Faces Canada Mineral Blush: Amber Rose

Faces Canada Mineral Blush: Amber Rose

Versus Diamond Shine and Lakme Ginger Suprise

Faces Canada Mineral Blush Amber Rose


Rs. 399 for 6 grams.


I am back again with this brand.  I am sharing another mineral blush with you girls, which is very similar to the Diamond Shine I had reviewed earlier.  For those who need a background on the brand and the things I have liked so far, please read my reviews on the Faces Page on IMBB.


I am also showing you two other similar shades to help you pick one as this shade is a really pretty one for warm Indian complexions and can double up as a bronzer too or if you want to add color to your skin, but all in all, such kind of a shade is a must have.  Most of us always buy pinker blushes or perhaps peach, but these are the kind of shades that go well with our olive skin tones and blend well instead of looking like some stark pink patch work.  Matte pink blushes look really bad on me and hence I now don’t buy much pinker or matte blushes, but instead stick to sheen or pearl finish blushes in the family of bronzes or oranges and not very blue-based pinks and hence you can see, I have got three of these similar shades.

Amber Rose

The “Amber Rose” shade as you can see is a bit darker and deeper than the Diamond Shine one, but both are on very similar lines. The Amber Rose is more orange-y in my opinion and one very big difference is that it has golden shimmer to it once blended.  I saw a lot of golden shimmer when I blended it on my hand as well in comparison to the Diamond Shine.


Diamond Shine is a more muted bronze-y copper-y color, more like a bronzer for me. It has sheen to it, but little or no golden shimmer.  The Amber Rose shows up quite well on me too.  It blends well and it is very buildable too for a party look.  The Amber Rose I would say is more of a night wear and the Diamond Shine is what I would wear for an afternoon look.

Ginger Rose

The texture is very similar for both, quite soft.  The Amber Rose being a deeper color is more pigmented, but having used so many softer blushes (read Wet n Wild Berry Shimmer and Ginger Surprise), I know how much smoother a blush can be, hence I do feel that these could have been even more pigmented, not that these are bad now.  These are great to be blended well and be built up too.


Ginger Surprise by Lakme is more golden-y as you can see.  Amber Rose is more orange-y and Diamond Shine is a plain bronze one, but still, if I were to pick up the smoothest out of the three, I would say Lakme one is the softest and even the most pigmented too, but on the downside, Lakme has fallout and I have to go really easy with it.

Amber Rose and Diamond Shine don’t have much fall out to them as they are tightly packed and I don’t see any powder flying here and there.  I find them easier to blend as well in comparison to Lakme which has a lot of sheen to it.

Last Word on Faces Canada Mineral Blush:  Amber Rose

Diamond Shine is a softer, daywear blush and bronzer for me; Amber Rose is a shimmer one for night when you want more of a reddish-orange-y color on your face.  Lakme Ginger Surprise is very shiny with a lot of highlighter kind of sheen to it.  I would say Lakme is the most pigmented, then Amber Rose, and lastly Diamond Shine, all 3 fantastic for warm skin tones!

IMBB Rating:

3.9 on 5

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11 thoughts on “Faces Canada Mineral Blush: Amber Rose

  1. this color is very pretty neha.. liked it better than diamond shine :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: … i dont even own 1 blush from this faces mineral range.. 🙁

  2. hey i bought this and diamond shine for my sister as a gift,she loved this more :).She has never used blushes before and now she cant stop using them..duh! she has taken away my brushes :waiting: .i was considering getting one of these for myself too 🙂
    good review .!

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