Bath and Body Works Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Mist Review

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Bath and Body Works Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Mist Review

By Subhojwala Vemulokonda

Hi all ye beautiful IMBBians,

Here I am with my first post with the most popular, much loved blog.  I stumbled on this blog just after the delivery of my first baby and since then I have been addicted to this and just can’t think of surfing the internet without having a look at this space.  I have also been longig to write for this blog, share my own perspective, opinion, and what not. It also gives me such immense pleasure that my first post is about a body mist , my childhood love and fantasy. My nose is super sensitive and my grey and white cells up in my brain have a special ability to remember places, moments with smell as well,  especially in tropical country like ours (India).  I somehow do not like deodorants much nor too much of perfumes for everyday; they somehow seem to feel heavy on the skin. Anyway, read on for the detailed review of Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Mist from the Aromatherapy range by Bath and Body Works.





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My Take on Bath and Body Works Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Mist:

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy’s’ Sleep range has many products and this one is a sure winner and unlike most body mists which come in plastic bottle, this one comes in a glass one because it has special essential oils that need to be preserved. Having hormonal imbalance and the stress that comes with it, made me search for aromatherapy cure and finally ended up exploring this range. As usual, body mists attract me like crazy.


This mist is especially for spraying before sleep.  Since it has lavender and vanilla, it helps relax, making one stress free, which in turn lets one slumber into happy sleep and who doesn’t want to sleep peacefully and wake up to a happy morning, I am pretty sure you need this for a perfect Monday.  This body mist feels therapeutic to me and it does contain essential oils and other natural ingredients that adds to the natural freshness of the fragrance.  Lavender oil is the most popular aromatherapy oil that relieves stress, what more if you can get a perfect magic potion for sleep in a magical glass bottle.



As the products says, “relax before sleep. Lavender essential oil and Vanilla absolute help calm feelings of stress, so you can sleep better.” This body mist sure does what it says. Once you spray all over the body, you can sense strong and clear fragrant notes of lavender and vanilla that linger long on your body and ultimately calm your senses. I am sure you would be a big fan of this mist once you start using it.  This fast pace life needs simple, reliable tricks like this to make life smell happy.


Pros of Bath and Body Works Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Mist:

  • Even if it’s a vanity product, I do feel it has amazing therapeutic properties.
  • Has essential oils and natural ingredients.
  • Helps you to sleep soundly.
  • Comes in a 4 oz bottle which lasts quite long.

Cons of Bath and Body Works Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Mist:

  • Absolutely can’t think of any.

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8 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Mist Review

  1. I had used a stress relief body wash from them *happy dance* *happy dance* that was soo amazing and relaxing and i think this too would be but you know i get sleep so easily lol *hihi*

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