effective and for amateurs like me I think these are good to start with, even if you can’t make them work, you have nothing much to lose..

What I don’t like about Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner;

  • The longevity of the liner is quite short. For me it last only for3 to 4 hours. It fades away time leaving a thin trace of the color.
  • Since the liner is very soft so could be easily broken if too much of the liner is exposed.
  • I wish that it came in more colors.

Will I repurchase? Yes I will. I loved Avon’s Glimmer sticks! They work great and they are such a steal on the price. Not only do I adore the easy application of this eyeliner and the built in sharpener, but the shade cosmic brown is the perfect shade to match my eyes. I will also recommend everyone to give it a try.


47 thoughts on “Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner-REVIEW

    1. Its been more than 2 weeks and I have still not received my ordered cosmetisc. This has been my worst experience so far and that too with a company which boasts of being a company for women. I would not like to recommend Avon to anybody after the ordeal I had faced.

      1. rati agreed with pooja, should give it a try.i have started using avon recently m quite liking their collection……
        will review sm of them soon… :-))

  1. I was just browsing the AVON site yesterday and today I see 2 AVON products being reviewed!!!!

    thats aside…this one looks good…but I am kind of partial to eye liners which need to be sharpened…

  2. hi HD , u know wat yesterday wen i was sending d article to rati i thought i’ll b the 1st to review avon on IMMB & today wat i c is arathi already introduced avon…oh i missed it 🙁
    bt wat a conincidence.. we people started thinking alike….. may be we all r addicted to IMMB VIRUS–created by rati.. he he :laugh:

    1. I have a lipstick from AVON which my aunt from US gifted it and I quite like the concept of that lipstick so was thinking of reviewing it but before that I wanted to check its availability in India else the review is not really of use to the IMBB readers but sadly i couldnt find it on the AVON site..

      1. oh really…. 😥 bt u can do so…if sm one is interested she cn order online or at least get an idea of this awesome lippi…
        hope it launches soon in India…. :-))
        Btw wat does it called…

  3. glimmersticks are good alternative to pencil liners,, & yes no need to buy a sharpner along…… c wat a miser i m… 😉

    1. hi jomol…. u r welcome dear…. :-))
      go through the site u can find various cosmetics n dat too very reasonably priced..

  4. Hello everyone…….I am an Avon representative, and I just wanted to say that the Glimmersticks eyeliners are also available in Green and Bronze!!

    1. hi sabrina oh really bt i could nt find in thir updated brochure for india…
      nor did the agent informed me of any…. r u sure??? ?:-)
      kindly let me no…. as i wanna try the bronze one…

      1. Hi Sush……..Yes I’m sure, the Emerald Green and Bronze Glow were introduced a few months ago, I have them with me. Sometimes, these may appear on seperate pages in the brochure; not necessarily with the other Glimmersticks. If you go to Avon’s current brochure, valid from 14th June to 11th July 2010, you will find these new shades of Glimmersticks eyeliners on page 16. The Emerald Green shade is available at MRP, while the other shades, incl. Bronze Glow are on offer at 1 for Rs. 179, 2 for Rs. 299.

  5. Hey Sush,

    Could you please tell me how the online ordering thing works? I live in Chennai and when I last tried to buy an Avon product, the rep who contacted me from their office told me that as there is no branch office here I will be unable to purchase any Avon products. I got hooked onto Avon’s strawberry lip balm in Delhi and now I’m suffering severe withdrawal symptoms :-((

    1. hi kiki,, i think u should visit their website & update their location so that some of the agents near u can contact u… luckily i hv an agent nr my residence so never hv to order online . m sorry 🙁 i dont have much idea,, bt the agent told me that we can do so… i think u cn definately find sm link in their website…. :-))

    2. Hi……..If you go to the Avon India website, http://www.in.avon.com, you will find a drop down list from the heading “How to buy”, which says “Need a representative?”. You will be directed to a form where you have to fill up your details, and a representative should contact you as early as possible. Best of luck.

          1. hi pooja, thank god i hv an agent nr my resi…… :-))
            Ne ways wat all hav u tried from avon….. ?:-) i m very much tempted to try their lippies & the mascara too… how r they ?:-)

            1. The new Mascara is so amazing . :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: You must try it. I would be doing a post about the new mascara on my blog :)..

  6. Recently got in touch with AVON (wonder why I dont find it in stores in Kolkata..ordering thru representatives is baaad :pain: )..was really lookin for a review on Glimmersticks..I liked Avons simply pretty nail colors and color bliss lippies :-)) but the gel foundation was a big disappointment…would be trying the ideal match concealer n glimmerstick shortly!!!!! 😀

    1. hi anu, u no i was eyeinf for the gel foundation.. thx for ur comment yaar u saved my penny..yes the simply preety r so good…
      do share ur xperiance…

  7. Hi, this is my first so ever review here and guess wat it is regarding my favourite Avon Glimmerstics .i must tell u that its….. aaaaaaaawesome…….. as i am using every color and since long . I wud recommend it to everybody who likes to have different luk with different dresses. :-))

  8. hi…..i have used avon products when i was in banglore…….now i came to chennai,,,,,,,i want to buy some avon products like strawberry lip gloss…..nd cleanser..toner….lotions……i enquired that they r not providing avon product to tamilnadu itseems…..i want to get that products….so tell me hw to get tat product……..

  9. Hi……..visit http://www.in.avon.com, go to “How to buy”, u will find “Need a representative?”. click there & fill up the form with address & ph no. hope some representive from ur area will get back to u soon… :yes:

  10. i bought colorbar eyepencil its dark black waterproof smudgeproof but very creamy that i can not apply properly:(

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