Axe Marine Deodorant Review

Axe Marine Deodorant

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Today I will be reviewing a deodorant for men by Axe. In India market for men deodorants, is primarily dominated by Axe. My brother has a love-hate relation with Axe deodorants, but he keeps coming back to them. So I will be reviewing, one of his favourites Marine deodorant. Continue reading to know more.
Product Info: Axe deodorant body spray for men an all-over body spray that combines a seductive, longer-lasting fragrance with effective deodorant protection.

Axe Marine Deodorant


INR 150 for 150ml

My experience withAxe Marine Deodorant :

My brother is mad about fragrances, just like me. He owns close to 20 deodorants and 10 perfumes at the moment….phew!! And I am sure he will never stop buying them :P.

This deodorant spray comes in a sturdy black and blue can with a unique twist top cover. This packaging is totally travel-friendly. My brother that it is one of the classics he has used so far. The moment you spray it, you are surrounded by a strong air of fresh fragrance. It has aqua notes combined with spicy cedarwood notes which gives it a nice kick to start your day with. I feel college and office goers would find it perfect to wear. Men over 40 may find it bit too strong for their taste. Infact I personally like the smell so much that I often wear it to office. 😛

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Now talking about the staying power, it lasts a day and a half long, longer than other deodorantavailable in Indian market. Marine gives out a very powerful upper tone that even after 3 hours or so you will smell really great. Overall it is a nice budget-friendly whole body spray with aqua notes and good staying power.

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Pros ofAxe Marine Deodorant:

• Nice Packaging
• Smells very fresh
• Good staying power
• Very cheap
• Easily available

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Cons ofAxe Marine Deodorant:

• Men over 40 may find it bit too strong for their taste.
• Does not act as an anti-perspirant.

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