Ayur Herbals Sandal Mask Review

Ayur Herbals Sandal Mask Review

I remember when we were in college all we could lay our hands upon for skin care was ayur herbals and the various face packs , rose water, toner, blue colored astringent, cleansing milk and moisturiser. I used to feel very happy at having been able to follow the ctm routine with ayur twice a day and tada!happy that my skin is all nice and glowy. Then we used to get the carton packs of ayur which were basically multani mitti based packs but with a lot of variants like orange, neem , mint etc . Even before that there was a time when people used to soak whole multani mitti the real and genuine stuff and then apply it .but now coming past ayur products which were simple and uncomplicated, I reminisced and got a face pack from ayur recently, very much multani mitti but in tube wet form ready for use.the ayur sandal pack is one of the many variants ayur has for ready to use face packs like neem etc. I am really not abreast ayur’s latest since it been a long time I stopped using their products apart from this one that I got☺

ayur herbals sandal mask review

What the pack says:

For thousands in India, a simple sandalwood paste has been applied to the facial skin to preserve youth and a flawless complexion. This ready to use face mask helps draw out impurities and gives cool and soft feel without drying out the skin.

Herbal properties, purifies tones and has cooling property,good for normal to dry skin, purifies tones and cools I agree but its definitely not for dry skin a find this pack drying because it’s a clay mask. I believe this would be a misprint and no where does it say its meant for oily skin:/

ayur herbals sandal mask

Ingredients :sandal powder, glycerine, sandal oil
(they should mention these are the key ingredients as there is no way this stuff is sandal powder , this is actually multani mitti may be with little bit of the sandalwood powder meant for facepacks that’s available in markets.

Direction: Wash your face and pat dry ,apply a thick layer of mask on the face and neck avoiding the eye area. Leave it for at least 15 minutes or till dry .wash off with cold water.

How I use it :
I have almost finished this as I have oily skin and I like oil absorbing clay packs. But I don’t like the feel of them after they become dry and stiff hence I leave it on for 7 to 10 minutes only and may be once a week. I feel its exactly like applying multani mitti without the bother and mess directly from the tube. The pack comes off creamy when washed with water and leaves skin little even toned, fresher, definitely less oilier for a few hours and little brighter too just like multani mitti would,:P I also find it similar to the lotus tube one in black and green texture wise and the everyuth one in green too. The texture here is little liquidy though for this one, it smells of some mild hand sanitizer :/ It dries hard and full of cracks just like another mud pack.

sandalwood mask

Ayur sandal mask just like any other mud clay pack or real multani mitti but with the convenience of it in a tube, it leaves skin little brighter and less oilier for three hours at least . So I recommend this only to girls with oily skin may be prior to some occasion where you would want your face to be oil free for some time. Not recommended for dry to normal skin. 🙂

Rating :3 on 5

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17 thoughts on “Ayur Herbals Sandal Mask Review

  1. i too have oily skin! especially my T-zone :waiting:
    how much is it for? and the tube says its good for dry to normal skin type..lol

  2. neha long time ho gaya hai ayur use kare hue :methinks: I used to like ayur cleansing milk a lot bt ab toh so many thing to choose form toh i no look at ayur products any more. 😀

    and this not for dry skin gals :smug: :smug: :smug:

  3. Ayur is very popular here too Neha, but the products never suited me, but I do like the powder wala masks, must try this sandal mask too O:)

  4. I still use the Ayur orange peel powder-with rose water it makes an amazing face pack for my oily skin :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: -but getting in tube form is certainly far more convenient :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  5. I have never used ayur products…..but as anuradha says….the peel powder sounds promising….will definitely try this one….. :thumbsup:

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