St Ives Triple Butters Body Wash Review

St Ives Triple Butters Body Wash Review

Hello beautiful people of IMBB!

My name is Bhargavi, and I’m so glad to be here.

I found this site early 2011 and I’ve been hooked since. I Google things incessantly and I can never buy beauty products without looking at some reviews first. You guys are my saviors! All the scary products I would’ve naively bought without you! Thank you for that.

Since this is my first review, I guess I should introduce myself.

1. I live in India
2. I am a Google freak
3. I have a crappy camera (Read: I am a terrible photographer. Sorry about the pictures)
4. I have super sensitive hair and skin
5. Oh and I’m a girl, just to clear that up

Today I’ll be reviewing St Ives Triple Butters Body Wash in Creamy Vanilla. I am a huge fan of St Ives body washes. Because of my sensitive skin I have a lot of trouble finding body cleansing products that don’t irritate my skin. A lot of body washes/shower gels and almost all soaps make my skin flake. It’s pretty gross.

st ives triple butters body wash

What caught my attention with this one was the Hypo-Allergenic and the 100% Natural Moisturizers labels.


Anything with the words Hypo-Allergenic is just begging for me to try it (much to my wallet’s dismay). Also, I’ve been trying to ease up on the amount of chemicals I use on my body every day with natural beauty products. The problem is that the products that claim to be herbal or ayurvedic are too strong for my skin (like with Biotique, my skin completely dries out and starts flaking). So until I find something that is completely natural AND mild, I’m stuck with good ol’ chemicals.

st ives triple butters body wash ingredients

I believe St Ives on their claim of 100% natural moisturizers, they have cocoa butter in there. However, there are still plenty of other chemicals also present, along with detergents (not good for skin. It’s like washing yourself with dish washing liquid). The good thing is that my skin has not reacted to any of these things yet. Oh, and I like how St Ives body washes foam and bubble. So many bubbles!


This bottle cost me Rs. 450 for 709ml (much bigger than the regular bottle)

st ives triple butters body wash vs Vaseline

(St Ives 709ml body wash compared against Vaseline 300ml body lotion for size)

It did seem a little costly at first, but if you consider the prices of other body washes now and how long they last, St Ives isn’t so bad. This bottle lasted me about 5 months, and I only need a penny sized drop every day. Plus, since it isn’t easily available in India, I think the price is completely reasonable.

• Love, love, love the smell.
• Does not dry out my skin. True to its claim of being “Intensely Hydrating”
• Price is pretty reasonable
• Claims to be formulated without parabens. Looking at the ingredients, this seems to be true
• Hypo-allergenic. A huge plus for anyone with sensitive skin like mine
• Not tested on animals (hooray for the animals!)
• Lasts forever since you only need a tiny bit every wash
• So many bubbles (!)

• I prefer fragrance free products, especially when they say hypo-allergenic.
• There is a possibility that people with oily skin might find it too moisturizing. (I guess you could just ease up on the lotion if that’s the case though)
• Availability is an issue here in India
• Though without parabens, it still has a lot of chemicals. (but then what products don’t?)
• A lot more expensive than regular soap

Overall, I think it’s a pretty great product. Especially for sensitive skin. However, taking into account the price and the results, if you do not have a lot of skin problems you may not require this product at all considering all the substitutes available in the market. I would still definitely recommend it to everyone.

Overall score: 4/5

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One thought on “St Ives Triple Butters Body Wash Review

  1. Nice review Bhargavi, another google addict here 🙂 Loved your opening lines too (point 5 was like super-funny) giggle 🙂

    Oh, and yes St. Ives does bring some awesome line of body products – I recently tried their apricot scrub and must say it was a pretty good buy… google it girl I hear even those with sensitive skin like it 🙂

    I must really try this range now wink wink 🙂

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