Bath & Body Works– Wild honeysuckle Body Butter

Bath & Body Works – Wild honeysuckle Body Butter

Hi everyone! How is everything going on? I was a bit occupied with my friend’s wedding. The whole affair was tiring but in the end we had a lovely time together. I still have one more wedding to attend to where we all are heading to Nagpur city.. (hellooooo Mrunmayee! I read you stay there) hehehe… ok so I hear winters in Nagpur can be bit too much– at least for people from Mumbai hehehe… no worries, I’M ALL PREPARED FOR A ROCKING WEDDING!

Enough of my life! Today I shall be reviewing Bath & Body Works Wild honeysuckle body butter. My sweety friend – PITY is today’s product ambassador and will be modelling in the pictures.

With winter already starting, our skin tends to become dry and suffers severe lack of moisture. It is therefore very necessary to lock in moisture and protection. This is where body butter comes to rescue. It is an intense moisturizer that can be applied to entire body. All the ingredients of the cream are formulated in such a manner that they maximize skin hydration. Also good thing about body butters is that many of the ingredients of the product are natural.

Bath & Body Works HoneySuckle Body Butter
Bath & Body Works HoneySuckle Body Butter

Isn’t PITY cute?? Very cutey babyyyyy … hahahahha…ok ENOUGH!  I got Bath & Body Works Wild honeysuckle body butter last winter when I noticed my skin going extra dry during winters. The body lotions were not helping. Body lotions were successful in hydrating my skin for a few hours and then it was back to dry skin. That is when my bhabhi recommended using body butters and for few days I used her Bath & Body Works body butter (the picture is given below). I completely fell in love with it and finally got my own DABBA.

Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton Body Butter
Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton Body Butter

The great thing about Bath & Body Works is that they give their customers plethora of products having same fragrance. You can shop for your products by fragrance. They have a wide range of fragrance to choose from like – – cherry blossom, citron, cool citrus basil, orchid and many more. You can find everything right from body pampering products, anti bacterial soaps, shampoo, perfumes to home candles having your favourite fragrance. I got wild honeysuckle butter cream from Beauty shop nearby my place at the price of 700 rupees for 200g. The price is totally worth it.

Benefits Of Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is very useful in treating acute illnesses, infections and inflammations. Several popular Chinese formulas contain this herb Honeysuckle. Because it is a naturally occurring antibiotic, honeysuckle, can also be employed to manage infections, caused by staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria. Honeysuckle has been found useful in alleviating rashes ranging from skin conditions. The flowers are applied as a medicinal wash to skin inflammations, infectious rashes and sores.

Bath & Body Works HoneySuckle Body Butter Product
Bath & Body Works HoneySuckle Body Butter Product

As you can see the dabba is too big to carry it around in your bag the whole day. But as far as my experience goes you wont need it to carry it in your purse because once you apply it after shower on your body this cream works the whole day. I also noticed that the aroma also stays on for a very long time which I love. For an outdoor trip, this cream can be bulky to carry I guess. I have used pretty much of the product uptil now, when it was new I loved the  way the cream was set in the tub in a spiral pattern. The pattern is gone now.

Bath & Body Works HoneySuckle Body Butter Swatch
Bath & Body Works HoneySuckle Body Butter Swatch

The consistency of this cream, since its “body butter”, is very thick and viscous. It will take time to spread on skin and get absorbed. It’s got coco and shea butter, soothing aloe, almond seed oil, jojoba oil… just whole lotta oils ( rice oil, oat oil, kernel oil, soyabean oil and manyyyy more) to really smoothen and soften your skin. The product is also enriched with Vitamin E and B5 which are great for skin. Vitamin B5 benefits for the young and the old, helping with everything from acne to looking refreshed and young again whereas Vitamin E protects your skin from ultraviolet light, prevent cell damage from free radicals and allow your cells to communicate effectively. For skin care, vitamin E is responsible for providing moisture to skin by preventing water loss.

A little amount of product on my hands is enough. This product will last you for a longgggggggg time …yes! It’s meant to be used it in dry climate like winters. Don’t try it summers —will be too sticky for skin. Bath & Body Works Wild honeysuckle body butter is a saviour for dry skin people.

Ok so, I use this cream in winter time and then revert back to my body lotion for summers. My verdict on this product is that it’s an excellent cream providing extra hydration for skin in winters. The cream is very rich and emollient. This is due to the special process of making body butter- they are formulated with seeds which have oils and fat still retained in them. I love the smell of this product – it’s very very girly,  soft basic floral scent. I have not smelled a honeysuckle before so I cannot comment whether it smells only of honeysuckle flowers or not. The staying power of the scent is very impressive.

All in all, this product is completely HG product for people with dry skin. It is a saviour during winters. It’s totally worth every penny you spend and I’m completely loving it.

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  1. i get their products from a store here called THE BEAUTY SHOP … hehehe …the price was 700 rs when i got it ….

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  2. I ve been craving to buy bath and body works stuff! the shimmer perfume and aromatherapy body wash and also the vanilla cream! but pls tell mw where exactly do i get them in chennai! I have gone around places like crazy and never found them! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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