Beauty Benefits of Mayonnaise

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Beauty remedies always start in our kitchens! There are times, where you find a product can never be used as a beauty remedy but poof, it has something attached to it that could render beauty. Nowadays, I hardly throw anything from the kitchen, because I know it can be put into some beauty use. Limited to burgers and dips, who knew Mayonnaise, had beauty benefits! And to a vegetarian like me who feels uneasy at the sight of slimy egg, Mayonnaise is a boon providing at least a few benefits that an egg can! So read on for the beauty benefits of Mayonnaise.

Beauty Benefits of Mayonnaise2

Mayonnaise is a recipe made with egg yolk, vinegar ,lemon and oil. You can either prepare it by yourself or buy it from the store. I usually buy it from the store and I go for regular mayonnaise as I use it only for my hair and skin. Although Mayonnaise maybe unhealthy because of its fat content, its high protein content is extremely healthy for your hair and skin. It contains:

Vitamin E- Keeps the skin moisturized and soft.

Vitamin K– Maintains healthy skin tissues.

Protein– Necessary for hair.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids– replenish and rejuvenate the skin.

Benefits on Hair:

Deep conditioning: After shampooing, apply Mayonnaise to damp hair and massage for 3-5 min and put on a shower cap so that the heat is trapped within. After 30-45 min, wash off with diluted shampoo and cold water for a smooth, lustrous and soft hair. You can add extra egg/aromatic oil if needed. You can do this once a month and it would give you good results.

Treat dry hair ends: Apply to the ends of your hair to make the ends full of life and shiny. Use this like a regular conditioner.

Safe way to kill lice: Massage liberal amount of Mayonnaise to your hair and scalp before bed time and cover it with a shower cap. Shampoo in the morning and comb out your hair using a fine toothed comb. Repeat it again after 7-10 days.

Beauty Benefits of Mayonnaise

Benefits on Skin:

Soften Dry cuticle and strengthen your fingernails: You can slather adequate amount of mayonnaise over your hand and nails and massage or dip your nails in mayonnaise for 5 min and then wash with warm water.

Face Pack: Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply Mayonnaise to your face with your fingertips avoiding the eye area. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water while massaging the face and then as a final rinse splash some cold water and pat your skin dry.

Body scrub: Add equal quantities of powdered sugar and oatmeal to mayonnaise. Add some honey and form a thick granular paste. Massage all over the body until the mixture flakes off. It will remove the dead skin, polish the skin and gently as it moisturizes skin.

Beauty Benefits of Mayonnaise3

So these are some of the uses of Mayonnaise. But since it already has an oil content there are chances of breaking out the skin. You can add honey, essential oils, curd etc depending on your skin type for added benefits.

So go ahead and get some Mayonnaise and slather it over while you enjoy some French Fries 😀

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