Bath & Body Works Moisture Rich Body Lotion Review

Bath & Body Works Moisture Rich Body Lotion Review

Bath and Body Works Peach Nectar Body Lotion

Peach nectar with vitamins E and C and aloe vera.



From the Pack:

Our richest most moisturising body lotion ever treats your skin to long-lasting softness and luscious fresh fragrance of peach nectar everyday.

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I happened to chance upon the website of Bath and Body Works and my God, the entire site is fragrant and fresh.  They have so much to offer and these days, they are running great offers too. Anyway, by far, I have only one product from Bath and Body Works and that is peach nectar body lotion.  Now, my thoughts on this stuff are mixed and though its definitely not a bad product, its not a product to my taste, location, consistency, skin type and fragrance family.


What I mean is that I would have liked to use this lotion in some harsh, dry winter on my dry skin and not in the hot and humid Chennai weather. So, on those lines, I do not want to judge the lotion and hence I will just say that the product doesn’t agree with me :haanji:


About the Lotion:

With all the vitamin and aloe goodness and the “richest lotion” tag that it comes with, I am little scared to badmouth it.  It’s a light peachy-looking creamy lotion, which can be smelt as soon as you open the cap.  The lotion in itself is very thick and not water based, but actually greasy enough that it takes time to get absorbed into the skin.  My body skin is normal and not at all dry with rough elbows.  I like lighter lotions, especially considering where I stay with no winters and 35 degrees most months of the year. The lotion is fruity and way too strong smelling of some sweet peach concoction with grass perhaps :stars:


Its very very strong for my taste and can be overwhelming. It takes a long time to get absorbed or perhaps I should say that I should use a little or perhaps drier skin would be faster to lap this up! I can still feel the sticky layer on my skin after I use this. Skin no doubt is softer all throughout the day with no need of re-moisturisation (if that is a word!).  The skin is softer no doubt, but sticky too.

My Take on Bath & Body Works Classics:  Moisture Rich Body Lotion:

Rich, strong smelling, thick, luscious, peachy (mixed with grass :P).  I would like to talk about how it feels on my normal skin in humid whether. It feels heavy and I find the smell over the top.  On dry skin, on a cold winter day, it would feel nice and fresh, with amazing skin softness. I am currently using this for rough spots and elbows and its doing a great job. I don’t like such a dispensing style where I have to press one side and a little outlet dispenses the lotion.  It is so thick that I have to shake it upside down to get some product out.


The packaging is fresh and peachy and the bottle is curvy!

Last Word:

Its in no way a bad lotion.  Its way too thick, creamy, and heavily scented for my taste in body lotions.  So, actually, absolutely true to each and every claim mentioned :clap: I am going to give it away I guess. I may try some cherry blossom from this brand in the future and a lighter lotion.  You may try this one if you have dry skin and use it only for the winters or rough spots.  If you don’t like fruity smells, don’t even look at it 😀

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  1. nice photuus neha :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: it would be good for “dry skin” me.but fruity smell??!! :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: i dont like,i will skip this one :smug: :smug:

  2. me too fruit ki fan… n PEACH is oh so awesome to try kbhi kbhi :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: … n me to b winters me hi use kr paaugi isko… :methinks: :methinks: :methinks:

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