Marks and Spencer Fragrant Water Lilly Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion Review



Marks and Spencer Fragrant Water Lilly Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion

Hello everyone. Temperature is dropping day by day and Christmas is about to come. I love visiting church on that special day. It is decorated beautifully and everything looks amazing. Today I am about to share with you my experience with one of my recent purchase from Marks and Spencer.

Product description: The lotion comes in a big, plastic, transparent bottle with a dispenser pump. This bottle is large enough to last for 2 months if you use it in a proper way. The only thing which made me buy this lotion is the brand name, and a lovely fragrance.


Price: 299 INR

Quantity: 300 ml

Product claims: Experience daily luxury with our natures extracts collections. This light, easily absorbed hand and body lotion enriched with extract of water Lilly will help leave your skin soft and delicately scented.

Directions of use: Massage gently all over your hands and body to help maintain soft and smooth skin.



My take on Marks and Spencer Fragrant Water Lilly Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion:

As I had tested it in the Marks and Spencer store, I was pretty excited to open the bottle dispenser and use it at home. The lotion is almost white in colour with only a hint of baby pink colour if looked at it carefully. The texture of the lotion is super soft and very velvety in touch. It is mildly scented that is typical of water Lilly. Two pumps are required to adequately moisturize your hands. The lotion is not too greasy and doesn’t make your palms oily or sweaty after the application. The fragrance lingers on for a while after the application. It gets absorbed in the skin within few seconds, and doesn’t need much effort to do so.

Coming to its main function as a lotion, this is a silent lotion which does its work without boosting its presence. Though on application, after a while you may feel that you hardly applied anything on your hands, but the result you would notice is that your skin is dryness free. It makes the skin soft immediately after the application but this softness vanishes off in just one hour. This is disappointing to some extent. For example I have to drive and go to my clinic, I rarely use gloves on my hands. So because of the present weather conditions by the time I reach my clinic, I notice that softness has gone, but on scratching my skin, I couldn’t notice any dry streaks on my skin.

Since dryness is the major problem we all suffer from during winters, this is well equipped to sort it out. So one of the claims is true which is of keeping the skin smooth, free of dryness streaks but the other claim of soft skin is not true. Overall this is a product which is in the market with a strong background, which is enough to lure people to purchase it. if compared to any other winter lotions available in the market, it is not extraordinarily special.


Pros of Marks and Spencer Fragrant Water Lilly Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion:

• Fragrance is gentle and refreshing.
• Large bottle which will last for a fair amount of time
• Dispenser system in the bottle makes its use easier.
• Affordable
• Easily available.
• Fights the dryness for a fair amount of time.
• Texture is worth a praise
• Fragrance it adds is just so appealing to the nose

Cons of Marks and Spencer Fragrant Water Lilly Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion:

• Big size bottle, so it cannot be considered travel friendly.
• Softness it adds to the skin stays for a very short duration.

Final words: An average product from a high end brand

Rating: 3.5/5

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    1. *thankyou* Thank you rati diii.. *puchhi*, i had no idea that marks and Spencer had a store in the city mall *scared* *shock* .. When i found it, i immediately went inside nd grabbed this lotion.. *happydance*

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