How to Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliners are probably the most popular makeup item used by women world over. It is the most important and perhaps the most difficult type of eye makeup to apply correctly. Eyeliners help in highlighting and defining the eyes. By doing so, the eyeliners enable us to downplay other facial features that are less attractive.


They come in various forms these days like:

• Pencil eyeliners: As the name suggest these come in the shape of pencils. When choosing pencil eyeliner, look for cream eyeliner to ensure an easier application. These eyeliners are suitable for both top and bottom lash lines.


• Liquid eyeliners: Liquid liners are difficult to smudge. They have a more shiny finish as compared to pencil eyeliners. Because of the difficult application they are not recommended for beginners.


• Gel or Cream eyeliners: Gel liners are the newest forms of eyeliners available in the market. They come in a pot and you need a brush to apply them. They are thick, stays longer and are easy to use.


• Glitter eyeliners: These eyeliners come in small tubes. You can apply it directly around the eyes to have a glossy and glimmer look.


16 thoughts on “How to Apply Eyeliner

  1. Me like gel eyeliners a lot !! I also like pencil ones as you can carry them with you and helpful in touch ups!! I have wide set eyes actually so i think I should line the inner corners and stop in the mid!

  2. What a coincidence! today morning only i was thinking if we have any article on tips for applying an eye liner as my lines never come straight and this really bugs me!
    Thanks for the tips Era..will def follow them! :thanks:

  3. I like both pencil and gel liners. I am quite scared of using liquid liners.. I mean i kepe liquid liners as my last resort. :ghost2:

  4. i like liquid eyeliners the best cos they give me the most precise application. Gel eyeliners are second in preference. Pencils are fun wen I want to experiment with colors so for pencils I prefer brnads like Faces i bought the Lotus Opulence Botanical Eye Liner and really like it. Dries pretty fast. Stays on for atleast 5 to 6 hours atleast. From trial and error I have realized that given that i have dark circles, applying on lower lashline/waterline is strictly avoidable.

  5. me loves liquid liners !!! :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: u can create eyeshapes shapes easily…with gel ones too.. but get takes more time … bit by bit..whereas with liquid liners i can take faster smoother swipes

  6. Use mac eyeliner as it is easy to put by the brush and gives dark colour to the eyes. It is sweat proof and water proof. It is managable as it does not smudge. For pple who are first time users of the eyeliner try lakme absolute eyeliner.

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