Bath and Body Works Amber Blush Body Lotion Review

Bath and Body Works Amber Blush Body Lotion Review

Hello pretty IMBBians,

Hope everyone of you is in the pinkest of your health.  I am back with a review of one of the not-so-hyped fragrances from Bath and Body Works, which is Bath and Body Works Amber Blush body lotion. One lazy afternoon, when I was surfing through some random stuff on one of the shopping portals, all of a sudden, I spotted this beauty and was completely sold by the only design/packaging 😛 It was an impulsive buy, but definitely a good one.


Product Description:

Our exclusive Amber Blush fragrance captures the sensual warmth and luxury of a romantic getaway.  Our Body Lotion is the perfect daily moisturizer:

  • Provides 16 hours of continuous moisture.
  • Infused with Shea butter and our exclusive Daily moisture complex of protective Vitamin E, Aloe and conditioning Vitamin B5.
  • Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished.


Our exclusive Amber Blush fragrance captures the sensual warmth and luxury of a romantic getaway:

  • Top Notes: Sparkling Bergamot, Juicy Mandarin, Raspberry Champagne.
  • Mid Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia Petals, Star Anise, Apricot Nectar, Magnolia Blossom.
  • Dry Notes: Creamy Vanilla Suede, Crystalized Amber, Golden Sandalwood, Soft Musk.


900 INR for 236 ml.


For detailed list of ingredients, refer to the snap below.


Massage into exceptionally dry spots like knees and elbows or all over for ultimate moisture.


My Experience with Bath and Body Works Amber Blush Body Lotion:

Packaging: Prettiness!! A gorgeous combination of glittering amber leaves, boozy blues and pretty shades of pink and I had to buy it :P. BBW has completely re-designed the packaging of its lotions and EDTs. The packaging of this lotion is quite catchy, with a clean functional, square-shaped push cap which looks classy. The bottle is just plain, sturdy and vertically elongated shape unlike the older packaging which had a slight curve to the bottle. I definitely prefer the older packaging for two reasons. One because I loved the shape of the older packaging and the second and main reason, the screw cap which houses the push cap to dispense the product cannot be tightly screwed, thus the cap comes off little too easily.  I own 3 bottles with this new packaging and all of them have the same issue. Either way, the packaging is still travel friendly, but because of the above mentioned problem, I make sure to screw the cap as tight as possible before tossing it into my bag.


Consistency:  The consistency of this body lotion is neither too runny nor too thick, but definitely inclines towards runny consistency and it is pale pink in colour. The lotion glides and blends into the skin in no time. It leaves no greasy or oiliness behind. My oily skin especially loves this consistency of the lotion during summers. Though the lotion provides enough moisture, it still fails to provide the 16-hour moisture, as claimed by BBW. With my skin texture, I need to re-apply this lotion after 4-5 hours in AC environment. Beauties with dry skin will definitely need a better lotion for colder months, but this would be the perfect one for summers.



Fragrance: Sweet, sensual, yummy and relaxing!! Yes, all in one. To me, when applied on the skin, the smell blooms into a creamy-boozy combination of Amber, Raspberry cream, Vanilla, apricot with a hint of Raspberry Champagne as mentioned by BBW. Amber gives it a sensual-relaxing dimension and also a slight depth to the smell rather than being too linear, raspberry cream blends beautifully with this amber to provide the sweet and yumminess and hints of sweet champagne provides that boozy dimension, though it is not that evident. Since I am too much into scents, notes and fragrances, I can detect even the slightest of any note….I know! crazy me 😛


Last but not the least, the test on staying power is just average.  The smell stays on my skin for maximum of 2 hours.  The main reason behind this is, the smell is very mild even when applied initially, and thus it fades faster. Thus, beauties who cannot stand a strong smell, will love this super mild amber-fruity-creamy combination.

Overall, it’s a wonderful smell which would appeal to many.

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Bath and Body Works Amber Blush Body Lotion:

  • Provides an average amount of moisture, perfect for everyday use for oily skin beauties.
  • As the consistency is slightly on the runny side, very less amount of the product is sufficient for each use.
  • Smells very calming, sweet and sensuous which is universally appealing.
  • Travel-friendly packaging provided the cap is screwed tight.
  • Feels very light on the skin and does not leave a greasy-oily film.
  • Would be the perfect moisturizer for summers.
  • Very soft scented and thus ideal for wear in office environment.

Cons of Bath and Body Works Amber Blush Body Lotion:

  • Though I love the smell, it does not hold for long, which is a big con for me.
  • Requires re-application after about 4 hours, thus the claim of 16 hours of continuous moisture by BBW is false.
  • Does not serve as a good boost of moisture for dry skin beauties in colder months.
  • Though the BBW products are available on many Indian online shopping portals, the prices are always on the higher end which is a big con.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Bath and Body Works Amber Blush Body Lotion?

I will scoop out each and every drop out of this lotion because I am in love with the smell. Though I am not sure of re-purchasing the body lotion, I am already on the lookout for Amber blush’s fine fragrance mist.

Highly Recommended!!!

Until next time, take care :))

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22 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Amber Blush Body Lotion Review

  1. Heyy i sniffed this one at the store *happy dance* *happy dance* and i totally loved it… such an amazing fragrance *happy dance* however a day ago that only i got a lot of bbw stuff *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* so had t let it go *headbang* *headbang* looks very attractive *hifive* *hifive*

    1. Ohh lucky that you have access to their stores *happy dance* I hope they launch in India also *waiting* I am sure you would have had a major haul *pompom* Cheers *happydance*

      1. Heyyy no i stay here in mumbai only… have no access to their stores… but from where i shop their stuff they have like 50 variants… *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* i think thats enough for me lol *hihi* *hihi*

        1. OMG *cry* can you ask that seller to have his/her store in Bangalore too *drool* *drool* 50 variants is like *woot* Seriously i am so jealous *waaa* *waaa* *waaa*

  2. oh it must smell nice…i saw its shower gel yesterday at a store…it smelled nice….but i got hot chocolate body scrub from freeman… *oye balle* *oye balle*

    1. *hihi* Thank you so much Jomol *puchhi* Do give it a try, i am sure you will like it *happydance* *happy dance*

  3. i have no *nababana* access to bbw products in my city…i hvta order them online *jogging* .. *headbang* , would surely like to own this one..the fragrance seems to be awesome vaishnavi.. *clap*

    1. Same here Megha *cry* dont even have an access to the testers.. Even I order all the BBW stuff online.. and Most of them, Blind buy *hihi* Still BBW has never failed to impress me *clap* Do try this and i am sure this wont dissapint you *hifive*

  4. OMG imbbians hv tempted me enough to visit BBW store.. *drool* pics r awesome n no doubt anyone wud pick it up for its stylish packaging.. *drool* Lets ditch TBS for a while n try BBW nw.. *hihi* *duh*

    1. *hihi* TBS has more of linear fragrances, but BBW has a certain depth and perfumey notes in it.. So i love BBW *jai ho* do give it a try *happydance*

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