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Happened to see lots of articles on sunscreen, skin care regimen these days. So I thought of writing my own experiences to IMBB

Girlies, In this post I wish to share my DIY routines which gave me good results when followed consistently for years. I’m sharing it with you all here. 🙂

Its post-college traumatic life 😉 I landed in Chennai in hot summer for a job hunt. My complexion was fair when I was studying. After passing a year, my complexion has changed in to wheatish. I got alerted of the terms **Tan and sun screen **Collected few DIY tips which suits my combination skin and applied them thrice a week and made a point to step out of the house with sunscreen irrespective of climate.

Definitely my complexion has improved a lot in terms making my skin softer/ clearing mild chicken-pox scars / prevented from sun-tan / removing zits and pimples from my fore-head. I like this complexion now than my old pale skin 😉 like bips 🙂 Bipasha Bashu tanned skin

As Ki mentioned somewhere in her post, south Indians esp. in TamilNadu everyone are concerned about the color and not how skin looks. No one will go out without a coat of white powder. Even I was like that till my college life:). Still relatives use to tell me, you were so fair when you were in college…I never mind now. I am not offending any one. Just hinted how the perception of makeup and skin care varies from people to people.

Fathima has loads of inputs at this age….When she reaches my age, I’m surprised how much experienced she will be….she’ll be an expert I guess. Fathima are u hearingggggg me. 🙂

1) Chickpea powder

chicpea powder

  • Mix chickpea powder with yoghurt and a pinch of turmeric – I used this packs for hands and legs too – It removes the tan when used consistently.
  • Yoghurt – This is ideal to manage skin as it can tone both oily/dry skin.
  • Mix chickpea powder with cucumber juice or Mix chickpea powder with papaya and honey – These are instant glow face packs.
  • Chickpea powder is my HG cleanser. Try using this at least twice or thrice a week as a cleanser / face pack. Regular use of this will improve the complexion.
  • Mix haldi (wild turmeric) with milk cream and apply it on face and neck. Optionally if you wish you can mix with chickpea powder. Once it dries, take a small piece of white cloth and remove the pack in reverse direction. Consistent use of this will remove small facial hairs from its roots. Turmeric plays a vital role in skin care regimen. It has antiseptic medicinal properties. It helps in lightening skin color.
  • • Note: Instead of using regular haldi which we use in kitchen, substitute with Wild turmeric (Jangli haldi in Hindi) which is more effective. We call it as “Kasturi Manjal” (Tamil).

2) Red Sandalwood powder (Raktachandan) –

Red Sanadalwood Powder

This herb has medicinal properties. In terms of beauty, it acts an astringent and a cooling agent and is used in several skincare preparations.

  • For removal of blemishes/scars – Mix sandalwood powder with milk or butter milk or lemon
  • You can also mix this powder with honey and apply it as a face mask for removing scars
  • For wrinkle free face / to protect from sun-burn – Mix powder with white egg or tomato pulp. Apply it on face and neck. Once dried, wash it with chickpea powder or green gram flour. Wrap tomato in a white cloth and squeeze it to get a pulpy juice. I apply this atleast once in a week

3) For removing  blackheads and blemishes -Mix turmeric pate and mustard seeds and apply it on spots.

4) My skin is not acne porne. My t-zone is oily and used to get zits and pimples on my forehead during my periods. Right from my college days I used to rub nutmeg with water in a pumice stone and apply it on the spots. Next day morning, skin will calm down. This gives instant results in soothing skin. It’s very effective in controlling the pimples. Acne porne skin people can give a try. I used to get this in ayurveda stores. These days I find nutmug in food stores too.

5) My favorite face pack

1 tsp of curd – 1 tsp of honey – 4 tsp of egg white and oats
Apply it on the face avoiding lips and eyes and wash it off after 30 minutes. Mix the liquid ingredients to get the right consistency so that it does not drip. When you want to go for a party, try applying this face pack before applying make-up.

