Avon Eye Pencils, Lip Glosses and Nail Paints Haul


I had ordered a few products from the last Avon flyer. Thought I would share the stuffs with you and give you small reviews on them.

The stuff I had ordered for are:
1. Avon Nail Wear Pro Enamel- Intense Brights shades: Blue Shock, Electric Green, Coral Beat and Vivid Violet.
2. Avon Simply Pretty Big Eye Pencil: in Dark Brown and Rose.
3. Avon Eye Definer: in Black.
4. Simply Pretty Swirl Lip gloss: shades Very Berry, Plums Galore, Champagne, Strawberry.
5. Sweet Shine Lip gloss: shades Rose Quartz and Goddess.
6. Dew Kiss Lip Tint: shades Glittery Fuschia, Glittery Nude.

However, I didn’t get everything I had asked for, such as, the violet nail paint (instead they gave me two blue!! Hmph…) and The Big Eye Pencil in Rose.

Now, coming down to the individual products:

1. Avon Nail Wear Pro-Enamel Intense Brights:
A collection of six neon nail-paints, it made itself worthy enough to be featured on the cover of their last brochure! In fact, when I saw the brochure, I simply fell in love with the bright shades. The shades available are Blue Shock (a sky-blue sort of colour, which actually is more like a brilliant blue but is not at all pigmented), Electric Green (a fluorescent sort-of green, quite pigmented), Coral Beat (a bright neon orange, pigmented enough that it shows the colour if you apply two coats), Vivid Violet (the best colour among the whole lot according to me, it is a bright purple. I had ordered for this one, but they didn’t have any), Funky Fuschia (a neon pink shade. I didn’t order for this one since I already have a similar shade), Sunshine Yellow (a bright yellow. Ummm….I didn’t order this one for fear that my dad might just have a heart-attack on seeing the colour on my nails :-/)

L-R: Electric Green, Coral Beat, Blue Shock.

My Verdict: I was rather disappointed seeing the colours. The brochure shows them as completely different colours. Very unfair.

2. Simply Pretty Big Eye Pencil:
Nowadays, big eye pencils are the in-thing in the cosmetic industry. Every brand is coming up with one of their own, whether it is Nyx (the famous Jumbo Eye Pencil), Lakme (Fantasy Shimmer Collection eye pencils), Revlon (Custom Eyes) or Chambor (Jumbo Kohl), these chubby pencils are finding their way into every girl’s make-up bag. So, when I saw them in the brochure, it caught me and I decided to give them a try. Four shades are available: Dark Brown, Rose (pink), Blue (more of a mauvish-blue) and Emerald (a pretty green). Can be used as a liner or a shadow. I had ordered for the brown and pink one, but got only the brown one.

My Verdict: The pencils are really soft and they smudge like a dream, hence serve their purpose of using it as an eye-shadow, but they are not really pigmented. I mean, look at the picture above…from which angle does the shade look DARK brown???

3. Simply Pretty Eye Definer:
This one needs no introduction, or conclusion for the matter. It’s your usual eye pencil. Available in Black, Blue, Brown and Green. I ordered for the black one.

My Verdict: An awful pencil- the colour isn’t black enough, the pencil isn’t soft enough, it doesn’t sharp well nor does the colour stay. Avon guys, are you listening? Throw these away from your brochure. But well, these were dirt cheap: 100/- bucks or something. So obviously, you can’t expect it to be a Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner.

4. Simply Pretty Swirl Lip Gloss:
A collection of four shades, they are really cute to look at- combining three shades in one, they promise to give you a shimmery, glossy and opaque; all-effects-in-one lips. Available shades: Very Berry, Plums Galore, Strawberry, Champagne. I ordered for all of them.

L-R: very berry, plums galore, champagne, strawberry.

A close-up view to show you the three colours in each tube.

L-R: Strawberry, Very Berry, Champagne, Champagne, Plums Galore.

My Verdict: These shades are really shimmery but nicely-pigmented. When you squeeze the gloss out, the three colours inside make a nice ‘khichdi’ and serve them on your lips. One good thing about them is that they are not sticky at all, but their staying power is poor.

5. Sweet Shine Lip Gloss:
These lip glosses are supposed to give you very shiny lips and are supposed to be very sweet to taste. Three shades available: Rose Quartz (pink), Goddess (light brown), Ultraviolet (lavender). I bought Rose Quartz and Goddess.
Left: Goddess. Right: Rose Quartz.

My Verdict: Highly pigmented glosses, they stay for about two hours. The shades are quite pretty. Love the pink one.

6. Dew Kiss Lip Tint:
A review of these have already been done here:

L-R: Red Sparkles, Glittery Fuschia, Glittering Nude (:-P)
avon nail paint and lip glosses haul

My Verdict: These are nothing but lip-balms. They have a little shimmer, which is kind-of pretty.

Uh…I am not really fond of Avon products, but I have taken a liking towards their glosses. The Big Eye Pencil is also quite nice.

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38 thoughts on “Avon Eye Pencils, Lip Glosses and Nail Paints Haul

  1. I bought simply pretty big eye pencil in pink and emerald, the pink when swatched only gives silver sparkles no pink color and emerald shows very less color too, good as eye shadow base, the simple pretty lip gloss quantity is sooooo less, i was dissappointed :((

  2. Rati, I got a mail from fashion & you, faces canada ke cosmetics sale pe hein ! Faces pencil eyeliners are available for Rs 185 :woot: the smoky eye palettes worth Rs 999 is for Rs 695!

    1. oh….well….i am glad someone liked it…. Actually, everybody is just loving the neon paints…wonder why I am not liking it….?! ?:)

    1. ooooo….me no avon premi… :nono:
      but lipgloss premi…that i totally am….big time lip gloss fan….. :inlove: give me any lipgloss and i’ll slather it on my lips!!! :makeup: :preen: 😀

    1. uh…which ones?? The swirls as well as the sweet shine ones are rs.189/-….but you will get them cheaper during their offers…
      I bought the swirls for rs.119/- each and the other ones for 129/- each, i think….

  3. The lip glosses looks sooo yummy..!!

    Thanks to imbb , i got vlcc pediglow kit and i am loving the way it cleans up my feet..
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    :love: :manicure:

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