Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting Lip Gloss Review and Swatch

Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting Lip Gloss Review and Swatch

Hi friends, hope you all doing well. Winters have arrived in most part of our country. Dry weather can cause chapped lips and cracks, which may cause bleeding of lips too. Therefore, moisturizing them is must this season. Today I will review a recent product- Extralasting Lip Gloss- introduced by Avon specially for winters. It is a lip gloss from Avon’s perfect wear collection. This collection is mainly for the office wear.

Avon Extralasting Lip Gloss
Avon Extralasting Lip Gloss

What Avon has to say about this product?

• Avon’s first longwearing tip gloss makes touch-ups a thing of the past!
• Shiny, glossy color that stays true and comfortable wear that lasts for 8 hours!
• Moisturizing formula keeps lips soft, smooth-and spectacular.
Quantity:- 3 ml
Price:- MRP INR 329/-
Introductory price INR 229/- (I got a discount on this too)

available shades
available shades

The shades in the brochure are not the same. They made some mistake in printing. So the swatches might help you. The actual shades will be available in the shade card given to Avon representatives.

My experience with Avon products has been good as far which tempted me to buy this gloss. I don’t prefer longwear lipstick or lip-gloss as they chap my lips. I feel they dry my lips soon. But when I heard that this is moisturizing I could not avoid it.

So I picked up two shades out of 8.
One is Never ending nude and other Lingering plum.

Never Ending Nude
Never Ending Nude

As the name says, Never ending nude is a pretty nude color.

Lingering Plum
Lingering Plum

I don’t prefer dark shades. But this time I was tempted to try a darker plum color as its this years hot fall/winter color. So I ordered Lingering plum.

Here is the swatch of both the lipglosses on back of my hand.

never ending nude & lingering plum swatches
never ending nude & lingering plum swatches

Here is how they look on my lips.

never ending nude & lingering plum
never ending nude & lingering plum

To test out whether it really lasts long. I wore it to a wedding function yesterday. It lasted comfortably for 3 hours without fading. But it give away during the lunchtime. 🙁

I had to re-apply again after lunch. But later to my surprise I went to friends home and it lasted till dinner time that is around 5 hours. But again was eaten away by me in dinner 😛

Pros of Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting Lip Gloss

• It is very shiny and comfortable lip gloss.
• Moisturing lip gloss is what I wanted this winters and it indeed makes lips smooth.
• The fragrance is not over-powering. It has light pleasant fragrance.
• It did last for about 5 hours…expecting this from a moisturising lipgloss is difficult.
• The colors are very pretty and dark shades are pigmented but the color can be controlled with the quantity applied.
• Cheap compared to other similar long-wearing lipglosses.

Cons of Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting Lip Gloss

• Very limited shades (only 8)
• Choosing the right color becomes difficult from the brochure
• A little sticky.
• Does not last for 8 hours as claimed by Avon specially after meals. (may vary from person to person as I have habit of eating away products on my lips 🙁 )

My rating:- 3.5/5

And here are some pics of makeup I did for a wedding:

wedding eye makeup
wedding eye makeup
wedding eye makeup 2
wedding eye makeup 2
wedding eye makeup 3
wedding eye makeup 3
wedding makeup look
wedding makeup look

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46 thoughts on “Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting Lip Gloss Review and Swatch

  1. Jinaaaa….bouuuuuuuuutiiiiiifulllllllll eyes u hav :beauty: :beauty: :beauty: :beauty: :beauty: :beauty: ur gravatar pic doesnt do justice to ur eyes :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  2. It’s gorgeous, Jinal. i actually forgot about the lip gloss. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    WHat is the colour of your eyes? It’s beautiful. :beauty: :beauty: :beauty:

    1. hehe…..thank you :*:*

      getting compliment from you makes my effort worth now….:D

      my natural eye color is brown
      but here me wearing Grey lens….actually this lenses blends with my eyes giving me greyish brown mixture :))

    1. can anyone tell me -was planning to buy my first contact lens how do i know which would suit me?do they give trial….and which brand is good B&L or Freshlook? 🙂

      1. dia they may give trial but i suggest dont
        it may cause an eye infection
        try brown or pure hazel by fresh look
        u can use them for 6 months i believe
        adn brown is verrryyy subtle
        pure hazel is like what jinal has on

    2. thanx Neha :-* :-*
      these are Fresh Look lenses in color Gray :))
      Pure Hazel is very light brown….these give me a blend of gray and brown :-))

      I had B&L brown lenses but they dint suit me much…..did not look natural
      if you want natural look you can go for Fresh Look….the one I am wearing is Gray color :-))
      they have many colors….but no trial :-(( :-((
      you have to decide based on you skin tone

    1. thnx jomol….plum is nice na
      i got it coz its a hot color for fall/winter 🙂
      nude is for dramatic eye….to neutralize….its very light and sheer shade

    1. yeah Jomol….the catalogue colors are way different from actual 😕 😕
      thats why I did this review to help out those who wish to buy.

  3. Jinal .. you look amazing… and I love both the colouts… hey do you get avon products in stores as well??

    MEOW!! :cat2:

  4. hey jinal
    in the wedding make up pics, the gloss looks pigmented but in the pic above with you wearing both the colors, the nude gloss looks sheer. how did you get the pigmented look ?
    i have naturally pigmented lips and colors hardly show on my lips. can you share some tips ?
    thanks ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

  5. Hi Gayathri….sure let me help you with this….even I have pigmented lips.
    You ryt…..the wedding pic look the gloss color looks pigmented because I applied concealer on my lips before the gloss.
    And in the review pic I applied only gloss. So because of my pigmented lips the color looks sheer.
    Concealer will help the nude color to look pigmented. :))

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