Health and Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

olive oil
olive oil

Olive Oil

Since ages we women all over the world have been obsessed with looking beautiful and fetching, even going great lengths to achieve it. But there is one practice that unites us and that is taking care of our skin. Healthy skin glows and glowing skin reflects youth and vitality. For this purpose I started my quest to find something that my dry skin would lap up easily and make my skin soft and supple. And here, I found my skin’s best friend— OLIVE OIL.

Let me take you through the journey of discovering Olive Oil and finally list out the various ways that Olive oil could work for you.

Olive oils are of three types- Pure, virgin and extra virgin. Pure Olive oils are generally used for external purposes like moisturizing the skin, oiling your hair etc. Extra virgin and virgin oils are used in cooking and other consumption uses.

Medicinal uses of Olive Oil:

1. When taken internally, Olive oil stimulates metabolism and helps indigestion.
2. 1 teaspoon of Olive oil with lemon juice on an empty stomach relieves constipation.
3. Olive oil is known to reduce cholesterol levels.


4. Warm Olive oil alleviates ear aches as well.

Now coming to the cosmetic uses of Olive oil, they can be used for the following purposes:
1. Olive oil can be used as a MOISTURIZER for dry skin. You could apply it all over you at night and wake up in the morning all soft and smooth skinned.
2. Daily use of Olive oil is also known to reduce stretch marks.
3. During winters, you could add Olive oil to your face packs in order to prevent your skin from feeling dried up. Your skin will remain hydrated and nourished throughout.
4. Olive oil also helps relieve chapped lips.
5. Olive oil could be used as a make-up remover and leave a fine layer of oil on your skin to nourish it all night long.
6. Soaking your nails in a cup of Olive oil softens your cuticles and makes your mails less brittle.
7. Oiling your hair with Olive oil can cure split ends and dandruff as well.
8. Olive oil repairs sun damaged skin and protects against skin cancer.

Some face and hair packs using Olive oil are as follows:
1. FACE PACK: Olive oil + honey + egg yolk + rinse with warm water = radiant skin
2. BATH: Olive oil + essential oils + warm water = nourished, relaxed body
3. HAIR PACK: egg yolk + olive oil = dandruff free hair, warm olive oil = conditioned hair

As obvious now, benefits from Olive oil are endless. It promotes smooth, radiant skin, helps maintaining skin’s elasticity, heals dry, brittle nails and conditions hair. Olive oil does deserve to be your skin’s best friend?


36 thoughts on “Health and Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

      1. I am not particular about the brand..I think the one I am using now is Olietta or soemthing like that..I buy for using in salads – extra virgin olive oil – use that only for my hair too. And there was an offer at the store where I usually shop – buy one get one free 😀 😀 😀

  1. hi
    i use olove oil as a makeup remover (basically eye) n i think it has wrked on my lashes as well..also use it in hair packs n a a hair oil..must say olive oil does wonders..

  2. Oh Suma.. You have landed in midst of Olive oil lovers…

    I somehow don’t like the aroma.. So have never used.. But listening to you and all these lovelies.. I think I might have to get over it soon!!

  3. I love olive oil-for cooking as well as for the skin. Like Lavanya said, it is such a perfect makeup remover..

    Hey Rads..Me too got my bottle in that offer. Hypercity kya??

    1. Yes..oh noo…Spar..I got from Spar..I hardly ever go to Hypercity..I am a pampered brat..I make my husband take me to Spar every weekend instead of going to the very nearby hypercity 😀

      1. oh…

        So..pampered greenie.Which Spar do you frequent? Bannerghatta Road or Lifestyle. If I am guessing right, its Lifestyle wallah naa?? 😉

        I know..coz they have Chanel and Bourjois and Max factor

  4. Hey Suma…..nice article :yes:
    I use it as a makeup remover basically for eyes and i use it for my hair as well…..
    Like Mrun said.. me too didnt like the aroma…but now sumhow i got used to it…

  5. The best thing you can do with olive oil is: Eat it :-))
    If it´s a good quality oil so far.
    Since I am a person from southern Europe I am very used to this oil.
    Really nice to read about it here now :-)) Thank you :-*

  6. Dear Suma,

    Thank you for a lovely and informative article. However, I would like to point out a small mistake in a categorization of the different grades of olive oil. Olive Oil is indeed available in three grades, but these are as follows:

    1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: this is obtained from the first press of the olive fruit. it is best eaten raw in salads, or on toast instead of butter. it has a strong aroma and flavour.

    2. Pure Olive Oil: This has an intermediate flavor and aroma. It is best used for continental cooking. This is also the grade that should be used for hair and body massage.

    3. Olive Pomace Oil: this is the third grade of olive oil and is best grade for Indian Cooking as it had a neutral aroma and flavor, and has a high smoking point.

    Thank you, again for listing out all the wonderful uses of olive oil!

    1. Also, “Virgin Olive Oil” as a grade no longer exists in the market, and the term has become virtually defunct in the last decade or so.

  7. hi…. :shying: …..I love using olive oil..i use a brand of good it for external use :specs: …
    but some how my hands are getting darker day by day ….what can be the solution

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