Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst Triple Moisture Body Cream Review

Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst Triple Moisture Body Cream Review

Hey Gorgeous Gals,

I am a big  fan of Bath and Body Works and hope that it soon opens stores in India. I have an ulterior motive here. My friends and family love BBW products, but taking them to India is such a nuisance. My bags are always too heavy! And I have to pay money, which could have been spent on cosmetics or food, to the airline staff. So, yeah, here’s hoping Bath and Body works opens in India super soon. Until then, let’s thank e-commerce websites!


Product Description:

According to Bath and Body Works, this cream is fortified with an “exclusive Triple Moisture Complex of conditioning milk proteins, hydrating rice bran oil and protective acai berry extract.” And it “provides deep, 24-hour moisture that softens even the driest skin.” The “non-greasy formula deeply conditions, leaving skin moisturized, fragrant, and more beautiful than ever before.”

This cream’s fragrance is inspired by chic, sensual and confident women. The fragrance’s key notes are Italian Bergamot, Rare Camellias, Exotic Sandalwood and Vetiver.



12.50 for an 8 oz./ 226 gm tube at Bath and Body Works stores. Varies online. You can get these cheaper with the “buy 3 get 2 free” on the BBW website.


My Experience with Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst Triple Moisture Body Cream:

I like Bath and Body Works products, but don’t like wearing them out too often because of the overwhelmingly fruity smells. I think fruity smells have their place, like when relaxing outdoors or to energize oneself for a workout (which I need to do!). But for work or college, strong fruity smells are a no-no. What impresses me about this cream is its smell. It’s reminiscent of Chanel’s Chance perfume. In fact whenever I have worn the cream with the Black Amethyst spray, a lot of people have asked me if I’m wearing Chanel Chance. It’s that close. This is also a cream that women of all ages can use. The fragrance is sophisticated enough for someone older and yet appealing for younger women. When I wear it, I feel pretty and chic.


I have both the lotion and the triple moisture body cream, and the latter performs far better on dry skin. The cream glides easily over the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving any oiliness behind. One of my pet peeves is creams that don’t absorb well, because it makes me lose grip on the steering wheel while driving. No such problems with this one. The moisture lasts all day, surprisingly even after I’ve washed my hands. I’m not sure what kind of glycerin is used in this cream (animal vs. vegetable), but it contains no mineral oil and that is a major plus for me. The cream does an equally great job on harder skin on elbows and knees and keeps them soft and moisturized all day long.


Pros of Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst Triple Moisture Body Cream:

  • Quick absorbing. Absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no stickiness or oiliness behind.
  • Water and glycerin based, and no mineral oil.
  • Long lasting relief. Provides long lasting moisture to dry skin.
  • Smells amazing. This cream smells really clean and sophisticated. Plus, the fragrance lasts all day.
  • Love the purple packaging. The deep purple is gorgeous; I can’t get enough of it.
  • Not tested on animals. Yay, because no one likes unhappy bunny rabbits.

BABB Swatch

Cons of Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst Triple Moisture Body Cream:

  • A little expensive; I’m almost done with my tube!
  • Hard to find. Only some U.S. stores carry this now, but you can get quite them easily online. Also, given its popularity, I am sure BBW will bring it back soon for mass release.

Bottom Line:

If I had to recommend just one Bath and Body Works product, it would be this one. I love it that much and I am confident that you will too. Try and get it at stores and online while you can.

IMBB Rating:


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  1. I would buy this just for the packaging !! 😛 That tube looks so pretty !!

    I think I am gonna giv this a try if I can find it at my local store….

  2. I wud love to have it in my kit.. 🙂 such a pretty packaging and thankfully it does have 5/5 rating.. 🙂 Am certainly buying it after finishing off aveeno now!! Great review devie dear.. 🙂

  3. @ DesiMom…it’s really pretty, I love pulling it out of my handbag to apply 😛

    @Neetu … Thanks, girl 🙂 Get it soon 😀

    @Supriya … yup, it’s pretty awesome 😀

    @ Rama… I’m not sure…but I know has a lot of BBW stuff 🙂

  4. Good Morning Devie… looks super gorgeous….the tube and everything… know, I don’t throw away pretty tubes, I hoard them 😛

    1. I think we might be related, Jomol :P. The mask obsession, the making ourselves guinea pigs for a greater cause (IMBB), and now hoarding pretty packaging 😛

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