Beauty Blender Cleanser Solid For What Again?

Beauty Blender Cleanser Solid

After we have all raved about the Beauty Blender, what’s still stopping people from buying it? It’s the phobia of using a dirty stained sponge on their face! So if you are paying more than 1 Grand for a piece of sponge, which is going to get stained in the very first use – where’s the fun in that. Enter – BeautyBlender Cleanser – An integral part of the BeautyBlender family. The Cleanser comes in Liquid and solid form. I will be reviewing the Solid one today! Lets see how it fares.

The Product Details (from the website):

What it is:
A travel-friendly alternative to the liquid blendercleanser®, along with a custom grid to dry beautyblender® and deep clean brushes.

What it does:
This cleanser removes excess residue and germs for clean makeup application. It supports the integrity of the blender as it provides the same cleansing results and soothing lavender fragrance as the liquid blendercleanser.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Handcrafted in the USA.

Suggested Usage:
-Wet beautyblender® or makeup brushes.
-Rub beautyblender or makeup brushes over the soap, creating a lather. Repeat if necessary.
-Gently squeeze beautyblender or brushes and rinse again to remove any excess cleanser and water.
-Set beautyblender to dry on the custom grid.
-Deep clean brushes by placing the custom grid over the soap, wetting the brush and swishing it back and forth across grid to create a scrubbing lather. (Do not use the scrubbing process with beautyblender, as it can damage the material.)



$15.95 for 1ounce of product which comes in a plastic box.
I picked a BeautyBlender and Solid special pack which is priced at $25.
Just FYI, a single Beauty Blender Original costs $19.95 each.


Since I took the special edition pack, the solid came as part of the BeautyBlender, wrapped in cellopene, without any plastic box.

My experience with the BeautyBlender Cleanser Solid:

Ok…Lets get it out of the way….$15.95 for a bar of soap!! Yes, you read that right!! What is the world coming to! At that price, the product should get up in the morning and give me tea in bed!! Does it? No! Ok, then lets find out what it really does. It is supposed to be a travel friendly cleanser for your precious 1K sponge!!

Does it work? Pretty much! Why didn’t I say and absolute Yes? There is a caveat. Post application, your sponge has 2 issues, product in it and stains on it. The Solid is very effective in taking out the product from the sponge. I just rub the dirty end directly on the soap, try to lather it and then rinse. Repeat if necessary. It works well in cleansing the sponge.

Now coming to the stains – if the product which you have used is something like a normal foundation, cream blush, BB cream, bronzer, highlighter, etc – its removes the stains easily. However, if the product is a longwear foundation – something like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear – then it takes a little more effort to get the stains out – but it does.

So all in all – fairly effective in keeping your sponge clean. BTW – while cleaning, my fuchsia sponge was also bleeding fuchsia colour. I don’t know if it was becoz it’s new or its something to do with the cleanser.
Now, the absolute surprise part of this product… That day I was in a hurry, so I also happened to use the Solid to cleanse a brush. The result was WOW!! Not only did it take less time, the brush felt way more cleaner than when I wash them with the MAC Brush Cleanser or Chicco Shampoo (I steal that from my kiddos’ cabinet). Amazing! It works absolutely fabulous as a brush cleanser.

The only issue for me is the price to size ratio. I don’t know how long The Solid will last. That will pretty much decide whether I repurchase.

Pros of the BeautyBlender Cleanser Solid:

1. Easy to use – even by a makeup beginner.
2. Easy to travel with.
3. Cleans the BeautyBlender effectively.
4. Gets the stains off the sponge.
5. Works amazingly well on the makeup brushes.
6. No discernible smell.



Cons of the BeautyBlender Cleanser Solid:

1. Price to size ratio – However, I do not know how long the product will actually last with regular usage.


IMBB Rating:

Yes, a 5/5 product.

Well, its absolutely fab on the sponge and even better on the brushes but at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself – $15.95 for a piece of soap?? Will I repurchase? Totally depends on how long this cleanser lasts me. If it disappears in a week or 2, I am not buying it again. If it sticks around for 2 months, I am in!

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18 thoughts on “Beauty Blender Cleanser Solid For What Again?

  1. hahahaha “the product should get up in the morning and give me tea in bed!!”
    You have answered all my doubts about the beauty blenders

  2. i am laughing for the same phrase 😀 You have completed the beauty blender family here, the fuchsia one, minis in damp and dry and cleanse. great pics yet expensive 😀

    1. Ya Sumera, from the comments in the previous article i felt this pic was needed – the Original BB and the Micro.Mini together in 1 pic. Hope it helped everyone.

  3. Wow kulpreet, really awesome… Ur review is real top notch… Beautiful pics and hefty price … But if i hav to put something on my face, it better be the best, right. Enjoyed a wonderful wonderful review

  4. Amazing product KK…worth the price if it lasts for few months..after all clean brushes are stepping stones for clean and clear face..

    1. Totally agree Mini – clean applicators make all the diff to the skin. This one has been in use since 1 week and hasn’t really shown a dent…lets see…

  5. Very nice review Kulpreet.
    I ordered the beauty blender original with solid from Sephora-USA and I am so happy to read your review that it actually works. Can’t wait to mine now! Yay!

  6. I looked these up on Luxola, and got confused which one to buy 😛 There were such droolworthy combos 😀 😀 Bassss….after your reviews, I have to get these…Mera new year resolution..Sigma and Beauty Blender 😉

    1. I know…it took me a while to zero in on this. The BB comes in diff colours – apparently the white one is supposed to be a little stiff – so avoid that.

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