Bleaching –

Somehow I don’t like doing bleaching in parlors. One reason is chemical bleaches are irritatable. It changes the hair color on the face. Face looks bright and eyes looks dull. My home made bleach preparations are

  • Mix 2 tsp of milk cream with 1 tsp of honey, lime juice and a pinch of turmeric
  • 2 tsp of orange juice and lemon juice with yoghurt
  • ½ tsp lemon juice, 2 tsp potato juice and 1 tsp chickpea powder.
  • 2 tsp barley powder,1/2 tsp multani matti,1 tsp almond oil
  • Apply it on the face and leave it for 15 mins.Wash it once it gets dried. It’s good to use luke warm water

Natural Astringents for oily / combination skin

which I use from kitchen are
Cucumber juice, tomato juice, green tea, grated apple, smashed banana

@Post Bangalore life – climate made me lazy and I wanted to try few products from all herbal brands. First I tried withAroma Magic and Ayur. Here they go

Ayur Anti Sun tan pack

Ingredients – Multani Matti, Calamine powder, kaolin powder, pudhina haldi powder
Effect – suitable for oily and sensitive skin. Regular use of this pack removes tanning of the skin and makes the skin fairer.
How to use – Mix it with rose water and apply it on face and neck.
For better results, I mix it with yoghurt and few drops of rose water.

  • Irrespective of climate I tan badly. Almost using this twice a week for more than four months. Could see visible results on my face and hands in removing sun-tan.
  • It keeps my oily zone in control.
  • After applying this face pack, if I put make-up, it makes my face to look fresh and doesn’t crease my t-zone
  • Price is 40 /- for 100 gms. Very cheap for the quantity. Shelf life is 3 years.

Ayur Anti Sun tan pack

I don’t see cons with this product. For the price it does a decent job

Ayur Anti Sun tan pack
My rating for this product would be :-*:-* :-* :-* .:-*

Definitely I would recommend to others.

Aroma Magic Milk Pack Skin Lightener and Nourisher –

What it claims

Aroma Magic Milk pack

  • This pack gives amazing results due to its formula that is rich in lactic acid.
  • It covers all ages and leaves your skin shades lighter, more velvety and luminous.
  • An excellent natural anti tanning pack to lighten the skin with no side effects at all.
  • It cleanses, nourishes and lightens the skin leaving it baby smooth

Active Ingredients – Dried Yoghurt, Soya protein, hydrolyzed protein, Amino acids, Vit A, C &E minerals.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Milk pack
How to use – To lighten the skin, mix 1 tsp pack with 1 tsp with AM fair lotion. To nourish the skin mix with aromatic skin toner. Make a paste and apply it on face and neck. Wash after 20 mins.

This tub consists of small tiny 6 packets which is priced 100 /- for 35 gms. Shelf life is 1 year.
SA recommended this product would serve me as an “Herbal Bleach”. Since the pack requested to use fairy lotion for better results, I picked lotion too. When mixed, it becomes a semi-liquid with pale cream color.

After application, my face looks brighter. I could see difference in color of my skin. It removes the tan esp. I could see visible difference in my t-zone and around my nose and lips.

This effect lasts only for one day which I’m not very much satisfied. This is so-so product to me.

Since the pack is not thick in consistency, it dries quickly. It doesn’t drip on my dress when applied. I would definitely pick this when I don’t have more time to spend on facial.

  • If any party or function, I always do a quick facial at home before applying make-up. That makes my make up to stay longer and also gives a fresh look for longer time.

I would rate this as :-*  :-*:-* + 0.5

I will recommend this to others who want to do a quick facial at home.


20 thoughts on “Ayur Anti-Sun Tan pack & Aroma Magic Milk pack

  1. I’d pick home remedies & herbal skin care any day! Thank you Vidhya, I’ll definitely try the anti-tan face pack & home made bleach.

  2. My paati also recommends kasturi manjal for the face instead of everything I put on my face! I think it is used to make kumkum as well.

    I didn’t realise you were tamilian – shoulda looked at the spelling of your name a little more carefully 😛 :rotfl:
    .-= ki´s last blog ..Review – Maybelline Dream Matte Powder! =-.

  3. I’m a big fan of natural and homemade remedies. And I’ve been using Ayur anti sun tan for sometime. It works great and is quite inexpensive too!

  4. Sorry for the delay in reply. Was away from home yday evening.

    Thanks Aarthi , HD, Emjay , Charan 🙂 Try and let me know how it worked on you.

    Thanks Ki…Yep am a tamilian 😉 kasturi manjal works great for skin…you should try..

    @sush – AM face pack is for all skin types. Mine is combination skin type (t-zone oily) – worked well for me…you can definitely try this.

    @s – yes using them consistently improves the skin complexion…
    @Renuca – I picked this in departmental store called Total in Bangalore. I have seen them in health and glow stores too..You can check there..

  5. I wonder if we get red sandalwood powder this side. It looks so promising…I am so ggoing to try the bleaching tips. Thanks, Vidhya. 🙂

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